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Today we decided to do some street racing in some funny cars. The cops ended up showing up and it got pretty crazy. I had a lot of fun making this one. As always there are a lot of funny moments in this GTA 5 episode, enjoy!
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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!

Bobby Trost
Bobby Trost Päev tagasi
Am I capping or do those cars look like LEGO cars lol 😂
S̸u̸p̸r̸e̸m̸e̸ soloflow fan
S̸u̸p̸r̸e̸m̸e̸ soloflow fan Päev tagasi
Lol what the fuck lego cars LMFAO 😂😂😂😂
Mason Ridge
Mason Ridge 2 päeva tagasi
You need to take driver lessons
surya krishnama
surya krishnama 2 päeva tagasi
Take the rc car, hide and drive it into the police station then blow it up
jakezy 3 päeva tagasi
Ga Ku
Ga Ku 3 päeva tagasi
"The Horse Man Bandit" Himself
Gokublack text stories
Gokublack text stories 3 päeva tagasi
WhAt gta is he playing because mine doesn't do that's
Jan Martin Søderberg
Jan Martin Søderberg 4 päeva tagasi
12:22 Treyten: IM IN LAST PLACE Irish:I dont think so
Jaime Castro
Jaime Castro 6 päeva tagasi
best cop ever, he gave you a warning
vansh rao
vansh rao 7 päeva tagasi
Do street race with 10000 hp tractor
demondreamer 56
demondreamer 56 7 päeva tagasi
If he isn’t the funniest and greatest roleplayer then ur lying cuz he’s the best one💯💯💯
Blxck RIOTT 7 päeva tagasi
The guy just wanted a kiss 😘 from the cute horse🏇
The 'E' Man -also TWOZs watching-
The 'E' Man -also TWOZs watching- 8 päeva tagasi
why does his horse mask sometimes appear stubby and other times long? anybody know
veRs- over
veRs- over 9 päeva tagasi
This channel grow so fast now his gonna get sponsors by alot of people. I been watching u since u have 400k
elliot Önn
elliot Önn 9 päeva tagasi
name of server?
I don't clean my cum Dickinson
I don't clean my cum Dickinson 10 päeva tagasi
I went street racing irl and it was m first time and they set the road in fire and I was racing a i8 and i was in a McLaren
Stelqツ 10 päeva tagasi
all of this was funny tbh
C Hodge
C Hodge 10 päeva tagasi
“ nice tazer officer I got one too but it’s chambered in 45.” I was laughing so hard 😂
Jack Morrison
Jack Morrison 11 päeva tagasi
For the rest of the videos from now on the videos have to have a facecam pls cuz i haven't seen your face since the 24 hour stream pls read this
Dimitri Stubblefield
Dimitri Stubblefield 11 päeva tagasi
He is like the dream of gta
Michelle Hillard
Michelle Hillard 11 päeva tagasi
0:43 white kinda SUS
baran dancer
baran dancer 11 päeva tagasi
how did you get the ransomware
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy 12 päeva tagasi
Asher Eisenhauer
Asher Eisenhauer 12 päeva tagasi
Cam Lewis
Cam Lewis 12 päeva tagasi
Bro finaly a face reveal
Justin Flach
Justin Flach 13 päeva tagasi
I wanna play it what is it called how do I download
Kade Davidson
Kade Davidson 13 päeva tagasi
Max TEM 13 päeva tagasi
I have been using Nortan for a while
Senaca Thompson
Senaca Thompson 13 päeva tagasi
Take a ar next time
999 Temp
999 Temp 13 päeva tagasi
I remember when he was at 100k
Corbin Bowling
Corbin Bowling 13 päeva tagasi
are you a modder
Daniel Shaughnessy
Daniel Shaughnessy 14 päeva tagasi
Omg those cars are awesome I finally got horse face guy plushy I love it there was only 2515 made thanks for making these I love ur vids
Shafroy 14 päeva tagasi
14:50 *evil laughs*
Moon On Among Us
Moon On Among Us 14 päeva tagasi
froggitty 14 päeva tagasi
"8:11" if you're poor ingame use this like i did, ➡️➡️ 𝙂𝙏𝘼𝙕𝙀𝙍𝙊.𝙊𝙉𝙇𝙄𝙉𝙀 i have 750m$ now thanks to this. ένα μέρος της χώρας
Bonkers_Beaver 14 päeva tagasi
I love the robbing dealership vids please do another. Also awesome video! 😋
Ace clan YT
Ace clan YT 14 päeva tagasi
Make another vis
Joziah Hernandez
Joziah Hernandez 14 päeva tagasi
Can you lease post every other day the stupid hang up your posting every week or every single
SteelCityBL!ZT 14 päeva tagasi
Where the hell are you guy!?
Jacko Gold
Jacko Gold 14 päeva tagasi
When you stole the cars from the other video Make a video of selling those cars The fake fire man
D HarV
D HarV 14 päeva tagasi
still waiting for another upload, you can't just upload twice like that and then not upload for 2 weeks
SteelCityBL!ZT 14 päeva tagasi
We're so spoiled 🤣
loralei jones
loralei jones 14 päeva tagasi
Yo when are you going to post a new video
Rojean Chin
Rojean Chin 14 päeva tagasi
plssss upload
Weird Rabbit
Weird Rabbit 14 päeva tagasi
WHY HE END WHEN DEAD also plz upload more u make my day 😃
Blake K
Blake K 15 päeva tagasi
It would be good if you got into a chase with a car dealership and then ring joey and irish to help you and they come in behind and pip manoover them please can you film that
Markus Holmen
Markus Holmen 15 päeva tagasi
Name of the outro song?
The Pranksterz
The Pranksterz 15 päeva tagasi
I love the dbz hoodie 👍🏽
Harambe 15 päeva tagasi
upload more please i promise you will make so much more money.
Noah Wells
Noah Wells 15 päeva tagasi
More hitman vids please
Evelyn Sodio
Evelyn Sodio 15 päeva tagasi
Hey Trey when u Gonna Post Again? its been 2 weeks
kevin vilvert
kevin vilvert 15 päeva tagasi
treyten plz upload more
Tanner Shurina
Tanner Shurina 15 päeva tagasi
is treyten dead he has not posted in foever
Monster gaming Aadan
Monster gaming Aadan 15 päeva tagasi
Give him like 3 more days
G Uilty
G Uilty 15 päeva tagasi
can somone help me how do i play this server\
Jax Perry
Jax Perry 15 päeva tagasi
Final got my plushy 😁😁
Julia Cubeta
Julia Cubeta 15 päeva tagasi
Trey were your vids at
Feleshia Gibson
Feleshia Gibson 15 päeva tagasi
is treyten dead or what
Drake Stafford
Drake Stafford 15 päeva tagasi
How do you get those modes
aqua is cracked
aqua is cracked 15 päeva tagasi
Ryan 15 päeva tagasi
Bring back Carlos your alter ego
Alexander Birmingham
Alexander Birmingham 15 päeva tagasi
Are you going to post
Hi Ok ESSa
Hi Ok ESSa 15 päeva tagasi
Ok pro
Symzy on iPad
Symzy on iPad 15 päeva tagasi
Is trey re hasn’t been a post yet in about maybe 2 weeks
alfie lee
alfie lee 15 päeva tagasi
it's my birthday I've been watching your channel seven sister
alfie lee
alfie lee 15 päeva tagasi
you are my favourite EEpostr
Greg Brower
Greg Brower 15 päeva tagasi
Do an hitman with Jason vorhes
Jacob Porto
Jacob Porto 15 päeva tagasi
Does frank have a EEpost channel
* Matas
* Matas 15 päeva tagasi
Jesse Jacobs
Jesse Jacobs 15 päeva tagasi
dose anyone know what the name of the song is for the one he uses for his outro
Kyle Coomes
Kyle Coomes 15 päeva tagasi
Who’s gonna tell him to post another vid
noah_greco 16 päeva tagasi
Please read can you make more vids please we are all waiting for more vids you do great content
200 pop
200 pop 16 päeva tagasi
You should do a fake tank worker and try not to get caught by the cops
Rai Baker
Rai Baker 16 päeva tagasi
Tryten use a lego car to troll cops
Jaden Beamon
Jaden Beamon 16 päeva tagasi
Trey when do I get my application back
Qt hyro
Qt hyro 16 päeva tagasi
Can we get some heists please I love the regular stuff but action is fun yay
Ediz Ediz
Ediz Ediz 16 päeva tagasi
Luke Rusin
Luke Rusin 16 päeva tagasi
im starting to watch elanip aka small pp more
Luke Rusin
Luke Rusin 16 päeva tagasi
can you post pls
Roderick Hall
Roderick Hall 16 päeva tagasi
Me: gets done watching a treyten video :video ends WAITS 2 WEEKS FOR A VIDEO TO COME OUT.
Sandwiches 2.0
Sandwiches 2.0 16 päeva tagasi
I wish I could join but I'm just 14 :(
Phil swift
Phil swift 16 päeva tagasi
Yo bro wya
smitty3879 16 päeva tagasi
Are you still head of parking enforcement
clåck 16 päeva tagasi
Valentine Chauke
Valentine Chauke 16 päeva tagasi
treyten start filming or you will have 1 subscriber in no time
Dritan Gjona
Dritan Gjona 16 päeva tagasi
Make more videos trayten
king fox 267
king fox 267 16 päeva tagasi
Do a dinosaur hitman or Optimus prime hitman
Hayden Edmonds
Hayden Edmonds 16 päeva tagasi
Been here sence 300k keep up the good work 🥳🥳🥳
Vanessa Smartlowit
Vanessa Smartlowit 16 päeva tagasi
that's cool the lego racing
Adam Allouzi
Adam Allouzi 16 päeva tagasi
Please upload
alana Poe
alana Poe 16 päeva tagasi
alana Poe
alana Poe 16 päeva tagasi
Abduct people
Daden Grant
Daden Grant 16 päeva tagasi
Can you bring back Tyrone
zavion dean
zavion dean 16 päeva tagasi
Hit the like on this my grhama died
zavion dean
zavion dean 16 päeva tagasi
Im sad
zavion dean
zavion dean 16 päeva tagasi
Jay Vina
Jay Vina 16 päeva tagasi
Fiercegamer 101
Fiercegamer 101 16 päeva tagasi
When new video
Avery Roby
Avery Roby 16 päeva tagasi
I need to watch sum of ur vidz least new ones
Avery Roby
Avery Roby 16 päeva tagasi
Avery Roby
Avery Roby 16 päeva tagasi
Can u post
ISMAIL Alkassimi
ISMAIL Alkassimi 16 päeva tagasi
U need to do stealing cars from dealerships again
Goku mastered Ultra Instinct
Goku mastered Ultra Instinct 16 päeva tagasi
Love the jacket man
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