GTA 5 Roleplay - DODGE CHARGER vs COPS | RedlineRP

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That was crazy...
Today opie and I got a Dodge Charger and a Dodge Challenger and decided to mess with the police. It started off super chill, until I saw James Charles in my car! There are a lot of funny moments in this GTA 5 episode, enjoy!
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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!

LEEZY Gaming
LEEZY Gaming 2 tundi tagasi
Yo u should do a mk2 of this where ur in the charger and opies in the rs6
Arian _5.0
Arian _5.0 14 tundi tagasi
That trunk clip got me scared af
MJ Reaves
MJ Reaves Päev tagasi
My cars are 666.900.400.500000.4000000.33333000000000444444666666777777777.23536
MJ Reaves
MJ Reaves Päev tagasi
Lol it ant 2020 for trey it’s 3030 for him
official gamer
official gamer 2 päeva tagasi
The best criminals ever😂😂😂👌🏽
Archie J-L
Archie J-L 3 päeva tagasi
That’s his real car in irl
Beastboy1m gaming
Beastboy1m gaming 3 päeva tagasi
So if someone looks in treyten real life charger will hey fine James
IVNY_Corruptor 3 päeva tagasi
nobody. cop at 16:30 the car stared flying
CHOKWITS 4 päeva tagasi
I loved the hi sisters xDDD
Bradley Seymour
Bradley Seymour 5 päeva tagasi
its crap like this that made me sub
jason Is there more?
jason Is there more? 5 päeva tagasi
I was attacked by a jumping car. -Treyten 2020
williawm Barwick
williawm Barwick 7 päeva tagasi
williawm Barwick
williawm Barwick 7 päeva tagasi
Treyten 7 päeva tagasi
Yo what's
Owen Cherry
Owen Cherry 8 päeva tagasi
How old do you got to be to join
Thisthatandtheother 2
Thisthatandtheother 2 8 päeva tagasi
That formation with the donuts and the take off
Christian Brooks
Christian Brooks 10 päeva tagasi
That’s elimp
Bryan Wakonabo
Bryan Wakonabo 10 päeva tagasi
18:14 I can't stop laughing😂😂
Amanda Mason
Amanda Mason 12 päeva tagasi
Hi I’m A huge fan can you like my Comment
Grant Smith
Grant Smith 12 päeva tagasi
15:49 look at the sign behind you wen you got hit.
Jaxon Hatala
Jaxon Hatala 19 päeva tagasi
Stop saying Gods manner in vain other wise though great content been watching Sense 600k
Gaming6000 21 päev tagasi
Oh shit, here we go again
Carter Seals
Carter Seals 21 päev tagasi
Dude I loved that hi sisters clip at the end
Mateja Krstivojevic
Mateja Krstivojevic 21 päev tagasi
5:45 fast and furios
Evan Berry
Evan Berry 22 päeva tagasi
this vid was posted on my bday
Mirrors Of Death
Mirrors Of Death 23 päeva tagasi
5:16 fast and furious sh**
Leland Sandstrom
Leland Sandstrom 27 päeva tagasi
hi i like cockies well no fucking shit
Kevin Lopez
Kevin Lopez 27 päeva tagasi
Ashley Winslett
Ashley Winslett 29 päeva tagasi
Sawyer Oliver
Sawyer Oliver Місяць tagasi
If I could get a dollar every time he looked back while he’s in a police chase I would be rich
Erik Berger
Erik Berger Місяць tagasi
HAHAhahaha Watch out Nah we good treyten Good gangster talk man @11:54
Aj2k21 Aj
Aj2k21 Aj Місяць tagasi
Red is sus
Xtruh -
Xtruh - Місяць tagasi
TRUMP 2020
Collin Creecy
Collin Creecy Місяць tagasi
Anybody see that he called a hangar a garage
Levi Morris
Levi Morris Місяць tagasi
tray post more plesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Hamza Pandic
Hamza Pandic Місяць tagasi
Go an sub to me i have som swedish hip hop Gamer Gamer Місяць tagasi Plz thanks
Crazy Crow
Crazy Crow Місяць tagasi
16:40 car in the sky, top left
SelectInput Місяць tagasi
Thahmid Ahmed
Thahmid Ahmed Місяць tagasi
harry smith
harry smith Місяць tagasi
kenny mcgowan
kenny mcgowan Місяць tagasi
runnin packs in da scat haha
Lakiem Lockery
Lakiem Lockery Місяць tagasi
You guys should be named Bob and Ricky the Dodge brothers
The gamer
The gamer Місяць tagasi
the charger and the challenger look so badass
Tadas Gulbinovic
Tadas Gulbinovic Місяць tagasi
2:40 his bones
Aiden Hetzner
Aiden Hetzner Місяць tagasi
more like bye sisters
Agman Singh
Agman Singh Місяць tagasi
you still play this dead game
Mara Butler
Mara Butler Місяць tagasi
Face reveal Plz
Daniel Bennaim
Daniel Bennaim Місяць tagasi
Lmao “fuck 12, whole lotta gang shit”😂😂
Golam Amelep
Golam Amelep Місяць tagasi
Free agent Expand
Free agent Expand Місяць tagasi
He's zooming and shroomin
Gabriel Pagan
Gabriel Pagan Місяць tagasi
14:52 this is like some bootleg monster jam we got go in on here
Gabriel Pagan
Gabriel Pagan Місяць tagasi
U should do like corvette and camaro
DOC Holiday
DOC Holiday Місяць tagasi
When they split up fast and ferious
Castillo Mail
Castillo Mail Місяць tagasi
And yea that was a good edit
Castillo Mail
Castillo Mail Місяць tagasi
Best vid ever
Sebastian Rodriguez Bravo
Sebastian Rodriguez Bravo Місяць tagasi
what kin of gta5 is that
The Steak Connoisseur
The Steak Connoisseur Місяць tagasi
One of my favorite videos
Brayden Dacis
Brayden Dacis 2 місяці tagasi
Does anyone know the song at 10:00 ?
Abdi Nasrudiin
Abdi Nasrudiin 2 місяці tagasi
bro love your videos
TwitchSkars IG
TwitchSkars IG 2 місяці tagasi
10:34 my fav part🤣
MGC -Mobile Gaming Centre
MGC -Mobile Gaming Centre 2 місяці tagasi
19:54 no one gonna talk about the echoing?
MGC -Mobile Gaming Centre
MGC -Mobile Gaming Centre 2 місяці tagasi
Bro I really wish the best of luck to you and hope you grow your channel. Because you are making really good content but the problem is that the people don't know you. I'll try to help you out by spreading the word. "Hey Woah"
MGC -Mobile Gaming Centre
MGC -Mobile Gaming Centre 2 місяці tagasi
Also if you guys could then sub to my channel as well. It would mean the world to me. It's ok if you don't want to I understand. 😞
Alex Timber
Alex Timber 2 місяці tagasi
If only trey could love his cars the way he loves the dodge
TXS_Diego 2 місяці tagasi
I'm soo early commenting
Lillie Hutchison
Lillie Hutchison 2 місяці tagasi
CallmeBaz GGS
CallmeBaz GGS 2 місяці tagasi
FireDeadpool98 2 місяці tagasi
this is the first video of his that he didnt say “alright boys” for the intro
xUnitySparkx 2 місяці tagasi
love it cause treys car isn’t a charger, if it was what model cause that don’t look like a charger
Korae Mayo
Korae Mayo 2 місяці tagasi
Me lol
80 ping icyy
80 ping icyy 2 місяці tagasi
That hi sisters thing scared the fuck out pf me
Young kie ent Ent
Young kie ent Ent 2 місяці tagasi
I’m dead☠️💀☠️☠️💀☠️💀
Aaron Nelsen
Aaron Nelsen 2 місяці tagasi
That red one is just like yours in real life
Daniel Kennedy
Daniel Kennedy 2 місяці tagasi
Petition to make trey put his music in the description
Swift 2
Swift 2 2 місяці tagasi
Anyone else know that this is his car in real life
iTz AdmistS
iTz AdmistS 2 місяці tagasi
trey should have carried him into the black whole in his boot/trunk
jaylen jones
jaylen jones 2 місяці tagasi
a scatpack is my dream car
Yaswanth Connur
Yaswanth Connur 2 місяці tagasi
trey lives in ohio found out in treyten live
REAPER IPHONE 2 місяці tagasi
i love trey i watch him on twich hes the bestʕ •́؈•̀ ₎ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
Abdullah Muhammad
Abdullah Muhammad 2 місяці tagasi
Anyone realise that the doge charger is treytens real car??
Calyx Vhiel Mendoza
Calyx Vhiel Mendoza 2 місяці tagasi
E 2 місяці tagasi
Le bruh You scrollled down here now scroll more Coc
Lemon 2 місяці tagasi
Red is a hellcat
Jamison cagle
Jamison cagle 2 місяці tagasi
No it’s not
the noob who plays
the noob who plays 2 місяці tagasi
whos watching in 2025
CWC FAM 2 місяці tagasi
Which country do you live in
Ken Alejos
Ken Alejos 2 місяці tagasi
Bruh what you should of done was that the guy in the green car (sorry forgot his name) should run the cop over and then you should’ve pretended you didn’t know him and act like your gonna take him into the trunk and drive off!
Braden Williams
Braden Williams 2 місяці tagasi
I died when elanip hit that gas tank 😂🤣
Song Kai-Jin
Song Kai-Jin 2 місяці tagasi
Anyone realise his charger irl is the same as the one in the vid
Ystian Villanueva
Ystian Villanueva 2 місяці tagasi
Nick Galvan
Nick Galvan 2 місяці tagasi
Omg trey is HoMopHoBIc
Lil Ebola
Lil Ebola 2 місяці tagasi
stop makin gang references cus we all know yall aint bout that life
Goatedsupreme 2 місяці tagasi
16:29 treyton stops cop goes flyin
Wes Playz
Wes Playz 2 місяці tagasi
A James Charles dildo
Wes Playz
Wes Playz 2 місяці tagasi
The only tool he was gonna find is a dildo
Hjalte Friis
Hjalte Friis 2 місяці tagasi
worlds worst at RP:)
Frances Taylor
Frances Taylor 3 місяці tagasi
Aye yahzee
Frances Taylor
Frances Taylor 3 місяці tagasi
No elanip
xxx Lamar
xxx Lamar 3 місяці tagasi
That black hole in the charger was hallarious 😂😂
_The_Real_ Banana_Joe_
_The_Real_ Banana_Joe_ 3 місяці tagasi
I would take a challenger over any other car any day.
PolarPaladin 3 місяці tagasi
Anyone noticed the car standing still in the air high up in the sky at 12:33 Looks like a pickup
Vitro X
Vitro X 3 місяці tagasi
Holy moly the hi sisters just traumatised me
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