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Sylas Tufford
Sylas Tufford 20 minutit tagasi
6:44 he tweeted not on anonymous 🤣
andrew morgan
andrew morgan 26 minutit tagasi
Is that elinip
GHZ 47 minutit tagasi
act like your super rich guy and only have fake money
DashFN 56 minutit tagasi
“I’m just gonna go”
Marlene Clayton
Marlene Clayton Tund tagasi
Love your videos T😀
Larry Welser
Larry Welser Tund tagasi
Looks like the cops no clipped to you lol
Donovan Wilson
Donovan Wilson Tund tagasi
How can you do so much
Donovan Wilson
Donovan Wilson Tund tagasi
Yo how do I ...
hwne wad
hwne wad Tund tagasi
1:40 oh damn she quick (that's what she said)
Luka's stuff
Luka's stuff Tund tagasi
Wait what extra extra small?
Twitch Oxy
Twitch Oxy Tund tagasi
Crazy racists
Av Viista
Av Viista Tund tagasi
Dre Loco Official.
Dre Loco Official. Tund tagasi
“Gherkin” 😂😂
Ianpecanplays Tund tagasi
Make kid friendly sundays
canadian_gamerzs lol
canadian_gamerzs lol Tund tagasi
u should have put a sticky bomb on each rc car ...then if they mess with ya u have back up plan
thrash guy
thrash guy 2 tundi tagasi
Are these servers u rp on or it it y’all joining each other in public server or can u make private servers
real steel
real steel 2 tundi tagasi
Hey there Terry ;)
Landyn Moore
Landyn Moore 2 tundi tagasi
Can we get a 360 counter on him
DONNA AHDOSY 2 tundi tagasi
This is definitely one of my fav vids by him
Jayden Tineo
Jayden Tineo 3 tundi tagasi
Best intro ever
Esthela garcia
Esthela garcia 3 tundi tagasi
Damn animal abuse
Win Soe
Win Soe 3 tundi tagasi
V12 engie
Thomas Sutherland
Thomas Sutherland 3 tundi tagasi
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Reno Thomas 3 tundi tagasi
Did he really steal those cars
Thomas Sutherland
Thomas Sutherland 3 tundi tagasi
hey woah
Christopher Erickson
Christopher Erickson 3 tundi tagasi
That purple bike guy sounds like Franklin lol
Romeo Morales
Romeo Morales 3 tundi tagasi
He hit that bird lol
SHE WUVSS TANK YT 4 tundi tagasi
You run the CITY!!!!
callmealex 4 tundi tagasi
4:52 how did that cop not see him is he playing on a 2 inch screan
The Average Mexican Kid
The Average Mexican Kid 4 tundi tagasi
8:32 LMAO
The Average Mexican Kid
The Average Mexican Kid 4 tundi tagasi
And also 15:10
runitupangel 4 tundi tagasi
That dbz sweater be bussin
LemonVibes Playz
LemonVibes Playz 4 tundi tagasi
I watched this video 42 times it’s amazing
Zeebra RIWE
Zeebra RIWE 5 tundi tagasi
Hey woah bro
David Dirickx
David Dirickx 5 tundi tagasi
1:30 I mean talk about instant karma 😅
Lindsay Gilbert
Lindsay Gilbert 5 tundi tagasi
1:22 the fuel lmao
The Unkown Kid
The Unkown Kid 5 tundi tagasi
Is that Opie?
BTY RiceSoNice
BTY RiceSoNice 5 tundi tagasi
Treyton" attention smention you know what I'm saying?" His friend " NO! "
Callum Offer
Callum Offer 5 tundi tagasi
So funny 😂, great content
ACJay 5 tundi tagasi
Treyten ily❤
Logan Sewell
Logan Sewell 6 tundi tagasi
He should use a mini gun with the jug suit
Lil James
Lil James 6 tundi tagasi
Ford gtree
Nico Maugeri
Nico Maugeri 6 tundi tagasi
Nobody- Treyton- Hey wanna get in my trunk 😭😭😭😭
dripxzbrady 6 tundi tagasi
You make the best vide ever #bestgtayt
logan bryan
logan bryan 6 tundi tagasi
I have a hours plushy
Onemans voice
Onemans voice 6 tundi tagasi
thats qwite sad cos they were nice
lil dj
lil dj 6 tundi tagasi
Hey woah Woah hey
Oliver Tamm
Oliver Tamm 7 tundi tagasi
Pixar wants to knoe your location
Jordan Martinez
Jordan Martinez 7 tundi tagasi
Blue is huracan
Charlie Hanania
Charlie Hanania 7 tundi tagasi
Love your vids
Mohammed Haaeeb
Mohammed Haaeeb 7 tundi tagasi
Do a bounty and try to do a bank robbery
Oliver Tamm
Oliver Tamm 7 tundi tagasi
The best psrt is over here 19:16 - 19:28
BergerBoy 7 tundi tagasi
Am i the only one that likes this alot but gets triggerd of the fact that he doesnt keep his eyes on the road
L1LM30WK1D 7 tundi tagasi
Man I love going back and watching older videos from the good old days
dead0 pvp
dead0 pvp 8 tundi tagasi
imagine trading an r34 for a lambo
Mediana Dumervil
Mediana Dumervil 8 tundi tagasi
can you take out the curse words please
jasper Louage
jasper Louage 8 tundi tagasi
Honestly, at 11:18 he sounds like golem from lord of the rings, no cap.
Mathys Kifumbi
Mathys Kifumbi 8 tundi tagasi
Nxraka_ 999
Nxraka_ 999 9 tundi tagasi
The dislike button 🤣🤣🤣🤣
FaZecharls 10
FaZecharls 10 9 tundi tagasi
VK's ASDgaming
VK's ASDgaming 9 tundi tagasi
"I'd like to make a withdrawal of all your money, please. " It is rare to see bank robbers (extinct species) be as polite and coherent as these two are.
Cappes Svegge
Cappes Svegge 9 tundi tagasi
One tip don’t look back to often thats why you crash everytime
FaT RaT 9 tundi tagasi
what did you do with the body treyten "oh i just keft it there little dose he know there are body cameras on there bodys
Soder __
Soder __ 9 tundi tagasi
whats the song called at 22:26
King of fortnite
King of fortnite 10 tundi tagasi
Can you do more videos plsssssssss plssssssssssssssss
Rosa Campos
Rosa Campos 10 tundi tagasi
this is a good vid
Cooldude Gaming
Cooldude Gaming 10 tundi tagasi
Can u try play Fortnight
Tami Mankins
Tami Mankins 10 tundi tagasi
You cant drive agin
Robbie Simpson
Robbie Simpson 10 tundi tagasi
dopez_ amazing
dopez_ amazing 10 tundi tagasi
yall are the sauske and naruto of gta
sniper sebahstian
sniper sebahstian 10 tundi tagasi
3:41 the tail lights popped XD
Shane Schmidt
Shane Schmidt 11 tundi tagasi
10_99 means wanted/stolen indicated
t sqaud 55
t sqaud 55 11 tundi tagasi
The cop laughed so hard when tray got his tractor brown and the voice I cant man I cant🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tifa Olivier
Tifa Olivier 11 tundi tagasi
he is dumb saying that he has a 200k bouty on his head a says it is not seuriues
Maria Dorado
Maria Dorado 11 tundi tagasi
Fuck you
Maria Dorado
Maria Dorado 11 tundi tagasi
Gage Nolan
Gage Nolan 12 tundi tagasi
I thought it was bullet proof at 7:18 you can see him die lol
Person 12 tundi tagasi
we need more tyrone or however you spell it