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That was crazy...
Today we robbed the money truck! The plan was really complicated, but I wanted to try it. Nothing went well and it got really messy quick. I wanted to use a tow truck to steal the car, but it didn't work. There are a lot of funny moments in this gta 5 episode, enjoy!
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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!

Sade Haynes
Sade Haynes 4 päeva tagasi
How do you rob the money truck on story mode
Todd Breeden
Todd Breeden 4 päeva tagasi
Tow trucks are too slow to commit crimes in and try and get away
PobzGiddy Inline Skater
PobzGiddy Inline Skater 6 päeva tagasi
This is some legit plan. I think it always work but not at 14 minutes
Roblox Stuff
Roblox Stuff 6 päeva tagasi
I hate that ad it too much politics
Billy Avery
Billy Avery 7 päeva tagasi
Ricardo Cabrera
Ricardo Cabrera 7 päeva tagasi
no its not
X gang
X gang 7 päeva tagasi
Trey. Hey boys were robbin a money truck Also trey. What has this turned in to Me.wth your robbing a money truck
canadian_gamerzs lol
canadian_gamerzs lol 8 päeva tagasi
it funny how they can carry tanks but they cant carry a armoured truck that weighs half as much as a 20 ton tank
Lazar Stupar
Lazar Stupar 9 päeva tagasi
you should to do that with schopper with magnet
John Haidar
John Haidar 10 päeva tagasi
The money van has had a very bad day
Sexyfart Is good
Sexyfart Is good 12 päeva tagasi
1:35 in I think so
Bonky -_-
Bonky -_- 14 päeva tagasi
Luis Gil
Luis Gil 16 päeva tagasi
I love this video it’s hilarious like i love your vids
brace face
brace face 19 päeva tagasi
How do we get into the server
Matt Rosewell
Matt Rosewell 22 päeva tagasi
Treyten : I got a good feeling about this Me : you say that every video
Flashy YT
Flashy YT 25 päeva tagasi
You should just get a cargo bob and just take any car you see that you want on the road
Brendan Fitzgerald
Brendan Fitzgerald 27 päeva tagasi
love your vids im a fan
AcazFX 27 päeva tagasi
i think it will go right but you will maybe get shot by the cops when u chase in the woods or highway btw nice video but i have to study chemistry after the video lol lmao xd
Nahid Hussain
Nahid Hussain 28 päeva tagasi
R.I.P Joey :(((( i actually cried
ttv_kimble 28 päeva tagasi
No the trucks to heavy
GingerPlays YT
GingerPlays YT Місяць tagasi
Before I Finished The Video: I think it will work After The Video:
Kristen Godfrey
Kristen Godfrey Місяць tagasi
i am a boy but i am you
majicmojo88 Місяць tagasi
I love your vids they are so entertaining to watch and they are really funny
Zakary Schroeder
Zakary Schroeder Місяць tagasi
Nah I think he fails
Aly Hanlon
Aly Hanlon Місяць tagasi
hey what happend to joey
Jackattack Місяць tagasi
i mean hell ya
Mike Field
Mike Field Місяць tagasi
sirak v
sirak v Місяць tagasi
Rickayla Faber
Rickayla Faber Місяць tagasi
The green lambo is the Lamborghini Sian.
Yusuf Hussain
Yusuf Hussain Місяць tagasi
He said money truck ALOT
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Місяць tagasi
I don’t understand why this vid has so much dislikes if u don’t like treys vids don’t watch them
Markeeta Hill
Markeeta Hill Місяць tagasi
Hey is my kid I’m gonna go to the face and let me say a bad word
Mitchell Williams
Mitchell Williams Місяць tagasi
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Shadow Ninja124
Shadow Ninja124 Місяць tagasi
“Yeah i got a good felling about this 1 boys” 14 mins later MISSION FAILED MISSON FAILED lol
UZIER Boy's 23 päeva tagasi
lil Hazz
lil Hazz Місяць tagasi
Love ya vids keep it going
Jaxon Helms
Jaxon Helms Місяць tagasi
niklas Місяць tagasi
dam luser
akagamerboi Місяць tagasi
What name of music at 10:30
Timber Short
Timber Short Місяць tagasi
dont get me wrong i love watching treyton and he is a super cool and good person, but redline rp is the most fail rp server, he should find a nother whitelisted server like DOJ or PGN if he is trying to get into strict rp, but his vodeos are intertaning as hell
Woko Can you ask
Woko Can you ask Місяць tagasi
I got a amazing idea so like your going to tweet if you car breaks down like say text me then you get the tow truck and steal the car 😊hope everyone have a good day
RAVEN games
RAVEN games Місяць tagasi
Can you make a vid of like as much as people as possible rob the bank.
RAVEN games
RAVEN games Місяць tagasi
Can you make a video of like you kidnap people. And dump them into a volcano
RAVEN games
RAVEN games Місяць tagasi
What do you play gta on?
Mikhail Georges
Mikhail Georges Місяць tagasi
how can we get into the sever your on
WR apple
WR apple Місяць tagasi
Look up redline rp on the internet and join the discord and u gotta sing the form
Brycen O'neal
Brycen O'neal Місяць tagasi
No not going to work
Roy Vries, de
Roy Vries, de Місяць tagasi
maybe its funny if there is aa ponrhbu billboard
Isaiah Long
Isaiah Long Місяць tagasi
i ushuly hateeeeeee long vids but trytens are not long enif
Eliazar Ortega
Eliazar Ortega Місяць tagasi
Hey WOAH ive seen every video i love the part 18:19 its funny i send love for u and your fam
Eliazar Ortega
Eliazar Ortega Місяць tagasi
Cop: Come here pony Trey: Im a dangerous pony ill stab u with my horn 2 hours later and thee cop fine 18:19
Peelystreamsniper Місяць tagasi
1:35 “I think it’s going to work” 2:43 “this is a stupid plan”
SeverinveganiGang Місяць tagasi
7:59 "i lost the tow truck" wait.. what?
Nereida Robles
Nereida Robles 2 місяці tagasi
i play gta and im am 7 to
QUB Goated
QUB Goated 2 місяці tagasi
when trey got in the truck it was empty
Jake Kaiser
Jake Kaiser 2 місяці tagasi
Ezra Okoth
Ezra Okoth 2 місяці tagasi
trey:hey joey:hello trey:its my fav har addict joey:no u mean cokeain trey O_O
LestahBoy10 2 місяці tagasi
Great content i love your channel
SB4 gamer
SB4 gamer 2 місяці tagasi
Where are those helipads where you found the cargobob?
Dale Higgins
Dale Higgins 2 місяці tagasi
Claire Stripp
Claire Stripp 2 місяці tagasi
For JOEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brianna Vest
Brianna Vest 2 місяці tagasi
I would be able to play GTA if my Xbox wasn’t broke
Prince P
Prince P 2 місяці tagasi
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Rowan Ucko
Rowan Ucko 2 місяці tagasi
got to work
Taze Hazza19
Taze Hazza19 2 місяці tagasi
Well a unicorn robbing your money truck that’s not something you see every day people in redline rp oh just a unicorn robbing trucks lol 😂
creepermax 2 місяці tagasi
treyten ] use your eye BALLS
creepermax 2 місяці tagasi
peaches melons berries NUTS
Sean AMurphy
Sean AMurphy 2 місяці tagasi
Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall 2 місяці tagasi
gamingwithNaoh 2 місяці tagasi
yes I think
Mr Hacker
Mr Hacker 2 місяці tagasi
anoying all is video is dowing the ssame tuff first i really love it after is swich to p2isthename hes goood
Struan Roberts
Struan Roberts 2 місяці tagasi
Anna Pham
Anna Pham 2 місяці tagasi
The purring canadian scientifically thaw because selection coherently peck behind a slow polyester. aback, mature charles
john anderson
john anderson 2 місяці tagasi
The lame division microregionally beg because stick ultrasonically tip pro a disgusting tenor. spotted, colorful decade
ri si
ri si 2 місяці tagasi
treyten: I have a really good plan (presides to say the worst plan ever)
doodle bug
doodle bug 2 місяці tagasi
Go treyton I watch all your new videos and old and the so funny
killyomom123 2 місяці tagasi
Duh it will
Noah Games
Noah Games 2 місяці tagasi
Your my favrote EEpostr
Brison Moler
Brison Moler 2 місяці tagasi
How do you join redline
Radnor Fizz
Radnor Fizz 2 місяці tagasi
I think a smooth plan would be have the truck go under a long bridge then hijack the person but keep them hostage and if it goes well you shouldn’t get detected. Continue the route, have a pick up vehicle ready to go then just fly away
Damion Benton
Damion Benton 2 місяці tagasi
I can’t believe someone would actually dislike the video, this is purely amazing. Love the vids
Braylun Harris
Braylun Harris 2 місяці tagasi
Kaden Moar
Kaden Moar 2 місяці tagasi
i just finished watching a shot on iphone meme and all i see after it is all of these gta vids from this guy
Christopher Gwynn
Christopher Gwynn 2 місяці tagasi
mathias bornman
mathias bornman 2 місяці tagasi
Do it for joey bro
MARLON ADAMS 2 місяці tagasi
Good video I like 👍 it
KA.Channel 333
KA.Channel 333 2 місяці tagasi
I like ur vids but... why do u keep saying the f word fuck
Jeremiah J
Jeremiah J 3 місяці tagasi
BRAXTON LESTER 3 місяці tagasi
All legends Fall here
All legends Fall here 3 місяці tagasi
Can you try a vlog
retro 3 місяці tagasi
erick G
erick G 3 місяці tagasi
you should do bank heist in jets
Declan Crudden
Declan Crudden 3 місяці tagasi
You should do two tow trucks and see if it will lift the money truck
Samantha Valentine
Samantha Valentine 3 місяці tagasi
Do I have to be on pc to get redlinrp
Samantha Valentine
Samantha Valentine 3 місяці tagasi
It’s going to work your a savage
Team Grief
Team Grief 3 місяці tagasi
Hi do more of these videos
DariOn Snipes
DariOn Snipes 3 місяці tagasi
DariOn Snipes
DariOn Snipes 3 місяці tagasi
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor 3 місяці tagasi
haha joey in on crack
EagleModZ_ 3 місяці tagasi
‌ ‌ ‌ ‌‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌
Įţş_mə_şhąđøw 3 місяці tagasi
It would be nice if the union depository hiest was in gta online
Andreas&Cassian Cool gang
Andreas&Cassian Cool gang 3 місяці tagasi
Hi I’m your best fannnnnnnn
Sebastian Santos
Sebastian Santos 3 місяці tagasi
It is ganna work
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