Katie Kummerer
Katie Kummerer 11 tundi tagasi
When treyten post:WHERE THE HECK HA E U BEEN
HumbleJ 11 tundi tagasi
13:50 This hd me dead🤣😂
Susan Konje
Susan Konje 11 tundi tagasi
Horse testes what
OCSTYX 11 tundi tagasi
At 16:12 u can see Treys ferrari underwater
RUFF PLAYS2010 11 tundi tagasi
It's a bel air
Caleb Hickman
Caleb Hickman 11 tundi tagasi
16:12 is that his Ferrari
Jimmy johns Pizza
Jimmy johns Pizza 11 tundi tagasi
Do more vids with opi
Nadia Aboo
Nadia Aboo 11 tundi tagasi
i only have 1m im kanda poor
Oddi Kiernan
Oddi Kiernan 11 tundi tagasi
People who licked👄👅 the video ⬇️
Wally Bragg
Wally Bragg 11 tundi tagasi
The car looks like 69
Aiden Michael
Aiden Michael 11 tundi tagasi
10 99 means of police hosted i looked it up
German 11 tundi tagasi
Pls do more bounty hunter
Goth Sinister
Goth Sinister 11 tundi tagasi
Remeber this?
Senne Herwyn
Senne Herwyn 11 tundi tagasi
16:12 theres literally a car on the seabodem
Jack Keough
Jack Keough 11 tundi tagasi
Hey woah treyten
Grace 11 tundi tagasi
Tony Lieberstein
Tony Lieberstein 11 tundi tagasi
At 16:13 is that’s his car😂
Will Topia
Will Topia 11 tundi tagasi
1099 does mean cop held hostage
Els Bhabie
Els Bhabie 11 tundi tagasi
the person you through of the cliff was an of duty police offcer his name is RJ
Thani Al Marzooqi
Thani Al Marzooqi 11 tundi tagasi
Hey woeh
Carter Patton
Carter Patton 11 tundi tagasi
Pexx 11 tundi tagasi
Dosent he just call admin and report you and you give him bavk a car because that scam i woudnt allow on my server
Carter Patton
Carter Patton 12 tundi tagasi
I got rockssss
SamanthA young
SamanthA young 12 tundi tagasi
Treyten in a police chase Treyten: We gotta get out of here boys! Also Treyten: Looks behind his car at the cops 98% of the time Also Treyten: Crashes directly head on into anything and everything Also Treyten: What happened!?
Fabian Ortiz
Fabian Ortiz 12 tundi tagasi
Anyone notice the car in the water at 1613
Shailan Kabaria
Shailan Kabaria 12 tundi tagasi
treyten sucks at driving
Kynx 12 tundi tagasi
Bro why was you car in the water it’s the newest Ferrari that you drove at the beginning
Unknøwn_Avøcadø 12 tundi tagasi
officer: so you’re being... kidnapped? frank: yes! treyten: um no it’s a mandatory playdate. 13:58 😂😭
Kasen Templeton
Kasen Templeton 12 tundi tagasi
TotallyAxel 12 tundi tagasi
16:17 You can clearly see when he shoots the window of the car, blood comes out. There is an invisible person. I respect this rp.
Strn Jac
Strn Jac 12 tundi tagasi
Hey woah
Christopher Emmerich
Christopher Emmerich 13 tundi tagasi
[GER] FrOZZeN 13 tundi tagasi
what song is at 5:51
Abigail Kopplin
Abigail Kopplin 13 tundi tagasi
Abigail Kopplin
Abigail Kopplin 13 tundi tagasi
James Hulsey
James Hulsey 13 tundi tagasi
Let’s go he is Republican
Christopher Emmerich
Christopher Emmerich 13 tundi tagasi
And Joey and you are so funny when you use a voice changers
Christopher Emmerich
Christopher Emmerich 13 tundi tagasi
I think it will
Landon Randall
Landon Randall 13 tundi tagasi
That guy went flying
Thanyani Mukwebo
Thanyani Mukwebo 13 tundi tagasi
Who also likes before even starts
Agnieszka Siewierska
Agnieszka Siewierska 13 tundi tagasi
Iron horse4
Iron horse4 13 tundi tagasi
Treyten why didn’t you sell Elon
MiniPriu 13 tundi tagasi
Carla Thompson
Carla Thompson 13 tundi tagasi
Ever thing is script ed
Evan Lockett
Evan Lockett 13 tundi tagasi
Trayten I love your videos so much what if you do video with a 3 people but it's a Bounty and The Hitman but you can be different people actually you have to be different people every 10 minutes have the things you have to change your skin Chucky or Pac-Man on Mega Man on a Pokémon but like flying Pokémon and you get the powers of them
Zion Phillips
Zion Phillips 13 tundi tagasi
who else say that ferrari under water
My Music
My Music 13 tundi tagasi
Have u seen my mom?
Kevin Hernandez
Kevin Hernandez 13 tundi tagasi
I still liked the video but i got no closet in ma room but i liked the video because he runs the city
Ginelle Samuels
Ginelle Samuels 13 tundi tagasi
Volant Archer
Volant Archer 13 tundi tagasi
10-99 Wanted / Stolen Indicated
DP - 04BB 831081 Rowntree PS
DP - 04BB 831081 Rowntree PS 13 tundi tagasi
he got me when he said 5 4 3 2 1 happy new year
Carlos Herrera
Carlos Herrera 13 tundi tagasi
I love this video it is the best 😂😂
Vinny the goat Man
Vinny the goat Man 13 tundi tagasi
Horse man says the officer limo
MrLewis161 YT
MrLewis161 YT 14 tundi tagasi
Treyyyy, just bought the WOAHNUT xD.
Swizzy on 60 fps
Swizzy on 60 fps 14 tundi tagasi
John Paul Christopher
John Paul Christopher 14 tundi tagasi
Trey : wait is that the guy Also Trey : that is the guy Even more Trey : that is 100% the guy More and more and more Trey : yes that’s the guy
vlexth 14 tundi tagasi
Owen Dawson
Owen Dawson 14 tundi tagasi
buddy looking like a frickin alien, jk trey I love you
Davraj Rathor
Davraj Rathor 14 tundi tagasi
anyone else see the Ferrari at 16:12
Pollo Ls
Pollo Ls 14 tundi tagasi
that was a whole ferrari in the ocean 💀
Gustavo_kr 14 tundi tagasi
5:28 lol poor guy
Logan Hall
Logan Hall 14 tundi tagasi
Your game is lagging
Lord_Quackinsons 14 tundi tagasi
Ahhh, the power of friendship.
Leo 14 tundi tagasi
10-99 means you got him hostage
Lil Flame dog ツ
Lil Flame dog ツ 14 tundi tagasi
Man who cancelled the leafy subscription
Misael Hernandez
Misael Hernandez 15 tundi tagasi
VR Wilmer
VR Wilmer 15 tundi tagasi
15:37 10-99 means officer in distress and ALL Units have to respond
Light 15 tundi tagasi
Legend has it treyten will pin this comment
Gabriel Schettini
Gabriel Schettini 15 tundi tagasi
Treyten in a police chase Treyten: We gotta get out of here boys! Also Treyten: Looks behind his car at the cops 98% of the time Also Treyten: Crashes directly head on into anything and everything Also Treyten: What happened!?
PopTart Gang
PopTart Gang 15 tundi tagasi
16:13 The Ferrari in the water
YYM Hazard
YYM Hazard 15 tundi tagasi
My dog is addicted to watching you literally😂
Rezar Cox
Rezar Cox 15 tundi tagasi
Did you guys see that car in the water
Lambo’s & dem rarris
Lambo’s & dem rarris 15 tundi tagasi
Who else wants trey to play once a day
vincent ocampo
vincent ocampo 16 tundi tagasi
treyten try to rob a plane
Tracy Tjon
Tracy Tjon 16 tundi tagasi
not GTA
Ersan persan
Ersan persan 16 tundi tagasi
how do you dowload this
James Atkinson
James Atkinson 16 tundi tagasi
Is it me or did I see his car from the very beginning in the water at 16:13
Find Sam
Find Sam 16 tundi tagasi
treytens ferrari is just casually underwater lol
McWossi 16 tundi tagasi
25:53 lamborsghinis
Armando Luli
Armando Luli 16 tundi tagasi
666k likes😳 this vid is haunted