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That was crazy...
Today I robbed a car dealership and stole all of their cars. It was the official Redline dealership and it was really funny. I stole a lot of luxury cars and the cops showed up and I got into a ton of chases. There were a lot of funny moments in this gta 5 episode, enjoy!
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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!

dead0 pvp
dead0 pvp 7 tundi tagasi
imagine trading an r34 for a lambo
Robbie Simpson
Robbie Simpson 9 tundi tagasi
Shane Schmidt
Shane Schmidt 9 tundi tagasi
10_99 means wanted/stolen indicated
all4them9996 11 tundi tagasi
10-99 means wanted for stealing cars
Namasiku Sinvula
Namasiku Sinvula 16 tundi tagasi
16:12 they is a ferris down there 😂😂
Calm Robloxian
Calm Robloxian 20 tundi tagasi
This dude's vids are mostly scripted
Stealth playzzz
Stealth playzzz Päev tagasi
16:11 is that a ferrari?
juanduran soda
juanduran soda 2 päeva tagasi
Hi Buddy !! Use Text
Bear Beast242
Bear Beast242 2 päeva tagasi
jt_roblox 1000
jt_roblox 1000 2 päeva tagasi
I’ve been watching u sence at least 40k subs
Rypzxx 3 päeva tagasi
Trey:I don't mess around with guns. Me:says the guy using a different retarted gun every vid
Rypzxx 3 päeva tagasi
16:12 im tryna figure out how his care got there
Ice Burg
Ice Burg 3 päeva tagasi
Yep it’s dead dead
Austin randall
Austin randall 4 päeva tagasi
1099 is just im hostage in police code
oliver bell
oliver bell 4 päeva tagasi
10-99 means wanted suspect
Ivan Krešo
Ivan Krešo 4 päeva tagasi
Whats the Name of the server
Mason Berry
Mason Berry 5 päeva tagasi
Treyent did you know the car that you arrived in the first time to rob redline was in the ocen
Isaiah Castillo
Isaiah Castillo 5 päeva tagasi
Three 1099 means please help in a different way
Jackson Neise
Jackson Neise 5 päeva tagasi
10-99 mean Wanted / Stolen Indicated
Simon Gina
Simon Gina 5 päeva tagasi
Lol yesssss
Wolf 6 päeva tagasi
A casual Ferrari in the water
Trenton Terry
Trenton Terry 6 päeva tagasi
bro at 16:12 theres a furiria in the water wtf
Damon_Plays 6 päeva tagasi
Did any body notice his Ferrari in the water
donald kubis
donald kubis 6 päeva tagasi
wow to many cops
mike medcalf
mike medcalf 7 päeva tagasi
Swagster 7 päeva tagasi
i think i saw a ferrari when he was swimming
Wasteland Will gaming
Wasteland Will gaming 8 päeva tagasi
Are those cars from mods I got gta 5 yesterday I don’t know much
Shelly Froehlich
Shelly Froehlich 8 päeva tagasi
Is it just me or was there a Ferrari in the water with 2 white stripes across it under water when he was swimming away??
james 8 päeva tagasi
16minutes 14seconds there was treys ferrarri
Kylie Haynes
Kylie Haynes 8 päeva tagasi
16:13 I saw that
EXL_Partrige 9 päeva tagasi
10-99 Officer in Distress
Terry Martin
Terry Martin 9 päeva tagasi
It means held hostage
Twiczy 9 päeva tagasi
Redline looks fun but there is no cross hair and everytime you barely touch something you have to /repair then your car starts to have a seizure
Jason Savage
Jason Savage 10 päeva tagasi
i looked up what a 10-99 is its officer held hostage
James White
James White 10 päeva tagasi
Did u see that car in 16:13
David Ramirez
David Ramirez 11 päeva tagasi
I googled it
David Ramirez
David Ramirez 11 päeva tagasi
A 10-99 is a officer held hostage
Misha 11 päeva tagasi
can you do another one?
Vrx_ Enzo
Vrx_ Enzo 11 päeva tagasi
we gonna talk about the sunk 458 at:16 12
justin Sangalang
justin Sangalang 11 päeva tagasi
is no one gonna talk about the car in 16:12 hahahaha
Pro Easton
Pro Easton 12 päeva tagasi
Opi is going to kill you
Nartea Daniel
Nartea Daniel 12 päeva tagasi
But what are u doing with the stolen cars??
Noah Bolger
Noah Bolger 13 päeva tagasi
Did anybody see at 16:13 the ferari in the water? How did it get there
Lukas Alvarez élève
Lukas Alvarez élève 13 päeva tagasi
Igijdbd Fgdgegrg
Igijdbd Fgdgegrg 14 päeva tagasi
Detective Gigglypuff 🤣🤣🤣
Chris Lee
Chris Lee 15 päeva tagasi
I wouldv'e took the Porsche
Kelly Deighton
Kelly Deighton 15 päeva tagasi
Was that the car he was driving at start of the video in the water
ANGELHU 15 päeva tagasi
16:11 super car
Reina Santos
Reina Santos 16 päeva tagasi
16:14 the car at the bigining the ferrari it was under water
fortnite_ God
fortnite_ God 16 päeva tagasi
Why is there a car 16:12
Mandy Lynn
Mandy Lynn 17 päeva tagasi
Have Anyone talk to you sound like Spiderman Peter Parker
Wyatt Bayly
Wyatt Bayly 18 päeva tagasi
16:11 - 16:14 i love the random Ferrari in the water
Omaer 1
Omaer 1 19 päeva tagasi
Very Nice!
i3xotiic ZT
i3xotiic ZT 19 päeva tagasi
Aa many times i watched this I've never noticed his car at the bottom of the water @ 16:13
Poison Monkey
Poison Monkey 19 päeva tagasi
16:12 why the hell is there a random Ferrari at the bottom of the ocean
LorenzoGoated 19 päeva tagasi
Who else seen someone put his red Ferrari in the ocean at 16:12
Scott Hoffman
Scott Hoffman 19 päeva tagasi
Funny as hell man!
Sorrow 19 päeva tagasi
15:30 Code 10-99 means there is an officer held hostage.
Jkiller YT
Jkiller YT 19 päeva tagasi
1099 means that the popo that radios is held hostage
Callum4 Harding
Callum4 Harding 19 päeva tagasi
a 10-99 is wanted/stolen record
Tomas Sampogna
Tomas Sampogna 19 päeva tagasi
If treyten was smart he would have stashed the ferrari in the back of redline and went back for the Porsche
Gammy gamer
Gammy gamer 20 päeva tagasi
Do these cod things a actually do stuff im confused about them
Kmack Gaming
Kmack Gaming 20 päeva tagasi
that car hmm
Asap SKY
Asap SKY 20 päeva tagasi
10/99 means wanted indicated
T? Norge
T? Norge 20 päeva tagasi
10-99 means Cardiac arrest / Officer held hostage.
wolve gang
wolve gang 20 päeva tagasi
Police code 10-99 means Cardiac arrest / Officer held hostage.
Matthew Cuxim
Matthew Cuxim Päev tagasi
we now im a police officer
Ibrahim Turan
Ibrahim Turan 22 päeva tagasi
16:12 WHY THE HELL IS THERE A FERRARI DOWN IN THE WATER DANG pstt that ferrari treyten somhow too it because in all of his other vids its always there maby not all of his vids
Oscar Leyland
Oscar Leyland 22 päeva tagasi
1099 means cop is hostage
Danne Doria
Danne Doria 22 päeva tagasi
10 99 is actually true
ツTadas 22 päeva tagasi
Love u daddy ❤❤❤❤❤
ツTadas 21 päev tagasi
@Retard Copy strike me shheeehehhehehhrhrhhhrjrrjrjjdjdkdkkkkrkk😑🤑🤫😐😉🤑😒😌😏🤑😉😃☺🥲🤨😄☺😋😄😚😐🤭😚😄😐🥲😄😚🥰😐😁🥰😚
Retard Copy strike me
Retard Copy strike me 22 päeva tagasi
Jon H
Jon H 23 päeva tagasi
5:55 is super funny
Nicklas Jørgensen
Nicklas Jørgensen 23 päeva tagasi
killer ig
killer ig 24 päeva tagasi
Trey: "We don't play with guns ...... Also Trey: "Let me put mines up
just here
just here 24 päeva tagasi
10-99 - Officer In Distress Extreme Emergency Only
Connor Janse van rensburg
Connor Janse van rensburg 24 päeva tagasi
The cars don't work because you keep crashing
KylieKeys 24 päeva tagasi
Hi Rebecca
Spazz !
Spazz ! 25 päeva tagasi
1099 means officer held hostage tryten omg
Rheakostecka 25 päeva tagasi
is it just me or did i see a ferrari 488 speciale in the bottom of the harbor
25 päeva tagasi
You guys should get a cop for you guys and hold him hostage for a robber (except hes with you) so they wont kill you
Ruckergaming 26 päeva tagasi
a 10-99 mean officer held hostage
Tony Riske
Tony Riske 26 päeva tagasi
How is it possible to be the funniest person in GTA online and simultaneously the worst driver as well?
Brád Børïng
Brád Børïng 26 päeva tagasi
I love how Trey makes fun of them for having no security after stealing over 15 mil worth of cars, then is confused why there are cops later
Cold Devil Films
Cold Devil Films 26 päeva tagasi
youre a terbile driver
Hydrolics2Gamer 26 päeva tagasi
I have a lot concerns about the spoilers
Gunnar B
Gunnar B 26 päeva tagasi
Nathanboi 26 päeva tagasi
A 10-99 is an officer in distress call
hello 26 päeva tagasi
Been here since 400k
Arin's Gaming and Tips
Arin's Gaming and Tips 26 päeva tagasi
16:13 the car
Alexander Rogers
Alexander Rogers 27 päeva tagasi
The bright change concordantly head because unit macropharmacologically hop circa a ad avenue. puffy, overwrought female
Wxvy on omegle
Wxvy on omegle 27 päeva tagasi
10-99 means officer held captive
Si Johnson
Si Johnson 27 päeva tagasi
That’s fuckin cool
Eli 28 päeva tagasi
A 10-99 is a office held hostage
Plane Wrek
Plane Wrek 28 päeva tagasi
1099 Is Them Calling For Dispatch @Treyten
Aj French
Aj French 28 päeva tagasi
Trey a 10-99 is Police code for i need Backup NOW! also Known as PANIC Button
John Snow
John Snow 28 päeva tagasi
Anyone else notice the farrari when he was under water running from the cop
k1om 28 päeva tagasi
16:12 Imao the ferrari
ryan rawad
ryan rawad 28 päeva tagasi
at 16:12 the car at the water 😂
KJHUH Gt 28 päeva tagasi
Ayo am I delusional or did I just see a Ferrari In the ocean when he was tryna get away from the cop 16.12Mins
Batman on Good Goods
Batman on Good Goods 28 päeva tagasi
16:10 why is that ferrari down there?
Kyle daly
Kyle daly 28 päeva tagasi
1099 mans doing his taxes
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