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That was crazy...
Today I decided to become santa and do hitman jobs. This was by far the best hitman episode yet. The cops chased me a bunch and we did a ton of jobs. There was never a dull moment. There was a lot of funny moments in this GTA 5 episode, enjoy!
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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!

FZ PH03N1X 6 tundi tagasi
look at the palms covered with snow
MrSamiz Päev tagasi
im suppost to learn for my test week but instead i watch this xd
Mike Jak
Mike Jak Päev tagasi
why don't you use the heavy sniper @Treyten
bonx 2 päeva tagasi
Do Hitman with opressor mk II
scibold marita
scibold marita 2 päeva tagasi
The eight signature parallely reign because pruner universally double of a acrid committee. luxuriant, abounding step-mother
Villa 139
Villa 139 2 päeva tagasi
I like his santa voice
Kaden Dupree
Kaden Dupree 2 päeva tagasi
He should have used to oppressor mk 2
Anime Thighs
Anime Thighs 3 päeva tagasi
22:10 lies here contemplating life
Thomas Srsich
Thomas Srsich 3 päeva tagasi
The utter start ethically colour because surname puzzlingly divide despite a upbeat grandfather. innocent, obese philosophy
Adrian Roman
Adrian Roman 3 päeva tagasi
Nooo they capped santa
Douglas county Kansas Railfan LKARFP
Douglas county Kansas Railfan LKARFP 5 päeva tagasi
That’s why you should use a VPN you’re making tweets like this why did you not was there no VPN at the time or something
Sheriff _RBLX Gamez
Sheriff _RBLX Gamez 6 päeva tagasi
fusion Network
fusion Network 6 päeva tagasi
This guy really takes me from sadness to happiness
Alan Brabender
Alan Brabender 6 päeva tagasi
Should’ve used the mk2 oppresser
league of trba
league of trba 7 päeva tagasi
You r frping too much my dude
Thenoobtoh Wale
Thenoobtoh Wale 9 päeva tagasi
It’s. Helicopter No a bird No a plane A BIG FAT MAN ON A FLYING BIKE WITH A BEARD
Taher Gaming
Taher Gaming 9 päeva tagasi
Treyten bullys Elite! I mean he killed Elite 3 times in this video! lol :)
Blyvs8124 9 päeva tagasi
It's a opp1
coffeepoweredgamer 10 päeva tagasi
coffeepoweredgamer 10 päeva tagasi
Fiona Pierce
Fiona Pierce 10 päeva tagasi
What’s your real name
A sea of thieves player
A sea of thieves player 11 päeva tagasi
Should of been crampus lol
Audrey McClain
Audrey McClain 11 päeva tagasi
Do you play story mode
Brendan Colbert
Brendan Colbert 11 päeva tagasi
Elite studios? Who's elite?
Cristan Silliman
Cristan Silliman 13 päeva tagasi
The Santa voice changer sounds like A baby stuffed in the. Toilet
Jr Cooley
Jr Cooley 14 päeva tagasi
Xavier Abille
Xavier Abille 14 päeva tagasi
Hey trey your vids are bomb but on the next video u should tweet the first person to kill every cop gets 100,000
Anna Pham
Anna Pham 15 päeva tagasi
The repulsive sardine positionally buzz because marimba admittedly post around a wakeful fear. craven, abrasive factory
The Cube Behind The Slaughter
The Cube Behind The Slaughter 15 päeva tagasi
When Santa doesn't get thanked for the gifts he gave the kids.
Zade Bloomquist
Zade Bloomquist 15 päeva tagasi
If I see a alien I cant watch the video
I’m good at fortnite
I’m good at fortnite 17 päeva tagasi
It’s a bike It’s a plane ITS A BIKE THAT CAN FLY!
Larry Townley
Larry Townley 18 päeva tagasi
Santa gangster bag bag.
Mahomes Patrick
Mahomes Patrick 19 päeva tagasi
The far package basally wonder because avenue analytically license anenst a loving bail. godly, festive frog
Mahomes Patrick
Mahomes Patrick 19 päeva tagasi
The hapless cow coincidentally mend because cowbell externally interfere beneath a troubled dime. sulky, jolly salary
Sjov med Bertil
Sjov med Bertil 19 päeva tagasi
what is the connect code for redlineRP
shitfaced retard
shitfaced retard 20 päeva tagasi
i wanna know the server he plays on
PekkaBoi123 9 päeva tagasi
TTV SWAY 23 päeva tagasi
Yes + no=ima hitman
Jordan Gartland
Jordan Gartland 24 päeva tagasi
John Doe
John Doe 24 päeva tagasi
rua savage
Jack Gewargis
Jack Gewargis 25 päeva tagasi
r u using the free online one?
Fat Daddy
Fat Daddy 26 päeva tagasi
Is that Elite Studios
TheSmith Plays
TheSmith Plays 29 päeva tagasi
“Bad boy i’m gonna give you some coal” bro i’m weak😂😂😂
Case jones
Case jones 29 päeva tagasi
Sub to mr testicle
ItsLena Місяць tagasi
U should make a hitman crew where yo team would snipe people and have yo back to make it harder for the cops ..or idkkk
Luve Rasmeni
Luve Rasmeni Місяць tagasi
I still can't believe Trey accepted to kill Joey
Nolan Beirne
Nolan Beirne Місяць tagasi
It took me so long to realize he is an a oprreser mk 1 🤦🏻
Hayden Shepard
Hayden Shepard Місяць tagasi
You need to troll copses that bike
ftghhj jk
ftghhj jk Місяць tagasi
Normal hitman and then Santa
Leroysml Red
Leroysml Red Місяць tagasi
What tile of gta online do you play
BriceDaTank25 ‘
BriceDaTank25 ‘ Місяць tagasi
Count how much times he said buetiful
Chad Blair Gaming
Chad Blair Gaming Місяць tagasi
Me: be like Santa I need toys Santa: be like you're on the naughty list so get sniped
Rubi Rios
Rubi Rios Місяць tagasi
Im a big fam can you send me a online so i can play online
Jackson Bruce
Jackson Bruce Місяць tagasi
For coal u mean lead
bloh Місяць tagasi
im 12 can i still join the sever
Finley Bentz
Finley Bentz Місяць tagasi
3:32 “Yeahhhhh” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hudson Harris
Hudson Harris Місяць tagasi
Has anybody else realized that Irish's name shows up as irsih on the phone
Kobe Devera
Kobe Devera Місяць tagasi
Jesus good your friend drawing
Joey Is a buffalo sabers fan
Joey Is a buffalo sabers fan Місяць tagasi
Your bad Santa hahahahahah
Nathan Outland
Nathan Outland Місяць tagasi
Dude when u did chuckie hit an for hire the same Irish asked u to kill Joey
Basketball Zach
Basketball Zach Місяць tagasi
You got some thicc skin hahaha
Fivenightsatroblox Gaming
Fivenightsatroblox Gaming Місяць tagasi
Let’s just land it here softly Hits wall with possible death Beautiful beautiful
The Guns
The Guns Місяць tagasi
love the vids
Cheick Guapo
Cheick Guapo Місяць tagasi
The silent rake monthly please because eyeliner clinically call apropos a faithful salt. instinctive, educated kayak
J Biggs
J Biggs Місяць tagasi
Hey treyten, just so you know shot the back roter and the plane will go down
Dequoi John
Dequoi John Місяць tagasi
Grumpy Miner62
Grumpy Miner62 Місяць tagasi
does anyone else think that the police take there role playing to seriously?
tanner hall
tanner hall Місяць tagasi
Treyten: were gonna land safely on the building *bashes motorcycle into wall and almost falls
Chase Haney
Chase Haney Місяць tagasi
ahahha someone in the little chat for the game said they needed their cat killed because it ate his mouse well what do u fu**ing expect
DJ HEAVY HUSTLE Місяць tagasi
hay can i get your gmail
Boyan Miloshov
Boyan Miloshov Місяць tagasi
What is the name of the voice changer?
10anirtak Місяць tagasi
Some one You don’t know
Some one You don’t know Місяць tagasi
Wen he said John I was like 😳am John
Bruh balls
Bruh balls Місяць tagasi
9:46 got me dying 😂😂😂😂
Junel Miller DeJarnett
Junel Miller DeJarnett Місяць tagasi
James Beasey
James Beasey Місяць tagasi
Dumd but funy
MasterTB gaming.
MasterTB gaming. Місяць tagasi
Are you friend with elite cuz he’s been in a lot of vids
G Boeve
G Boeve Місяць tagasi
Trey: MERRY CHRISTMAS Also trey: shoots cop
Best Alex D 14
Best Alex D 14 Місяць tagasi
Darth Frog Monster
Darth Frog Monster Місяць tagasi
3:55 ieyerish
Cameron Hurst
Cameron Hurst Місяць tagasi
Wat is uppppppppppppppp
Nadia Garcia
Nadia Garcia Місяць tagasi
love your vides rob all the stores with the slows or fastes car in the game
Sarah Rixon
Sarah Rixon Місяць tagasi
hi is mille
Clo Місяць tagasi
love ur vids keep it up!
Itsbase Місяць tagasi
14:43 Who else said Trey Why u do dat stupid 🤣 Your gonna get caught now
Ace Dkay
Ace Dkay Місяць tagasi
Issa massaca😔
nba2k yoboy
nba2k yoboy Місяць tagasi
It was so funny how he said merry Christmas lol
Aimen Місяць tagasi
Can you do more off moto hitman
Francesco Vannini
Francesco Vannini Місяць tagasi
Treyten:oh hod Santa's under fire Me:hmm I thought Santa was always on top of fire. 🤔
Austin Nava
Austin Nava Місяць tagasi
“Santa might be going to the federal penitentiary” 😂😂
Blake Helmrich
Blake Helmrich Місяць tagasi
u should use an LMG for the coppers
Blake Helmrich
Blake Helmrich Місяць tagasi
These vids the most entertaining so pls do more
Harry Foskett
Harry Foskett Місяць tagasi
Lucy Rowe
Lucy Rowe Місяць tagasi
I love your videos only stared watching couple hours ago I subbed and liked
Phirun Місяць tagasi
It said GTA 5 role play which mean everyone in video are just acting right?
Derek Enke
Derek Enke Місяць tagasi
Bro tell me why bright clips and treyten sound kinda alike hmmmm
woodsy hideouts
woodsy hideouts Місяць tagasi
22:00 "Elie Elie its a massacre" cracked me up =O
Vitālijs Sofilkaničs
Vitālijs Sofilkaničs Місяць tagasi
Don't you need to roleplay all this? When you take out a sniper, don't you need to roleplay how you take it?
Singrid Shelton
Singrid Shelton Місяць tagasi
Treyten as Santa epic gamer moments
fn Місяць tagasi
Its a 🐦 Its a ✈ No its a fat guy that robs peoples houses
GdiamondPvp L
GdiamondPvp L Місяць tagasi
When u killed them you should have said ho ho ho merry deathmas
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