GTA 5 Roleplay - I Robbed The Whole Dealership | RedlineRP

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Look at my funny face - treyt3n
That was crazy...
Today I decided to steal cars from an entire dealership! The police almost came, but luckily the workers decided to chase us instead. There are a lot of funny moments in here so I hope you enjoy!
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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!

Sneakdestroyers 2 päeva tagasi
Reverse card for the bad luck😂
Michael Deitzel
Michael Deitzel 2 päeva tagasi
I feel you bro but we got to say !!hey woah!!
Jesse Zermeno
Jesse Zermeno 5 päeva tagasi
SWAG GAMING 7 päeva tagasi
Trey is the manuferKING cuz he is getting away so easely
iSxnnr 7 päeva tagasi
Am i the only one that realized that the green porche disappeared from the chop shop ?
tgo Oakley
tgo Oakley 7 päeva tagasi
6:20 tho
natalie lopez
natalie lopez 8 päeva tagasi
Me i am kid plz send help
Beth Davis-Sherrin
Beth Davis-Sherrin 9 päeva tagasi
SavageSkull123 10 päeva tagasi
What happen to the first 2 cars
Jimmy Lader
Jimmy Lader 11 päeva tagasi
The entire comment section: I JuSt dIsCoveREd tHIs cHAnnEL
Thomas and LeAnn LeHolm
Thomas and LeAnn LeHolm 12 päeva tagasi
JJ Lopez
JJ Lopez 17 päeva tagasi
JJ Lopez
JJ Lopez 17 päeva tagasi
(●'◡'●)╰(*°▽°*)╯(┬┬﹏┬┬)(。・∀・)ノ゙\( ̄︶ ̄*\))
Faze Brobro
Faze Brobro 17 päeva tagasi
Why is the. Fucking soot so cool 😎
Ronishia Thompson
Ronishia Thompson 18 päeva tagasi
Amelia Gamarra
Amelia Gamarra 19 päeva tagasi
17:38 it sounds like he makes a song with autotune
KADEN KORMANIK 20 päeva tagasi
like your vids bruh
Austin gun
Austin gun 21 päev tagasi
Treyten Austn
ItsTjay 21 päev tagasi
Love the intro 😂
Tina Stafford
Tina Stafford 22 päeva tagasi
Tumbl fuckurs
Vilis Lacis
Vilis Lacis 23 päeva tagasi
They just kept bringing out more cars for you to steal, nuts!
Owen Pillsbury
Owen Pillsbury 24 päeva tagasi
you suck
Student Eduardo Mora
Student Eduardo Mora 24 päeva tagasi
when he said my car i laughed my ass off
Justin X.
Justin X. 27 päeva tagasi
Him : are they still here Not knowing that two of them are missing Edit: I realized they were outside
Brendan Gilbert
Brendan Gilbert 29 päeva tagasi
The og wii music got me jamin
crazy_yt CD
crazy_yt CD 29 päeva tagasi
The opening was fire
Ahmir Huggins
Ahmir Huggins Місяць tagasi
“one last one far away” *6 😂😂
Chevy Tessmer
Chevy Tessmer Місяць tagasi
But I subscribed
Chevy Tessmer
Chevy Tessmer Місяць tagasi
I don't have instagram
Joshua Reynoso
Joshua Reynoso Місяць tagasi
Good Driveing
isaac petty
isaac petty Місяць tagasi
Elmo Snodgrass
Elmo Snodgrass Місяць tagasi
Elmo Snodgrass
Elmo Snodgrass Місяць tagasi
what about the green porch
Sundar Vang
Sundar Vang Місяць tagasi
At 22:00 the face was funny
Karenia Garcia
Karenia Garcia Місяць tagasi
trey is like a kid with a whole armory of guns
Adrian Gregory
Adrian Gregory Місяць tagasi
Chad and Sarah Johnson
Chad and Sarah Johnson Місяць tagasi
Tyler Gta
Chad and Sarah Johnson
Chad and Sarah Johnson Місяць tagasi
Chad and Sarah Johnson
Chad and Sarah Johnson Місяць tagasi
Chad and Sarah Johnson
Chad and Sarah Johnson Місяць tagasi
Amanda Morrissey
Amanda Morrissey Місяць tagasi
I love when they fall lol
Austin Rogers
Austin Rogers Місяць tagasi
Nancy Vasquez Alvarez
Nancy Vasquez Alvarez Місяць tagasi
Trey do you like xxxtentacion😆😆🤟🏿🤟🏿
Kevin Lopez
Kevin Lopez Місяць tagasi
Its so funy when trey says bye b!ch 😂😂
Gaming Boonboon08
Gaming Boonboon08 Місяць tagasi
18:03 I started beatboxing
Treyten junior
Treyten junior Місяць tagasi
I really wish he start doing those videos again
Chelsea Abel
Chelsea Abel Місяць tagasi
Omg he is the best
Emily Helmboldt
Emily Helmboldt Місяць tagasi
Can u do a face reveal
aus gaither
aus gaither Місяць tagasi
I would join the membership but I don't have enough money 😭
Noah Burton
Noah Burton Місяць tagasi
They say they are all there but the lambo is only there like were is the 911 gt3 rs
Ben’s scooters Adventures
Ben’s scooters Adventures Місяць tagasi
Lucid Zelum
Lucid Zelum Місяць tagasi
There’s nothing in this comment Wow your still reading How stubborn Ok why do you want to see the comment that bad Bruh Just stop Ok you asked for it ......... Ok last chance Ok for real you go down one more I swear .............. Ok last warning go down one more I dare you Ok then you asked for it 👌🏽
Ben DAWSON Місяць tagasi
I’m addicted to your vids so bad
abdulwahab ali
abdulwahab ali Місяць tagasi
1:33 i absolutely LOVE the accent you made :p HeHee!
Dakarai Vaccianna
Dakarai Vaccianna Місяць tagasi
Who else noticed the toilet water
Fletch_17 Місяць tagasi
is the recoil actually that big? or is it just for that 'roleplay experience' either way keeping making great vids
EXILITY 07 Місяць tagasi
alex hey woah
alex hey woah Місяць tagasi
Your so fucking funny I don't know how you do it but keep it up
Tanya Rinehart
Tanya Rinehart Місяць tagasi
Brenda Slothower
Brenda Slothower Місяць tagasi
Your so cooooooooooooooool I watch your videos every day bro I watch your videos every day bro
Lui Sook Chin
Lui Sook Chin Місяць tagasi
Laura Gaeth
Laura Gaeth Місяць tagasi
Fraz Gaming
Fraz Gaming 2 місяці tagasi
To the person that's reading this: You're very intelligent and an awesome human! Stay healthy during quarenteen :) My dream is to have 500 subs. I've been struggling, please help: )
projectbees 2 місяці tagasi
dr babra naveed
dr babra naveed 2 місяці tagasi
likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the vid are is will come for that b%
Michal Rupinski
Michal Rupinski 2 місяці tagasi
the porche was stolen
Maria Luna
Maria Luna 2 місяці tagasi
I want more vids best gta vids no cap
roblox MCROY
roblox MCROY 2 місяці tagasi
hi im a big an of gta 5
cashmoney2010 blue
cashmoney2010 blue 2 місяці tagasi
This was mad 3 days after my birthday
Richel Colon
Richel Colon 2 місяці tagasi
im the bald guy
Deana Blakey
Deana Blakey 2 місяці tagasi
I did
Kahala Family
Kahala Family 2 місяці tagasi
When I found tray I unsubscribed to all other gta players
J Kearney
J Kearney 2 місяці tagasi
hi you look funny in 2:38
Sivoe 2 місяці tagasi
Cá se vai andando!
Cá se vai andando! 2 місяці tagasi
14:29 im not sure if standing right in front of those 2 mg was the best ideia
Wolf Gaming
Wolf Gaming 2 місяці tagasi
Trayten:there’s hundreds Also Trayten:there’s six
ETHAN HARNAGE 2 місяці tagasi
Hi love your videos
Evez 2 місяці tagasi
0:00 what is that
just me chloe
just me chloe 2 місяці tagasi
34 hey woahs
Katy Rodriguez
Katy Rodriguez 2 місяці tagasi
This is so fake
Mr. Beat
Mr. Beat 2 місяці tagasi
Love the Outro music
Aiden Desjarlais
Aiden Desjarlais 2 місяці tagasi
Leotnt plays
Leotnt plays 2 місяці tagasi
I whach Ed this while friking myself
AHOUSE24 2 місяці tagasi
do you sell all of your cars
Alvin Mark
Alvin Mark 2 місяці tagasi
Moises Hernandez
Moises Hernandez 2 місяці tagasi
when trey tried to throw the c4's far away but failed LOL keep up the good vids
kelly bearhat
kelly bearhat 2 місяці tagasi
i love howthay stole infrunt of a police
Sniper Pro
Sniper Pro 2 місяці tagasi
You are too funny
Sniper Pro
Sniper Pro 2 місяці tagasi
You dame right
Ian Smith
Ian Smith 2 місяці tagasi
Ahhhhhh the good ol days anyone 2020
Xxdark _ TerminatorxX
Xxdark _ TerminatorxX 2 місяці tagasi
I really want to also get into roleplay servers but i cant i dont understand anything
Joseph K
Joseph K 2 місяці tagasi
who else thinks he litterally like the most funniest person on earth and also who cant stop watching him all day?
Foster Monkeyhead
Foster Monkeyhead 2 місяці tagasi
Love you treyten
Electric Fortnite
Electric Fortnite 2 місяці tagasi
Make a video on your seamen’s Chanel
Indy And dino
Indy And dino 2 місяці tagasi
FaZe Wizze
FaZe Wizze 2 місяці tagasi
I don’t have insta oh fuk
Charlie Atkinson
Charlie Atkinson 2 місяці tagasi
20:10 and one last one far away. nope. one last one far away. nope. one last one far away. nope. one last one far away. nope. one last one far away. nope. one last one far away. nope. one last one far away. nope. one last one far away. nope. one last one far away. nope. one last one far away. nope. one last one far away. nope. one last one far away. nope. one last one far away. nope. one last one far away. nope.
Summer Jewell
Summer Jewell 2 місяці tagasi
omg the way he said my car
Troy Shiao
Troy Shiao 2 місяці tagasi
Every nov 9 should be tumble day
Jacksamillion Dude
Jacksamillion Dude 2 місяці tagasi
The default Destroyer
The default Destroyer 2 місяці tagasi
Why doesn’t he just get the armored call when he had the chance
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