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That was crazy...
Today I discovered I had a ton of warrants, so I decided to see how the cops would react when they saw me. I got into a ton of chases and some crazy events happened. I lasted insanely long in the chases and this is one of the best gta 5 episodes. There are a lot of funny moments, enjoy!
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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!

Chad Drews
Chad Drews Päev tagasi
holy shit
Päev tagasi
That red car is a sudmerin of James boned
James Pineda
James Pineda 2 päeva tagasi
Dreamz 2 päeva tagasi
5 Reasons Why You Should Never Be Treyten's Car 1.Your Gonna Go Boom 2.Your gonna crash a hella lot 3.He probably doesn't care if you explode 4.He's gonna go so fast your underwear will fly away 5.He's gonna destroy the fu*k out of you
tracey-ann Thompson
tracey-ann Thompson 2 päeva tagasi
I like that song
SpruzzYEET 2 päeva tagasi
oH mY Lo0k @t HiS hAIrLine Treyten 2021
Effxct 3 päeva tagasi
When treyten lost the hood: oh no Me: in my eyes that’s just weight reduction
Sandra Norris
Sandra Norris 3 päeva tagasi
Clayton Jacobs
Clayton Jacobs 3 päeva tagasi
The cop at the end was like I got him then he says I have a bomb and he dips lmao omg
Brian M
Brian M 4 päeva tagasi
The best thing is when you say “one more” and there is ten minutes left of the video.
Brian M
Brian M 4 päeva tagasi
Better than the cops
Brian M
Brian M 4 päeva tagasi
Your role plays are fun and cool nice to find your videos. Chill vibes.
mouse 4 päeva tagasi
does anyone know what server this is, and what client you use to play it?
E3Tree Raider
E3Tree Raider 4 päeva tagasi
Treyten is good at escaping the cops
Free agent Expand
Free agent Expand 4 päeva tagasi
Oh no that's a dumpster lmao
Baked Beans are gross
Baked Beans are gross 4 päeva tagasi
He should have put a Sticky Bomb on the clone
Simon Harper
Simon Harper 5 päeva tagasi
:treyten: this is going to be so easy :him: crashing
Juli Falsetta
Juli Falsetta 5 päeva tagasi
9:56 through 10:38 I couldn't stop laughing
scopez 10
scopez 10 5 päeva tagasi
Does anybody know the mod to this and can you pls like this so try ten can see it ?
Treynex 157
Treynex 157 5 päeva tagasi
Stolen cars x50 lol
SebTheEdge 1
SebTheEdge 1 6 päeva tagasi
I mean the cops are trash because you don’t have havoc and elite ramming him every five seconds off buildings.
Erik Jamieson
Erik Jamieson 7 päeva tagasi
you should get bullet proof tires
Drifttrikechase 7 päeva tagasi
I love your voice and videos
mike medcalf
mike medcalf 7 päeva tagasi
C cv$
Zack Batchelor
Zack Batchelor 7 päeva tagasi
Trey: there just so bad! Also trey: crashing like 400 times lol. This is why I subbed 😂
Harinder Kang
Harinder Kang 8 päeva tagasi
Yo treyten your the best EEpost
Harley Jordan
Harley Jordan 8 päeva tagasi
Caleb Morris
Caleb Morris 9 päeva tagasi
They used to always call air 1 for little things
Kdawgz X Kabuto
Kdawgz X Kabuto 9 päeva tagasi
Big Pie24
Big Pie24 9 päeva tagasi
What’s your name
Paradise Community
Paradise Community 9 päeva tagasi
I gotta be honest, that is so bad RP like you powergaming and you use powers that a normal person can’t just stop playing on so bad RP servers
Top Shift gear
Top Shift gear 11 päeva tagasi
memeofweebs 11 päeva tagasi
Treyten kills cops also Treyten I’m sorry
Gabriel Zaworski
Gabriel Zaworski 11 päeva tagasi
my man is dream
Cherry 12 päeva tagasi
What is his outro music?
Desert Ninja
Desert Ninja 12 päeva tagasi
Treyten can you stop killing me
Tommy MX Junior
Tommy MX Junior 12 päeva tagasi
Leland MacNeil
Leland MacNeil 12 päeva tagasi
Trey turned into the next Dragonborn when he threw that cop lmfao
ZankyIsSwanky 13 päeva tagasi
Kevin Regan
Kevin Regan 13 päeva tagasi
Can you make vids every week pls
Samantha Valentine
Samantha Valentine 13 päeva tagasi
That is a big ass horse mask
boo. hoo.
boo. hoo. 13 päeva tagasi
The part where he was hiding in the bush and they didn’t see him HOW!? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!? Those cops are bad🤣🤣
it’s walt.
it’s walt. 14 päeva tagasi
he got black man hands😂😂
Jayden Rose
Jayden Rose 14 päeva tagasi
I’m trying to take a tooth out whilst watching this video
Henri Tervonen 04
Henri Tervonen 04 14 päeva tagasi
Bugatti is a bad option for running from the cops
kateandcodysmom 14 päeva tagasi
store got shutdown
store got shutdown 15 päeva tagasi
Can we talk
isaiah salazar
isaiah salazar 15 päeva tagasi
is that the snail phone ring tone from one piece?
Nothingboy_yt 16 päeva tagasi
"profileing?! we would nerver do that" LOLL
Jeffrey Shanks
Jeffrey Shanks 16 päeva tagasi
This is the funny on ever
Nathan Nguyen
Nathan Nguyen 16 päeva tagasi
Ye ye ass haircut
Good Clips
Good Clips 16 päeva tagasi
Hilda White
Hilda White 16 päeva tagasi
hi treyten
david sivchuk
david sivchuk 16 päeva tagasi
is this in gta online?
I Clap
I Clap 16 päeva tagasi
You are crazy man
Crime Blox ER:LC
Crime Blox ER:LC 17 päeva tagasi
They can’t.. court has to officers can’t I am a law enforcement officer
Tete Baybe
Tete Baybe 17 päeva tagasi
Or they could’ve thought you got out the vehicle and run away
matthew sa
matthew sa 17 päeva tagasi
the cops arent bad it just you been doin this too much
imafiregamer 17 päeva tagasi
This was so funny
Landon Bevins
Landon Bevins 18 päeva tagasi
trey: oh no thats a dumpster. me: yea thats what u r at driving. trey agin: ik its gonna say that in the comments.
Chronin 18 päeva tagasi
5:56 song?
BEASTMONSTER 69 18 päeva tagasi
Was the cop on the phone like 35 or 40 😂
Jayveon Bandelin
Jayveon Bandelin 19 päeva tagasi
What version of gta is that?
SrslyEthan X
SrslyEthan X 19 päeva tagasi
“Attempted murder of a police officer x100” goddam trey
Retard 69 _
Retard 69 _ 19 päeva tagasi
What server is ge playing on
Deadcop 20 päeva tagasi
There is a ps4 version of redlinerp it is called whiteline If anybody wants to join my name on discord is deadcop#9717 its pretty fun
C3 _
C3 _ 20 päeva tagasi
Hey woah
Kate Dow
Kate Dow 20 päeva tagasi
Stop sw
Mattias Mendeloff
Mattias Mendeloff 21 päev tagasi
I Will Yeet Your Nan
I Will Yeet Your Nan 21 päev tagasi
18:59 way to funny😂😂😂😂
69% SuperSon
69% SuperSon 21 päev tagasi
1 inch punch
Allen Supreme
Allen Supreme 23 päeva tagasi
All of dose cop in that server are really bad at doing there job
jerrod l
jerrod l 23 päeva tagasi
I got off work early so i could go home and binge watch ur vids! Keep it up
Flxliter 23 päeva tagasi
"stolen carsX50"!!!
Jordan Harris
Jordan Harris 24 päeva tagasi
my sister is in a wheelchair so not agian pls i like watching you
Habibi 24 päeva tagasi
sound pack anyone?
Pew 24 päeva tagasi
Is this scripted or is he admin? They suck and they point gun he run..
attack chopper
attack chopper 24 päeva tagasi
Dam stolen cars 50x
Lucky Poison
Lucky Poison 24 päeva tagasi
/repair is failrp
Lucky Poison
Lucky Poison 24 päeva tagasi
This is sad, content going down hill. Just trying to rdm people now no rp
Adrian quesada
Adrian quesada 24 päeva tagasi
You kinda sound like faze rain
KylieKeys 24 päeva tagasi
Hi Rebecca
Spartan 24 päeva tagasi
The Chiron torque!!!
Stephen Messner
Stephen Messner 24 päeva tagasi
14:14. N a r n i a
SwarmxFury 25 päeva tagasi
I love how he goes like u caught me I caught me and continues trying to escape 😂😂
Jacob Hoyle north
Jacob Hoyle north 25 päeva tagasi
Jacob Hoyle north
Jacob Hoyle north 25 päeva tagasi
Plant is a good place for the family to use as the sun is a little more than the whole world and its a very nice place and 7 a lot of people in the world who are living with us and we are a very nice place 76 and we have a lot of people in our family who are in the same
SG Supreme god
SG Supreme god 26 päeva tagasi
Cops in gta were is he at real cops bang bang bang he is dead already
Huddy Murphy
Huddy Murphy 26 päeva tagasi
Where do you get these mods and can you get them in Xbox series x
Huddy Murphy
Huddy Murphy 13 päeva tagasi
@bxrpanda ok thanks are their any viruses
bxrpanda 25 päeva tagasi
No there for pc only
Danny Galvan
Danny Galvan 27 päeva tagasi
my guy it’s really getting to me how you always looking back! that’s why you’re freaking crashing
ItzBanjo 27 päeva tagasi
Dang I have been late
Cool N-G-A
Cool N-G-A 27 päeva tagasi
Farhana Pansheriya
Farhana Pansheriya 27 päeva tagasi
6:57 aaaaa-
Arian _5.0
Arian _5.0 27 päeva tagasi
Thats a vibe in quarantine
Mono 28 päeva tagasi
What are the requirements to join your rp server
Mase Stoney
Mase Stoney 28 päeva tagasi
Hi peeped head
hacker 28 päeva tagasi
"i sent him to mario" 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Gabo 4516
Gabo 4516 28 päeva tagasi
Bro I just feel this is all staged, he just say "Look for me" and there is half of the lobby behind him lmao
nevaeh dudley
nevaeh dudley 28 päeva tagasi
I heard the knew does not respond to any comments
nevaeh dudley
nevaeh dudley 28 päeva tagasi
Ruben Benitez
Ruben Benitez 28 päeva tagasi
Can you do video tomorrow get a taste
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