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That was crazy...
Today we got some tanks and decided to troll the cops with them. It got really intense and there were like 15 cops that showed up. This is one of the craziest chases yet and there are a lot of funny moments, so enjoy!
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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!

Kenyon Lindeman
Kenyon Lindeman Päev tagasi
KillaCam 2 päeva tagasi
BrUh trey is the quiet kid in the back of the class
Bryce Kimbrough
Bryce Kimbrough 2 päeva tagasi
2:43 In everybody's mind we are all thinking the cops chose a appropriate vehicle for the first time in the world (a tank XD)
Joseph Walker
Joseph Walker 2 päeva tagasi
It’s the same people In every video, so scripted
Jason Archer
Jason Archer 2 päeva tagasi
“REVENGE BITCHES” I just can’t 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jared Job
Jared Job 2 päeva tagasi
How do I play gta like that
Marcia Ashman
Marcia Ashman 3 päeva tagasi
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Rooniesop Gamer
Rooniesop Gamer 3 päeva tagasi
i want gta 5 but i know i would not get it
Kkdeboss 22
Kkdeboss 22 3 päeva tagasi
You should do a self driving tank
Kristy Wells
Kristy Wells 4 päeva tagasi
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VladTube 4 päeva tagasi
Rip James
Amanda Willis
Amanda Willis 4 päeva tagasi
Yeah horse man was my favorite part so funny 🤣
keiva dareintin
keiva dareintin 4 päeva tagasi
The funniest part was whane elite was in the tanke
Parker Larose
Parker Larose 5 päeva tagasi
ha take that horse man hahaha
Dakota Walton
Dakota Walton 5 päeva tagasi
Treyten that's not necessary him shoots cop car
Jacob Geloian
Jacob Geloian 5 päeva tagasi
Douglas county Kansas Railfan LKARFP
Douglas county Kansas Railfan LKARFP 5 päeva tagasi
you need to join a new server A fucking tank that is the worst FRP I’ve ever seen like no one is going to call the military on you that early also a fighter jet bombing you would cause more damage than you would make just saying
fire of the game
fire of the game 6 päeva tagasi
forse rp 8:20
Fr4X0n3 nh
Fr4X0n3 nh 6 päeva tagasi
I hate people like that why do you have to kill the fun just why hey you got a Tank and didnt do anything u made us shot at u well lets get all the army just to kill some fun
Mikkel The Trout Boy
Mikkel The Trout Boy 6 päeva tagasi
Lord Aidan
Lord Aidan 6 päeva tagasi
Those cops in the beginning were all like “ah shit here we go again”
Sari Hildebrandt
Sari Hildebrandt 6 päeva tagasi
I didn’t know that you knew Elite
Norma Brock
Norma Brock 7 päeva tagasi
yoube is a little bit of
Brenda Meza
Brenda Meza 8 päeva tagasi
Brenda Meza
Brenda Meza 8 päeva tagasi
Ollie MC
Ollie MC 9 päeva tagasi
That is slogoman’s song haha 😂 no offence
Frankie T-OB
Frankie T-OB 10 päeva tagasi
Stop being rude
Milani tete
Milani tete 10 päeva tagasi
LOL! big Tank
Emmanuel Barajas
Emmanuel Barajas 10 päeva tagasi
Emmanuel Barajas
Emmanuel Barajas 10 päeva tagasi
2:27 B R U T A L Î T Y
Rosanna Pace
Rosanna Pace 11 päeva tagasi
Who is James is he your friend
NBA 70
NBA 70 11 päeva tagasi
that server suck tha cops and tanks and u make so much fail rp
mugisha asifiwe
mugisha asifiwe 11 päeva tagasi
Add a jet engine next time
Sunnie Fields
Sunnie Fields 11 päeva tagasi
U make insane videos I love them keep the good work up
Endermite 12 päeva tagasi
i died of laughter when Trey RAMMED the tank and innocently said hello
Bear Gamer
Bear Gamer 12 päeva tagasi
Cops hello Treyten revenge bitchs lol
Bear Gamer
Bear Gamer 12 päeva tagasi
Why the fuck are they shooting at a tank
kyler longhofer
kyler longhofer 12 päeva tagasi
I love your videos
bruh 12 päeva tagasi
"HAHA Horse Man" Wow Amazing
Braeden Klotz
Braeden Klotz 13 päeva tagasi
That was so cool
ElitE Scoob
ElitE Scoob 13 päeva tagasi
The helicopters: Hey lets go down low so the gunner can shoot him easier me: JUMP UNDER THEM DAMN IT
alex Choi
alex Choi 14 päeva tagasi
how do you get that so i could get 5 stars
alex Choi
alex Choi 14 päeva tagasi
how do you get that so i could get 5 stars
unlike_ activity
unlike_ activity 3 päeva tagasi
@alex Choi your welcome
alex Choi
alex Choi 3 päeva tagasi
@unlike_ activity thank you
unlike_ activity
unlike_ activity 7 päeva tagasi
It might be military thing you just need to customize it
Evan Simmons
Evan Simmons 14 päeva tagasi
Famous Quote by Treyten: "I said toot toot and then murdered him" -August 15 2020
Kaylin Thurston
Kaylin Thurston 14 päeva tagasi
This is like a entertainment show
Ollie Braun
Ollie Braun 15 päeva tagasi
Wait until they find the oppresser mk II
Andrew Baxter
Andrew Baxter 15 päeva tagasi
Wallace H
Wallace H 15 päeva tagasi
this went wrong so fast
adrano bell-anderson
adrano bell-anderson 15 päeva tagasi
adrano bell-anderson
adrano bell-anderson 15 päeva tagasi
The funniest part is when Treyten wants to hug the Officer
noardian ya boy
noardian ya boy 4 päeva tagasi
adrano bell-anderson
adrano bell-anderson 10 päeva tagasi
@GamerKid Ok
GamerKid 10 päeva tagasi
The eye Lord Jack
The eye Lord Jack 16 päeva tagasi
69k likes nice 👌
Matthew Ackley
Matthew Ackley 17 päeva tagasi
Where is baguet man
Cade Snider
Cade Snider 17 päeva tagasi
I said toot toot and I killed him. Treyten 2020.
rip wakez
rip wakez 18 päeva tagasi
17:38 sounds like Ethan from the sidemen
Joerel Moore
Joerel Moore 18 päeva tagasi
Wow it took him 3:27 to figure out that they are not playing around
Adam Viera
Adam Viera 18 päeva tagasi
Craig Keeling
Craig Keeling 19 päeva tagasi
3:22 oh God that's a missle that's a missle that's a missle ME I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW
Sjov med Bertil
Sjov med Bertil 20 päeva tagasi
what is the connect code for redlineRP
B Burges
B Burges 20 päeva tagasi
You ran into a truck and that truck hit a cop
Joshua Burton
Joshua Burton 21 päev tagasi
Do this again but add spike strips around the tank and make the tank a military tank not this tank
bob is ok
bob is ok 21 päev tagasi
0:20 in and hes started
NateTheBaconForlife 0
NateTheBaconForlife 0 21 päev tagasi
69K likes hehe
Ryder Buckingham
Ryder Buckingham 21 päev tagasi
hi i am a big fan i have been watching you for more than 2 yeas
Ben Brown
Ben Brown 22 päeva tagasi
Where does he get his hoodies from in game?
Elvis Li
Elvis Li 22 päeva tagasi
Cops just became the hunted
DJ Drew
DJ Drew 23 päeva tagasi
What game is it
ghost virus
ghost virus 23 päeva tagasi
Gabriel Garcia
Gabriel Garcia 24 päeva tagasi
Dion Farnsworth
Dion Farnsworth 24 päeva tagasi
sad james
Marno De Witt
Marno De Witt 24 päeva tagasi
Trey why didn't you u jump when the Heli was so low to the ground
Ale Awesome099
Ale Awesome099 24 päeva tagasi
love ur content :)
stony duck
stony duck 25 päeva tagasi
at 16:22 he gets suplexed by the cop
Lazy Tekoa
Lazy Tekoa 25 päeva tagasi
You make good vids
wawiwowee 26 päeva tagasi
when you say roleplay in the title does that mean these reactions arent genuine?
Xwyz Clipzzz
Xwyz Clipzzz 26 päeva tagasi
“yEa HoRSe mAN”
Tijan Nikolic
Tijan Nikolic 27 päeva tagasi
The cops plate in the thumbnail😂😂
sam 29 päeva tagasi
What do you know i get a game that used the same graphic area in gta then trent playes in
S A V I Місяць tagasi
Who's high rn?
Nosyt Місяць tagasi
use the zhaba next
Bradley Shuster
Bradley Shuster Місяць tagasi
9:30 the way he got the police guy stuck is like the same way I sniped a taxi driver and he went between 2 buildings with no way out :(
Oliver Mahoney
Oliver Mahoney Місяць tagasi
idk about yall seeing this but he kinda sounding like Wilbur tho 1:57
Panda Juice
Panda Juice Місяць tagasi
imagine the last words you hear before you die is toot toot
Ruben Calvo
Ruben Calvo Місяць tagasi
whats the mod
skyler smith
skyler smith Місяць tagasi
I love how the title says Roleplay but it should be trolling the server
DADDY yellow
DADDY yellow Місяць tagasi
this is rp i thought better trey
5Grahams Місяць tagasi
Off Hu
Off Hu Місяць tagasi
Off Hu
Off Hu Місяць tagasi
Those fuckers hurt my ankles
Off Hu
Off Hu Місяць tagasi
Colton Vaughan
Colton Vaughan Місяць tagasi
dowmload roblox and play mad city and type in the cods D1$C0
Roostercraft Playz
Roostercraft Playz Місяць tagasi
“Why is there a blimp?” WELL WHY IS ThERE A TaNK!?!
WinterMod Місяць tagasi
treyten when he runs someone over and ends their life: “SORRY SORRY”
Yung EyeVee
Yung EyeVee Місяць tagasi
Man u should be banned forever. Rdm. It aint fun
epic_blaster Місяць tagasi
What is the music called the music that plays at the outro
Gabe Talaga
Gabe Talaga Місяць tagasi
Did anyone see when he push the truck into that cop lol
Karen took The kids
Karen took The kids Місяць tagasi
That rp is so realistic the cops have a tank and a vtol jet
RaginRaccoon34 Місяць tagasi
Bro the way the cop said no was hilarious
Mason Miner
Mason Miner Місяць tagasi
I love your videos
LonelyReaper666 Місяць tagasi
Isn't it frp fo let police call in military vehicles and personnel to deal with a tank that is armed with spikes armour and one machine gun that can only be fired in one direction?
Kamren Buddy
Kamren Buddy Місяць tagasi
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