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That was crazy...
Today we decided to steal expensive cars using spike strips. The plan was that I will trick the police into placing down spike strips during a street race. Then I come in and steal cars using a cargobob. There are a lot of funny moments in this gta 5 episode, enjoy!
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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!

Tropical Llama
Tropical Llama 4 tundi tagasi
How did the lego car not break
Yundt Myong
Yundt Myong Päev tagasi
The unsuitable money immunochemically bat because instruction coherently contain amongst a rhetorical man. damaged, steady biology
SGS_Mgoarr 3 päeva tagasi
dose this guy even do normal gta5
exploding - gaming
exploding - gaming 5 päeva tagasi
poor guys
LaBerta Jones
LaBerta Jones 7 päeva tagasi
He says opie Winston gay he stole it to🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂😂
K Bourne
K Bourne 8 päeva tagasi
If anybody else knows wilbur soot the english guy sounds like that
gamingwithNaoh 10 päeva tagasi
so the spike strips I think that was fuuny
PD Clerk
PD Clerk 10 päeva tagasi
The lego car is so cool bro
King Banks
King Banks 10 päeva tagasi
Hunter Salyers
Hunter Salyers 11 päeva tagasi
im 10 not a kid lol
Kelli Wirkkula
Kelli Wirkkula 12 päeva tagasi
Hey trey can u make a video of fake police Bugatti plz plz plz
Hernan Montano
Hernan Montano 12 päeva tagasi
16:10 😂😂
Corona time :D
Corona time :D 14 päeva tagasi
“Your a stranger” “Dont worry I have candy” “WHAAAAT?”
Yaluss 14 päeva tagasi
Can someone tell me how to do this mode pls
L J 14 päeva tagasi
i mean he hepled the police and he got payed for it
The eye Lord Jack
The eye Lord Jack 15 päeva tagasi
Let’s get this trending #treycantdrive And #Joeycantfly
JgPapi 16 päeva tagasi
Man really throw Elanip under the bus😂
Lee and mick Goolagong
Lee and mick Goolagong 16 päeva tagasi
Rets Tammik
Rets Tammik 18 päeva tagasi
10:24 The guy with camo hoodie and covid mask OMG. He heard Trey talking to the cop, why didn't he expose Trey? No hate
Danielle Talieri
Danielle Talieri 21 päev tagasi
You got a Lamborghini vaneno
John Nolan
John Nolan 22 päeva tagasi
7 7jj jjbj j ijnjj jh
John Nolan
John Nolan 22 päeva tagasi
Gaming Gecko
Gaming Gecko 23 päeva tagasi
BTW it’s an Lamborghini Sian
AnKiTh ?
AnKiTh ? 24 päeva tagasi
can anyone tell me whose Op winston cuz the cop got scared at last
maibritt nielsen
maibritt nielsen 26 päeva tagasi
SpruzzYEET 26 päeva tagasi
where the fuck does frank always come from?
The Oof Channel
The Oof Channel 27 päeva tagasi
As u picked up the first car I got a quantas ad lol
Bryson Williams
Bryson Williams 28 päeva tagasi
911 what’s your emergency I have 911 dislikes can you tell everyone to like
Nerfed 28 päeva tagasi
who agrees treyton types repair faster than anyone in the world
Alex Gamer
Alex Gamer 28 päeva tagasi
11:55 that’s a Lamborghini zion
Jaythen Tapia
Jaythen Tapia 28 päeva tagasi
Hhhhhhhhhhhha Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhaiguo
StarStable Creations
StarStable Creations 29 päeva tagasi
"Get out you god d**m lego car" Cop 2020
Five Місяць tagasi
poor opey
josh gutzwiller
josh gutzwiller Місяць tagasi
Yes 👏 yes 👍🏿 and yes 🙌
bulls3y3ded Місяць tagasi
i love the fact he said he sells them to opie
Rahim J
Rahim J Місяць tagasi
What Voice Changer are you using at 13:43
[UNKNOWN] '-' Місяць tagasi
what is the ending song its fire???
spacefn Місяць tagasi
2:54 is hilarious
Dustin Yates
Dustin Yates Місяць tagasi
Hi Bye
Jill Oneill
Jill Oneill Місяць tagasi
Ēriks Žardeckiss
Ēriks Žardeckiss Місяць tagasi
What are thos care names
Nathan Sherman
Nathan Sherman Місяць tagasi
I'm telling elpah to kick your ass
Neat0 Місяць tagasi
READ THE BHUGHATTI’s license plate
phillip heaton
phillip heaton Місяць tagasi
Treyton: MO no no no no! Yes yes yes ye yes!
Stefan Keller
Stefan Keller Місяць tagasi
10:11. It’s a Lamborghini sian
Unknown Місяць tagasi
It’s a lambo sian
Lucas the boi
Lucas the boi Місяць tagasi
Me seeing all his videos he’s probably a billionaire
Cooper Hoare
Cooper Hoare Місяць tagasi
Great vid so
Aaron S
Aaron S Місяць tagasi
Is this game modded?? If not how do I get it on ps4
newplayerbut_pro oof
newplayerbut_pro oof Місяць tagasi
the lamborghini was a lamborghini sian i think
kevindavidgaming hi
kevindavidgaming hi Місяць tagasi
That's what u call a lambo zian
Mason Gartee
Mason Gartee Місяць tagasi
hey treyten if you awser this comment i will share this video to everyone on my contacs
Cheng Duan
Cheng Duan Місяць tagasi
2:53 Yu I WAnT moNeH
ANGEL WOO Місяць tagasi
U drove a ferrari and a lamborghini Sian and also a Bugatti veyron
Markos Vasilakos
Markos Vasilakos Місяць tagasi
Sons of anarchy inside joke 😂😂😂
sky Місяць tagasi
the cop: am not a stranger but i got candy get in my car
john duffy
john duffy Місяць tagasi
Wait is this scripted?
617 Sav
617 Sav Місяць tagasi
Why when he said get out the fucking lego car shit made me laugh
M. Sullivan
M. Sullivan Місяць tagasi
Read the license plate on the buggati
Marvin Buchanan
Marvin Buchanan Місяць tagasi
And bro you can drive so good
Marvin Buchanan
Marvin Buchanan Місяць tagasi
Bro you’re so funny😂
Traolach Riordan
Traolach Riordan Місяць tagasi
I laughed my head of when trey said my dad said stranger danger
The Man In Purple
The Man In Purple Місяць tagasi
You should do this but actually help the police
Goja Місяць tagasi
"It's got 1 volt battery" but it goes 150km/h
is the
is the Місяць tagasi
that lambo that u were driving that u didnt know what it was its a Lamborghini sian and its worth 3.3 million irl
is the
is the Місяць tagasi
sorry i meant to say sian but Grammarly made it asian
is the
is the Місяць tagasi
@Pixel Madness cus hes my favorite youtuber
Pixel Madness
Pixel Madness Місяць tagasi
Why do you have Coryxkenshin
Kayden Games
Kayden Games Місяць tagasi
a lot like that you don’t tell you to tell me that your dad vgggffgfggffgfffffvgbb me off you or you want to go with ilium to do you know where I am
Adela Gomez
Adela Gomez Місяць tagasi
My name is Carlos
Kaiden Ouellette
Kaiden Ouellette Місяць tagasi
/ bring back joey
Kaiden Ouellette
Kaiden Ouellette Місяць tagasi
joey sus
Drishon Guy
Drishon Guy Місяць tagasi
kid voices like a 1 year old
Sevilla Ibarra Dario Yazid
Sevilla Ibarra Dario Yazid Місяць tagasi
jimmy jones hahahahaha
Q Wilson The American Soldier
Q Wilson The American Soldier Місяць tagasi
Sold out opie
Purgexd Місяць tagasi
The cop said: i have candy! ahhahah omfg wtf so fuuuuckin funny
Tommy’s Simp
Tommy’s Simp Місяць tagasi
“My names Kirby 😀” “ ohh yeah of course it is”
Tomas & Chanel Hungerford
Tomas & Chanel Hungerford Місяць tagasi
my b day was on sep 10
AJ KING Місяць tagasi
Opiwinston watching like😑
Canahmet Peker
Canahmet Peker Місяць tagasi
"What engine do you got on this car" "Its just a 12 volt battery" Imagine just walking up to the owner of a bugatti and you say "what engine do you got on this" and he tells you *its just a 12 volt battery*
Carolina Jana
Carolina Jana Місяць tagasi
DONUT SQUAD Місяць tagasi
what is your outro song called
liam mayo
liam mayo Місяць tagasi
hi im subscribed
DIZZY PINS Місяць tagasi
Lamborghini sian
Mac Cheek
Mac Cheek Місяць tagasi
that was a fake cop he was trying to steal the car
ItzHowie Місяць tagasi
Is this aus or American severs
rinalds Місяць tagasi
Every thing here is fake all hes vids
ExN Zedge
ExN Zedge Місяць tagasi
Police: can u come inside of for a sec Trey: yea sure
Naruto Jutsu teacher
Naruto Jutsu teacher Місяць tagasi
Kensington Penny
Kensington Penny Місяць tagasi
bro i am a big fan
Carla Wood
Carla Wood Місяць tagasi
hay treyten you are so funny and make me laugh so much im 10 and your my favorite ever
The Mistakes
The Mistakes Місяць tagasi
The cop when trey said he sold the cars to op was priceless
Dana Holden
Dana Holden Місяць tagasi
Send me 10 million dollars
Blueguy _10
Blueguy _10 Місяць tagasi
The second he said Opie the cops reaction
Cristofer Martínez
Cristofer Martínez 2 місяці tagasi
That blue lambo is worth over 2 million dollars in real life there were 63 of its kind was made in the world
Rhys Green
Rhys Green 2 місяці tagasi
I need help which is better red line or five m
Lil WH3AT BR3AD 2 місяці tagasi
TtvFrost2468 2 місяці tagasi
7:49 read the License
29kJake 2 місяці tagasi
He says we. Have never done it then he says it will work this time lol
Atomic Jango
Atomic Jango 2 місяці tagasi
The I want money guy part is way to funny
Blockay44 g
Blockay44 g 2 місяці tagasi
I got candy Treyten: WHAT STRANGER DANGER
Tempbo Fusion squad
Tempbo Fusion squad 2 місяці tagasi
Bro he says what up boys all the time
Bluo3 2 місяці tagasi
Opie really?😂
TTV_TylerGP YT 2 місяці tagasi
Hi Trenton I’ve been watching it seems forever and not once have I ever got bored of one of ur videos keep up the good work
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