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That was crazy...
Today I robbed an entire car meet! We stole a bunch of expensive cars and got into some police chases. This is by far one of the most jam packed adventures I have gone on. There are a lot of funny moments in this gta 5 episode, enjoy!
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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!

Kyle Lawrence
Kyle Lawrence 20 tundi tagasi
The funny thing about this , is that the best looking car was the one Trey came with
jayden coolkid
jayden coolkid Päev tagasi
Sceptic_Rebel 4 päeva tagasi
Los Santos is based off Los Angeles, but instead of calling it the LS river everyone calls it the LA River? Hmm
mani Ali
mani Ali 4 päeva tagasi
server name
Sv2 fan Sv2
Sv2 fan Sv2 4 päeva tagasi
Nice hoodie
BLAKE PETTY 8 päeva tagasi
thre dumb or something cuz they could of jumped off ramp
the associate
the associate 8 päeva tagasi
The flying is truely atrocious
hamster daddy butt cheeks
hamster daddy butt cheeks 9 päeva tagasi
I would want that pink miata in there
Science With Sam
Science With Sam 9 päeva tagasi
15:07 was hilarious 😂🤣
Science With Sam
Science With Sam 9 päeva tagasi
Your hilarious!!🤣
Fuck Man
Fuck Man 13 päeva tagasi
Bruh idec if this shit is scripted this is entertaining as fuck
GoProNinja 13 päeva tagasi
When you hit 2 Mil pls do a 2 MIL bounty on your self to show your the boss of the city
David Reck
David Reck 14 päeva tagasi
yeet Wright
yeet Wright 14 päeva tagasi
Im sorry but this is scripted i love your videos but this is scripted like why didnt the limo drive of🤔
Joey Lemieux
Joey Lemieux 15 päeva tagasi
how can i join RedlineRP , i wanna play so bad i have crazy ideas
Charlie Goodwin
Charlie Goodwin 15 päeva tagasi
I have that jumper he is wearing in rl
John M.
John M. 16 päeva tagasi
Trey: someone stole my car Also trey: steals cars for a living
Daddicheese 16 päeva tagasi
“Gtr move let a real car in there” Be careful with your words young one
TTV_MYTHIC 17 päeva tagasi
does anybody know that server he plays on?
Omaer 1
Omaer 1 18 päeva tagasi
Very Nice!
Expected -
Expected - 19 päeva tagasi
Guy is funny
Gabe N
Gabe N 19 päeva tagasi
Have you seen my mom the talatobes
Kaitlyn Stine
Kaitlyn Stine 19 päeva tagasi
My parents: don’t watch anything that has swearing or has sins in it. Me: * watching dish hilarious ass man* 🤣🤣🤣🤣🥲🥲🥲😂😂👁💧👄💧👁
Matthew Deery
Matthew Deery 20 päeva tagasi
When Trey said “omg there’s a , it’s a...” when he heard the women cop but then realised he couldn’t say it 😂
Gregory Diffendal
Gregory Diffendal 21 päev tagasi
Cargo bobs are sick
VorpalSalsa 21 päev tagasi
that guy just commited suicide
store got shutdown
store got shutdown 22 päeva tagasi
Can we talk
Lando 24 päeva tagasi
13:05 random helicopter dies
brad 25 päeva tagasi
bruh this isnt roleplay
Teddy Playz
Teddy Playz 26 päeva tagasi
Quality content 👌👌
WMRgamer 27 päeva tagasi
"HaVe You SEeN mY mOm?"
splashofblue1985 28 päeva tagasi
Hey treyton, what is this game called? Oh btw I love the vids. Is your vids planned?
Mxney Season
Mxney Season 29 päeva tagasi
Have you seen my mom almost killed me😂
Letrix2Hype 29 päeva tagasi
Pixxel Playz
Pixxel Playz 29 päeva tagasi
treyten time
treyten time Місяць tagasi
Blexx on Stxcks
Blexx on Stxcks Місяць tagasi
so while i was having my birthday party, trey was getting arrested in gta 😂😂
Kieran family Veasey
Kieran family Veasey Місяць tagasi
tim o`sullivan
tim o`sullivan Місяць tagasi
Fuck man that's a nice skyline at the start
Samantha Moran
Samantha Moran Місяць tagasi
Evan Gaming
Evan Gaming Місяць tagasi
Bruh 😂😂 7:19
Rose’s Kitchen atbp Channel
Rose’s Kitchen atbp Channel Місяць tagasi
when trey shot the girl cop and the guy cop he past a white lamborghini.
ShinyAluminimApple Місяць tagasi
anybody else see that Lamborghini at like 21:51
Chingiz 2011
Chingiz 2011 Місяць tagasi
Michaela Richards
Michaela Richards Місяць tagasi
who else saw the sesto elemento down stair the parking garage?
Bryce Anderson
Bryce Anderson Місяць tagasi
You forgot about frank
Andreasthe0 Місяць tagasi
what server is this
Dominick Renteria
Dominick Renteria Місяць tagasi
It is like watching a claw machine video
Aliia Ormonova
Aliia Ormonova Місяць tagasi
Victor Frota
Victor Frota Місяць tagasi
what happened to your mask
Weston Chasteen
Weston Chasteen Місяць tagasi
Get in the car get in the car magical words
ZFDREAD 1008 Місяць tagasi
What are the intro songs u use?
Brayson Franklin
Brayson Franklin Місяць tagasi
hes stupid he shouldnt have jumped the 918
Michael Jimenez
Michael Jimenez Місяць tagasi
Have you seen my mom
SepticeyeSceptic Місяць tagasi
Host a car meet on a building and then force them to jump
Jaden little
Jaden little Місяць tagasi
what server
Jessica Yazzie
Jessica Yazzie Місяць tagasi
i wish trayten can post everyday
Mayur Lalwani
Mayur Lalwani Місяць tagasi
Is he playing online but howww is the real mod cars here
Santiago Ramirez
Santiago Ramirez Місяць tagasi
YT Raiiny
YT Raiiny Місяць tagasi
FRANK! FRANK! What is he going to do?
Travis Morgan
Travis Morgan Місяць tagasi
How do u make everything realistic
It’s Pooloo
It’s Pooloo Місяць tagasi
my man moon walked
Kamal Abdulaal
Kamal Abdulaal Місяць tagasi
I watched this like 6 times bec he never uploads
Martin Araiza
Martin Araiza Місяць tagasi
R34 wide body so nice😍😍😍😍
Joshua Ross
Joshua Ross Місяць tagasi
What’s joeys Chanel called
Niall Daly
Niall Daly Місяць tagasi
This 1 was so shit
Reality Check
Reality Check Місяць tagasi
Rossa Curry
Rossa Curry Місяць tagasi
Don’t make fun of dislexic people
Slimy _boi
Slimy _boi Місяць tagasi
What car is the orange one you have
Dare or Dare
Dare or Dare Місяць tagasi
The spectacular beach topically employ because badger acromegaly strip underneath a incandescent door. tricky, tasteless lamb
Ashley M Grant
Ashley M Grant Місяць tagasi
Hobo Man
Hobo Man Місяць tagasi
Darealjay 3
Darealjay 3 Місяць tagasi
15:08 what the hell am I looking at 😂😂😂😂
MXG_5074_07 Місяць tagasi
U should keep that gtr34 skyline
kurluk04 Місяць tagasi
16:20 - looool!
Under Zefig
Under Zefig Місяць tagasi
Have you seen my mom?!
Under Zefig
Under Zefig Місяць tagasi
If you donot sub you will die tomorrow
Gary Cheong
Gary Cheong Місяць tagasi
I like your master mask looks weird can you change that
Romeo Arnau Roig Molina
Romeo Arnau Roig Molina Місяць tagasi
Face reveal?
Lilwillmusic Місяць tagasi
The guy chasing you when you was in the suv I meet on Omegle while he was talking
foreverlazar Місяць tagasi
Do YoU wAnT shom sHpiT
Brian Gonzales
Brian Gonzales Місяць tagasi
The ethereal panther dimensionally consist because preface postsurgically fear concerning a unnatural limit. special, distinct soil
Taohi-John Paahana Falesalogo Williams
Taohi-John Paahana Falesalogo Williams Місяць tagasi
They be playing gta claw machine💀😂
NOT Rinse
NOT Rinse Місяць tagasi
#chaosmelone Lol.
#chaosmelone Lol. Місяць tagasi
To 13:06 HAHAHA HAH the helekopter in the backround
ex_w Місяць tagasi
Me: yess treyten video. Captions: our hair boys
Owen Wade
Owen Wade Місяць tagasi
The tasteful scorpio grossly occur because cockroach functionally want notwithstanding a alive network. humdrum, hard-to-find bengal
Alexandros667 Місяць tagasi
You must be fucking stupid not driving a heli right tho.
Aidric Burris
Aidric Burris 2 місяці tagasi
dont be mad at me but there were 1499 dislikes. So I had to be the 1500. I still subbed tho
Apollo 2 місяці tagasi
3:07 thats a mclaren speedtail the fastest road legal racecar in redline rp
Lucciid r6
Lucciid r6 2 місяці tagasi
Watched this video abt 8 times and HAVE U THEEN MY MOM still gets me
Cameron Page
Cameron Page 2 місяці tagasi
Is that gta online?
GAMING WITH JOSH VTECH 2 місяці tagasi
I laughed so hard when he said what in the world I'm looking at 15:07
RUBBER 2 місяці tagasi
this dude can't drive anything
Smelliott & mudd
Smelliott & mudd 2 місяці tagasi
WolfGANG —Meme-
WolfGANG —Meme- 2 місяці tagasi
The WIte lambo he Missed OMG THT was So BAD
Cameron Page
Cameron Page 2 місяці tagasi
Hey bruh your content is awesome so i subscribed and put notifications on
Naveen Paraparan
Naveen Paraparan 2 місяці tagasi
The changeable kitty continuously march because poet extremely identify opposite a tender tense pig. reminiscent, peaceful squid
Joseph Davenport
Joseph Davenport 2 місяці tagasi
That Nissan GT-R sick bro 🔥🔥🔥
BABYGOAT 2 місяці tagasi
5:55 your friend is so lost lol
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