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That was crazy...
Today I became a fake cop and decided to steal some cars. I got a Lamborghini and some other expensive cars. The police ended up catching on to me and I got into a bunch of chases. There are a lot of funny moments in this gta 5 episode, enjoy!
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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!

Snowy Cypress
Snowy Cypress Minut tagasi
low-key you need to wings on that lambo!
Brandi 5 tundi tagasi
Notice every cop video yeah wating the Sam video
Alison Goff
Alison Goff 5 tundi tagasi
Mt sis wont let me play gta 5 cuz its late
Ebony Moore
Ebony Moore 9 tundi tagasi
10:06 wait hold up that's za5teesh
Robert Burke
Robert Burke 12 tundi tagasi
The cops son was in the cop car /:
Robert Burke
Robert Burke 12 tundi tagasi
And shoot in the fucking leg but killed the random fucking swat guy
Robert Burke
Robert Burke 12 tundi tagasi
Dude I robbed a cop car and I and faked a dead body in a trash can than I got fucking knocked down by the swat guy
MTF John sherling
MTF John sherling 16 tundi tagasi
O wait you are on pc
MTF John sherling
MTF John sherling 16 tundi tagasi
What how you do the roleplay
Jordan Cardone
Jordan Cardone Päev tagasi
Geometry nerd Op
Geometry nerd Op Päev tagasi
The Side Vlog
The Side Vlog Päev tagasi
Ashonie Boddie
Ashonie Boddie Päev tagasi
“there’s a dead body in the boosh”
Tick-tock Videos
Tick-tock Videos Päev tagasi
Yo what’s the game called How do you download
Abigail Kopplin
Abigail Kopplin Päev tagasi
Abigail Kopplin
Abigail Kopplin Päev tagasi
DP - 04BB 831081 Rowntree PS
DP - 04BB 831081 Rowntree PS Päev tagasi
he got me when he said 5 4 3 2 1 happy new year
Games .k K
Games .k K 2 päeva tagasi
DużaHaubica34 2 päeva tagasi
Maybe do fake taxi
skibop cheezies
skibop cheezies 2 päeva tagasi
I haven't watched you in three or four months
Pump 2 päeva tagasi
3:12 “is that a gun” what does it look like 😂
I’m the Pro
I’m the Pro 2 päeva tagasi
Tommy Kolinsky
Tommy Kolinsky 2 päeva tagasi
Can you make a bugate police car and do this plzzzz
Clone Trooper
Clone Trooper 3 päeva tagasi
What about if you as a fake cop and Joey as a robber so eather you take him hostage or he takes you hostage then you both get away ORRRRR you and all of your friends go separate robbing a store each and see how the cops react
GamerBoy 4Life
GamerBoy 4Life 3 päeva tagasi
He did not leave his lying because I looked he left not fall out.
K'Darian Adair
K'Darian Adair 3 päeva tagasi
I feel bad with the first one but your still my favorite EEpostr
DOB 15
DOB 15 3 päeva tagasi
15:26 Lfmao
DOB 15
DOB 15 3 päeva tagasi
11:26 lmfao
Troysitgaming 3 päeva tagasi
I like gta v
Troysitgaming 3 päeva tagasi
Ima do this in gta v I think I want nice awesome cars
_N_ H_R_
_N_ H_R_ 3 päeva tagasi
This is so fun to watch idk why 😂
gaming squad
gaming squad 3 päeva tagasi
do u keep the car
Kelly Cline
Kelly Cline 3 päeva tagasi
show your face
Ricky White
Ricky White 3 päeva tagasi
That was hilarious
Zarek Lusby
Zarek Lusby 3 päeva tagasi
Hanks Valera
Hanks Valera 3 päeva tagasi
Treyten: I’m gonna do daily uploads again everybody: 1 week later still no upload
Mr YouTube Mr YouTube
Mr YouTube Mr YouTube 3 päeva tagasi
5 4 3 2 1 happy new year 🤣🤣
sploopy playz
sploopy playz 4 päeva tagasi
its like cops vs cops
Aiden Mcp
Aiden Mcp 4 päeva tagasi
why doesnt he lock his car so people dont steal
Adr1anMrWh7YT 4 päeva tagasi
Sup Trey
Chad Manyk
Chad Manyk 4 päeva tagasi
thanks doc for curing my stage 4 cancer stage 2 diobeties and blach pleugue and depresion
Andy Vera
Andy Vera 5 päeva tagasi
This is a felony
Night Star 6248
Night Star 6248 6 päeva tagasi
So the plot is basically NFS Heat
Vidal Campos
Vidal Campos 6 päeva tagasi
His voice sounds like a Grandma
Marshall Condra
Marshall Condra 6 päeva tagasi
Wait you’re online. so why is there cops like. if you’re online in GTA aren’t you free to do anything you want.
Leon Thistlewood
Leon Thistlewood 6 päeva tagasi
Play among us
Leon Thistlewood
Leon Thistlewood 6 päeva tagasi
Fake to be bank teller
Leon Thistlewood
Leon Thistlewood 6 päeva tagasi
Add bank video Please
Melissa Mayo
Melissa Mayo 6 päeva tagasi
Hi you should do a robbery and shoot all the cops
Alan Ayala
Alan Ayala 7 päeva tagasi
U have karma
Diamond Valdez
Diamond Valdez 7 päeva tagasi
Volt 7 päeva tagasi
hi i love watching ur vids
Lexus Rivera
Lexus Rivera 7 päeva tagasi
Your the best watch you every day even when I have dinner
Get It Right Media
Get It Right Media 7 päeva tagasi
need to turn down the mic during the over reacting sessions
xx tripe red
xx tripe red 8 päeva tagasi
Toxic_Gamer99 8 päeva tagasi
Jose Hernandez10
Jose Hernandez10 8 päeva tagasi
You got shoot 4 times and didn’t even rp that
Jose Hernandez10
Jose Hernandez10 8 päeva tagasi
Fail rp at the most server fkn sucks
poggers bruh
poggers bruh 8 päeva tagasi
Yo I'm so excited for christmas I might be getting GTA 5
Xxxtrailbeater 84 Trail
Xxxtrailbeater 84 Trail 8 päeva tagasi
When he said happy new year
Riocool Amri
Riocool Amri 9 päeva tagasi
The car u was going really fast in that u thought it was a Lamborghini it’s called a toro pheonix
Critical BO55
Critical BO55 9 päeva tagasi
Treyten, how do you get those mods where your cars look Real and how do u get the police mods Please tell
Edman Wood
Edman Wood 9 päeva tagasi
19:54 in the back is a GTA happening
Everardo Vega Lechuga
Everardo Vega Lechuga 9 päeva tagasi
When yuo got rand over
Santiago Rojas
Santiago Rojas 9 päeva tagasi
that police car is a amg
Bob Fart
Bob Fart 10 päeva tagasi
5 4 3 2 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR 😂😂😂😂
Prodigy YT_
Prodigy YT_ 10 päeva tagasi
The guy who helped him was like wtffff 😂😂
James Ogilvie
James Ogilvie 10 päeva tagasi
I watch this video because of your TickTock
Archie J-L
Archie J-L 10 päeva tagasi
Legend has that the the holy baby’s are still in the turbos
Drifty 13
Drifty 13 10 päeva tagasi
Kelly Delvescovo
Kelly Delvescovo 10 päeva tagasi
I love your videos
Aaron 10 päeva tagasi
Marcos Hernandez
Marcos Hernandez 11 päeva tagasi
No seat belt in the beginning
gameing with aiden kirk
gameing with aiden kirk 11 päeva tagasi
Ninja OG
Ninja OG 11 päeva tagasi
cop and Treyten :54321 Treyten: Happy New Year! lol
Thomas Spotted Bear
Thomas Spotted Bear 11 päeva tagasi
you the worst
Idiots on Truckersmp
Idiots on Truckersmp 12 päeva tagasi
3:00 for me later its funny
kian byrne
kian byrne 12 päeva tagasi
treyten:54321 HAPPY NEW YEARR me:lmfao
Mirac Güneş
Mirac Güneş 12 päeva tagasi
OG elanip and Treyten moments
Zorana Salman
Zorana Salman 12 päeva tagasi
Bryxe Hall
Bryxe Hall 13 päeva tagasi
Sharon Morris
Sharon Morris 13 päeva tagasi
Say no Englis
Sucat gaming
Sucat gaming 14 päeva tagasi Only OG's remember this moments
double bro machine
double bro machine 14 päeva tagasi
15:10 they sound so enthusiastic that it’s funny 😆
Tyler Auth
Tyler Auth 15 päeva tagasi
He should say he got the car from a friend
Shepard ZR
Shepard ZR 15 päeva tagasi
Am I the only one getting PH vibes by the thumbnail..
Jacob Bedolla
Jacob Bedolla 15 päeva tagasi
What mod is that
lukas lynge sørensen
lukas lynge sørensen 15 päeva tagasi
You can just see how fake it is 🤦‍♀️
Sahil Sonara
Sahil Sonara 15 päeva tagasi
on which server do you play ??
Hudson Hadley
Hudson Hadley 16 päeva tagasi
mad love fo you
Hudson Hadley
Hudson Hadley 16 päeva tagasi
treyten you are my fav youtuder
Hudson Hadley
Hudson Hadley 16 päeva tagasi
but watch all the videos and iked most of them
Hudson Hadley
Hudson Hadley 16 päeva tagasi
and i liked it and sud because this video
Hudson Hadley
Hudson Hadley 16 päeva tagasi
i love this video
Freckles TheGamer
Freckles TheGamer 16 päeva tagasi
If that cop car got a bull bar on it that would look sick
Blake Landon
Blake Landon 16 päeva tagasi
varsha antony
varsha antony 16 päeva tagasi
recruit a full gang and get revenge on cops
Henrik Alexander Hajduka
Henrik Alexander Hajduka 17 päeva tagasi
On what do you play g29 or controller or keyboard
Gustavo Rocks
Gustavo Rocks 17 päeva tagasi
3:02 was instan karma
toms Indrevics
toms Indrevics 17 päeva tagasi
plz doo more
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