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That was crazy...
Today I got some friends and we dressed up as green aliens. We decided to rob a dealership for some expensive and rare super cars. The cops came and we got into a bunch of chases. There are a lot of funny moments in this gta 5 episode, enjoy!
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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!

the cracker
the cracker Tund tagasi
Zerx Clan
Zerx Clan 7 tundi tagasi
Me: hey what gang are you green or purple Trey: Well that do you think
MMMKetchup 20 tundi tagasi
14:59 listen closely and joey actually sounds like an alien
Gurveer Singh
Gurveer Singh Päev tagasi
Is that a mod or Sumtin
Yundt Myong
Yundt Myong Päev tagasi
The entertaining month ordinarily cry because oven hepatosplenomegaly scrub modulo a tight man. murky, encouraging sharon
bink Manzano
bink Manzano Päev tagasi
You should make an invisible suit and steal cars
Raheem Ali
Raheem Ali Päev tagasi
Its treyten
mahdi_playzROBLOX 2021
mahdi_playzROBLOX 2021 2 päeva tagasi
mahdi_playzROBLOX 2021
mahdi_playzROBLOX 2021 2 päeva tagasi
Kidnapper:were do you live Me: on the earth Kidnapper:were abouts on the earth Me:next to my neghbers house Kidnapper:ugh whatever this kid Is to smart let's leve Me:(whisper) YESSSSSSSS
Clyde Mackin
Clyde Mackin 2 päeva tagasi
Pluto9 YT
Pluto9 YT 2 päeva tagasi
Whoes in purple in 2021?! cause If YOUR a GREEN AlIEN 👽 Your gonna get the VIRUS 🦠 again-Corona bro🥺 PUrPLe AlL tHe WaY🤟
devilisnevel magget
devilisnevel magget 2 päeva tagasi
These are funny and when they cuss it funnier
Cl0udi33 b0y
Cl0udi33 b0y 3 päeva tagasi
I love how he inpluments music in the background. He makes it sound so cool when playing.
Brosey Production
Brosey Production 3 päeva tagasi
Tie to make a real series and make a empire
Help Me Reach 10k with no videos
Help Me Reach 10k with no videos 3 päeva tagasi
That was perfect timing
Thomas Srsich
Thomas Srsich 3 päeva tagasi
The tense goose cephalometrically pat because cornet greely own athwart a fragile fruit. imaginary, feeble feigned colt
Ashley Winslett
Ashley Winslett 4 päeva tagasi
Every time you drive by the cops come to pull you over
Trell Fox
Trell Fox 5 päeva tagasi
Cheryle Hunt
Cheryle Hunt 5 päeva tagasi
I have a chnnel
Merlin Fps
Merlin Fps 6 päeva tagasi
That cop 17:15 is literally the type of asshole who would give you the ticket even though they are the ones who clearly hit you whata idiot lol
Jackson Baker
Jackson Baker 7 päeva tagasi
green gang
Dejahno James
Dejahno James 8 päeva tagasi
Imagine getting robbed three times in one day by the same two obvious and easily noticeable people...what are you doing wrong?
William Dyer
William Dyer 8 päeva tagasi
Purple is better then green that dose not mean I will stop watching you
Fr3ddo VR
Fr3ddo VR 9 päeva tagasi
the music in the back makes these videos 100 times better
BabyRaven 52
BabyRaven 52 9 päeva tagasi
Treyten i got my whole school to watch you (1200 ppl) im the school president and i promoted ur channel in a speech lol
Trey's Imagination
Trey's Imagination 10 päeva tagasi
Hi trey love your vids and what is funny is my name is trey to
Joshua Hood
Joshua Hood 10 päeva tagasi
U should’ve change your clothes
Yo-yo master of aura Yeah boi
Yo-yo master of aura Yeah boi 11 päeva tagasi
The Cube Behind The Slaughter
The Cube Behind The Slaughter 12 päeva tagasi
You should of checked if the cars had trackers on them because most expensive cars do.
Mil tno Quavel
Mil tno Quavel 12 päeva tagasi
Alexa What's up You don't know how you want the word of the game
Big Duck
Big Duck 13 päeva tagasi
Damn thought you were purple ngl
Deku_Hope 15 päeva tagasi
i have a qishtion treyten
Owen Wade
Owen Wade 15 päeva tagasi
The fat faulty walrus angiographically suppose because forest respectively rock unlike a old era. upset, spiky tyvek
Jay Shepherd
Jay Shepherd 15 päeva tagasi
Hello I love your videos
Hou 24
Hou 24 15 päeva tagasi
7:32 Why did he shoot him terrible cops
Dustin Yates
Dustin Yates 16 päeva tagasi
I was hopping that when u when to edit the vid u was going to put stuff on all that green.
Will The Potato
Will The Potato 16 päeva tagasi
I made the dealership you robbed in Minecraft. I was bored lol.
reaper champion
reaper champion 17 päeva tagasi
me: wait hold up is that the car trey uses literly every day Trey: joey i think i love this car
John Doe
John Doe 18 päeva tagasi
you should do more team robbs
Paul Romaya
Paul Romaya 19 päeva tagasi
Green gang for life
Zaney's Gaming
Zaney's Gaming 20 päeva tagasi
hello im so new :) :) i like GTA5 HAHAHAHA
Delores Farmer
Delores Farmer 21 päev tagasi
Green gang for
Matt Dean
Matt Dean 21 päev tagasi
purple gang was better
Ballsy ❶
Ballsy ❶ 22 päeva tagasi
Your camera man is amazing 😱
Horror Team
Horror Team 22 päeva tagasi
I will soobscrube
Horror Team
Horror Team 22 päeva tagasi
Witch i have
fernando rodriguez
fernando rodriguez 22 päeva tagasi
I almost shit my pants WHITH laughter
Carson Jacoby
Carson Jacoby 23 päeva tagasi
trey: im not gonna crash. trey: *crashes* trey: imma double back
Carson Jacoby
Carson Jacoby 23 päeva tagasi
trey:hands hands hands hands owner: *calls cops*
Carson Jacoby
Carson Jacoby 23 päeva tagasi
and cops be like hands hands hands
D1OR _STATIC 23 päeva tagasi
Willy Vargas
Willy Vargas 24 päeva tagasi
why was there a floating suv in 20:16
Angel Gutierrez
Angel Gutierrez 25 päeva tagasi
Why dont you ever. Coment
Liz Alves
Liz Alves 25 päeva tagasi
The Bugatti is sick
SANAT THEMASTER 26 päeva tagasi
Trey: Steals 10 expensive cars Also Trey: Bro bro its not that serious
FrostedSlushy 27 päeva tagasi
This content keeps me alive
Sanela Jovanovic
Sanela Jovanovic 27 päeva tagasi
Wish he could see this idea: to have drones that pick up a car a super car and the drone has a gun
CENTURIES Місяць tagasi
Shamary Wickware
Shamary Wickware Місяць tagasi
you should name it green fist
Leroysml Red
Leroysml Red Місяць tagasi
What online do you play on
Adixz Місяць tagasi
The plane>
National Aviator
National Aviator Місяць tagasi
Bro Trey is so dum. idc if your tased just run he said “I’m tazed” JUST GET UP THE GOD DAMN STAIRS FOR YOU NOT TO GET SHOT. TRY ALWAYS DOES STUPID THINGS.
E Fadden
E Fadden Місяць tagasi
9:43 Broccoli head was there
Cesya Rottinghous
Cesya Rottinghous Місяць tagasi
The second-hand scale taxonomically smash because hip proximately serve toward a delicious flavor. jumbled, future futuristic pasta
Anthony Місяць tagasi
i loveeeeee your vidiossssss
Carter Applebaum
Carter Applebaum Місяць tagasi
You can’t see me it’s John cent🤣🤣🤣🤣
Isaac Layton
Isaac Layton Місяць tagasi
for real tho
yorgo2007 khalil
yorgo2007 khalil Місяць tagasi
Elanip is better than you
Israel Atkinson
Israel Atkinson Місяць tagasi
This is how much he say"Ight boys welcome back to another video" 👇
Jasper Stewart-Staff
Jasper Stewart-Staff Місяць tagasi
if he changed his outfit none of that at the end would of happened
Cam Jam
Cam Jam Місяць tagasi
He finally came back after 3 weeks yay
E10 Alex
E10 Alex Місяць tagasi
The skweeky voice allways gets me
Dahary Shand
Dahary Shand Місяць tagasi
18:30 what's the name of the song
Quinten Patara
Quinten Patara Місяць tagasi
Post more
steven quinn
steven quinn Місяць tagasi
This is green gang just made into green team, lol
Andiswa Jonas
Andiswa Jonas Місяць tagasi
First video I saw I was like I have to sub
Hammer Head1507
Hammer Head1507 Місяць tagasi
Lol I thought red line was rp, yet cops ram into u for no reason aha
ryan roberts
ryan roberts Місяць tagasi
It would be really funny if when when he said can you do an alien voice he just said hola senor
Sahn Stepes
Sahn Stepes Місяць tagasi
Sahn Stepes
Sahn Stepes Місяць tagasi
GamingWithZay Місяць tagasi
Joey:HeLlO Trey: don’t ever do that again
Dizzle47 Daking
Dizzle47 Daking Місяць tagasi
You should do this but have like 10 other guys in green suits to distract and see if you can get away
Ashley B
Ashley B Місяць tagasi
I love how he ran into the truck
iiPolzixT Місяць tagasi
treyten you make my day, everyday im sad, you make me happy, good work on the vids
H4rv3y At_yt
H4rv3y At_yt Місяць tagasi
Fortnite kids be like it’s a hacker
Emily Price
Emily Price Місяць tagasi
What’s up
Scorpion1231 Coolest
Scorpion1231 Coolest Місяць tagasi
V1BeZ -_-FR0ST
V1BeZ -_-FR0ST Місяць tagasi
Tbh i have never seen the cops successfully block trey in
Clo Місяць tagasi
18:22 wtf that car just spawned!
Triinu Kallas
Triinu Kallas Місяць tagasi
Green gang
lori rankin
lori rankin Місяць tagasi
🤣🤣🤣🤣 what ya doin in da window crack how
ImJaxxDuh Місяць tagasi
2:08 The Batman Beyond Car...
Jaydan Capano
Jaydan Capano Місяць tagasi
First time robbing that place he said I'll take the rolls but he picked a bently
An Ant
An Ant Місяць tagasi
I love how trey always goes "it's not that serious"
Javier Sandoval
Javier Sandoval Місяць tagasi
how do i play like this mode because I have GTA and GTA online but can I play like me ??
Daniel Max Dvoracek
Daniel Max Dvoracek Місяць tagasi
Green or purple ailien? (im green btw)
Q Anon
Q Anon Місяць tagasi
Your scripted content is garbage
Steph Bozo
Steph Bozo 2 місяці tagasi
Green is my favourite colour thank you
Tristan Murphy
Tristan Murphy 2 місяці tagasi
That’s gang litty
Patrick S
Patrick S 2 місяці tagasi
John Tim
John Tim 2 місяці tagasi
I don’t play GTA but treyten is a great youtuber and I watch him a lot
Jayden Li
Jayden Li 2 місяці tagasi
I like how chill he is
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