Dripo Zaden
Dripo Zaden 10 tundi tagasi
Please make more vids I love your content
Unknown -_-
Unknown -_- 10 tundi tagasi
Man every time I watch trey I don’t think about how he takes long to post I think on how he does his best and try’s to make good videos and many people don’t see that on what they do. EEpostrs are doing their best and people over here are like POST MORE when they don’t even understand how hard being a EEpostr is.
LANDEN SIMMONS 10 tundi tagasi
He great if he posted more
Multi-Gamer ._.
Multi-Gamer ._. 10 tundi tagasi
If you plan on stealing more cars use a bug goods truck, u can open ut and drive the cars into them and hide it!
Teegan Brown
Teegan Brown 10 tundi tagasi
What car is that?
DJ Gamer
DJ Gamer 10 tundi tagasi
What visuals do you use?
Elaine Ahearn
Elaine Ahearn 10 tundi tagasi
Stop swaring
Alien 10 tundi tagasi
0:51 Of course he does know Trey! You just ran a red light in front of him bruh lol😂
Azzzuurr 10 tundi tagasi
jesus christ you've blown up since i first started watching you, i started watching at 100k and then stopped watching at 1 mil for a litlle bit now your at 1.7 mil congrats man!
Max 10 tundi tagasi
Where can i get this Building ??
Football88 10 tundi tagasi
same Karter Birdsall
Dornell Crawford
Dornell Crawford 10 tundi tagasi
hey trey how come u stop up loading?
Elis 10 tundi tagasi
sxmuel_legend 10 tundi tagasi
16:24 Going Up LMAO
Pamela Lee
Pamela Lee 10 tundi tagasi
Bro u haven’t uploaded in like a year
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen 10 tundi tagasi
Anybody notice how he says aight boys every video?
sxmuel_legend 10 tundi tagasi
He is insanely good
Trixxz 1
Trixxz 1 10 tundi tagasi
are these cars mods
Ashland McCallum
Ashland McCallum 10 tundi tagasi
The months of waiting are always worth it
Bobby Grey
Bobby Grey 10 tundi tagasi
Trey upload
Thomas Srsich
Thomas Srsich 11 tundi tagasi
The smiling garlic externally time because hemp biophysically expect among a secretive muscle. crazy, arrogant purpose
Nkanyezi Malinga
Nkanyezi Malinga 11 tundi tagasi
Trey u didn't have to that to him it's so bright his forehead
Thomas Srsich
Thomas Srsich 11 tundi tagasi
The trashy pamphlet clinicopathologically squeal because sense numerically haunt minus a intelligent shame. zesty, tiny subway
ッLIAMッ 11 tundi tagasi
He finally got better from 2020. He still suck at driving doe.
Aleeyah Cook
Aleeyah Cook 11 tundi tagasi
Look who “remembered” his EEpost password
Nickris Dam
Nickris Dam 11 tundi tagasi
Nice shot
msamor Love
msamor Love 11 tundi tagasi
you crazy as fuk
Rachael Cunningham
Rachael Cunningham 11 tundi tagasi
Trey I love your vids pls can u give this a heart
Setharith long
Setharith long 11 tundi tagasi
Do it again!! We loved that
Daljit Singh
Daljit Singh 11 tundi tagasi
Why did u said nerd?
Veljko Povremovic
Veljko Povremovic 11 tundi tagasi
why are Serbian bad guys
pun TITAN 11 tundi tagasi
Just found this channel today, and this guy can cause pain and suffering, maybe even more than Elanip
rod rod
rod rod 11 tundi tagasi
i mist you so much
Shadow Storm
Shadow Storm 11 tundi tagasi
I have a question: When you leave an online game, do you always join that same game or server again once u rejoin
Teodor Sejfijaj
Teodor Sejfijaj 11 tundi tagasi
Can u make more vids please ;)
Mani Otterbeck
Mani Otterbeck 11 tundi tagasi
stfu about britain yeah?
SB4 gamer
SB4 gamer 11 tundi tagasi
Where are those helipads where you found the cargobob?
ThM CLOWN 12 tundi tagasi
Hahaha 🤣
Jaiden Shaddix
Jaiden Shaddix 12 tundi tagasi
Plz keep posting daily
Ponce Sotelo
Ponce Sotelo 12 tundi tagasi
bro love your vids but you gotta post more
AnoddaONE Zyob
AnoddaONE Zyob 12 tundi tagasi
101Wavy 12 tundi tagasi
Trey: sets 1 mill bounty on himself First person to pull up: "errrr iS tHeRe a BoUnTy PlAcEd On YoU fOr A mIlLiOn?" 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
jamerz Zeetall
jamerz Zeetall 12 tundi tagasi
5:48 This is why
Daniel Delatorre
Daniel Delatorre 12 tundi tagasi
White boys these days
DuckyThe Quacky
DuckyThe Quacky 12 tundi tagasi
21:25 “Voodoo Mama juju” Quote of the year
psycyou 12 tundi tagasi
brooo can u make a video on GTA Roleplay how to start up and the best server with the best benefits and good connection and fun plzzz :)
psycyou 12 tundi tagasi
dude what server is it i need a good server with a good connection pleas make a video on that dawg
Schanay Mehta
Schanay Mehta 12 tundi tagasi
Finally uploads btw
Kakashi Hatake fan
Kakashi Hatake fan 13 tundi tagasi
Trey post more often plz
Just_samuel 13 tundi tagasi
when you post in 2 weeks
aq savv
aq savv 13 tundi tagasi
16:24 best play in the century
Bun Bowsky
Bun Bowsky 13 tundi tagasi
Man that was dope!!!
Julian giesing
Julian giesing 13 tundi tagasi
new favo youtuber found :)
Pig Cheeks
Pig Cheeks 13 tundi tagasi
What game is that well i know its gya but its moded or something idk
YDV 2020
YDV 2020 14 tundi tagasi
#worts driver in city
Billy Beal
Billy Beal 14 tundi tagasi
Post more
jkjdi7eBeks 14 tundi tagasi
He makes a video every 2 weeks, talk about a fucked upload schedule
Minecraft gamer
Minecraft gamer 14 tundi tagasi
Treyten* steals lambos Also treyten idk why they stole my lambo?
IGNAS 888 14 tundi tagasi
10 99 means police offiser hostage
No Face No Case
No Face No Case 14 tundi tagasi
Y do come on once a month. U must be super busy. Ur fans want more of ur videos. If ur not a 3foot weana and a boomer mix u should come make 2-3 videos a month
Chago Hernandez
Chago Hernandez 14 tundi tagasi
Oh look it’s mister one post a month man
Roblox ChickenMC
Roblox ChickenMC 14 tundi tagasi
Isn't he a cop though?
L1ghtningspeed 14 tundi tagasi
What the music at 10:43?
lozic 14 tundi tagasi
Hahahaha hair line on x games mode😂😂😂
Savage Warrior
Savage Warrior 15 tundi tagasi
XD SK4T3 15 tundi tagasi
Video ideas: hire a hit man and tell him the target is himself. Rob a bank and run out once you got the money and pretend you were a hostage that’s escaped.
Freak Gamer
Freak Gamer 15 tundi tagasi
This is such a big copy from elanip
Asmodiou 15 tundi tagasi
I genuinely love how he uses hella expensive and beautiful cars for his bad ideas
Ted Sullivan
Ted Sullivan 15 tundi tagasi
Show your setup