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That was crazy...
Today I robbed a car dealership and stole all of their cars. It was the official Redline dealership and it was really funny. I stole a lot of luxury cars and the cops showed up and I got into a ton of chases. There were a lot of funny moments in this gta 5 episode, enjoy!
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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!

Zander Conley
Zander Conley 56 minutit tagasi
Edgy Tund tagasi
10 99 means you had him hostage
I'm a fish
I'm a fish 3 tundi tagasi
At 16:10 bottom left of the screen there is a car
Moose ಠ_ಠ
Moose ಠ_ಠ 4 tundi tagasi
“You don’t even have a squirt gun to point at me” *Pull’s out the nine*
VideoKingMan 5 tundi tagasi
Bro you could have just politely said " can I rob a car?"
sarkee TM
sarkee TM 7 tundi tagasi
16:12 is that a fucking ferrari?
morbid 8 tundi tagasi
7:59 the tiktok logo on the side of his car
Trixxz 1
Trixxz 1 8 tundi tagasi
are these cars mods
IGNAS 888 12 tundi tagasi
10 99 means police offiser hostage
NTST-YT 16 tundi tagasi
10-99 means officer held hostage
Sebastian J
Sebastian J 21 tund tagasi
10-99 means officer hostage
Silent Ghost
Silent Ghost 22 tundi tagasi
He did tell you the last car was slow
Nate Young
Nate Young 23 tundi tagasi
Where is the dealership
Dylan leslie3xx
Dylan leslie3xx Päev tagasi
How do u get this mod
Casper Gaming
Casper Gaming Päev tagasi
10-99 means cardiac arrest/ officer held hostage
Redlinexd Päev tagasi
I own 100 dealer ships
spen stubb
spen stubb Päev tagasi
no one gonna talk ab that car that is under water😂💀 time 16:13/21:38
Marcus Howard
Marcus Howard Päev tagasi
The powerful waste curiously pinch because clarinet echographically unfasten out a guiltless otter. scary, venomous license
Ryan Cech
Ryan Cech Päev tagasi
A 10-99 is an officer held hostage Trey
Necessary knife
Necessary knife Päev tagasi
Did anyone else see his Ferrari in the ocean that he used in the first car he stole
itsjohnM_ Päev tagasi
15:31 Yo a 10-99 is a officer hostage he would have been fine if he stayed
William Kohorst
William Kohorst Päev tagasi
means Cardiac arrest / Officer held hostage.
Michael Negrete Saldana
Michael Negrete Saldana Päev tagasi
Hey trey 10-99 means I need back up or something
Ollie Cawley
Ollie Cawley 2 päeva tagasi
They would be out smarted if you put one of the cars in the back bit through the bushes they would never notice and joey sucks live Elanip is a boomer
William Webster
William Webster 2 päeva tagasi
i sabed
Collaps3d_YT ?
Collaps3d_YT ? 2 päeva tagasi
Anyone notice at 16:15 there just a Ferrari at the bottom of the ocean
Michael Campbell
Michael Campbell 2 päeva tagasi
Don't just say boys girls can watch as well and they do I am just on my brothers account.
yup 2 päeva tagasi
A 10-99 is a cop is in imidiate Danger🤣🤣
bot helpers
bot helpers 2 päeva tagasi
10 99 means faking hostige
Jif_ Peanutbutter26
Jif_ Peanutbutter26 2 päeva tagasi
Ok I want to test something Like for robbing car dealerships Comment for any other video
VDesiBoi 2 päeva tagasi
Alex Pedone
Alex Pedone 3 päeva tagasi
that can’t shoot when u run and u in the water they can’t shoot
Jonathan Gonzalez Ochoa
Jonathan Gonzalez Ochoa 4 päeva tagasi
10-99 Wanted / Stolen Indicated
The Collector
The Collector 4 päeva tagasi
"I slept with your mother" Trey Sanders
sad135kis ;hir'nap
sad135kis ;hir'nap 4 päeva tagasi
The miscreant interest parallely undress because drug morphometrically blush by a soft earthquake. shaky, mushy manx
Edward Moore
Edward Moore 4 päeva tagasi
1099 means officer held hostage
douglasjoel101 games
douglasjoel101 games 5 päeva tagasi
The car at 16:12 got me confused
Dan Kemp
Dan Kemp 5 päeva tagasi
Everyone jus gonna ignore the red Ferrari at 16:12 😂
NRG WD2Elite
NRG WD2Elite 5 päeva tagasi
That’s were opie starts his drag rscing videos s in that lab thing where you got the second purple car lol 😂
Ryan Jarman
Ryan Jarman 5 päeva tagasi
Imagine destroying a 40+ yo car and getting mad it's slow.
Claudiu003 6 päeva tagasi
how can i get the server
Olaf Emblem
Olaf Emblem 6 päeva tagasi
his car in the water from the begining hahahaha
Luka Grund
Luka Grund 6 päeva tagasi
15:40 means officer hostage
Zylen Joseph
Zylen Joseph 6 päeva tagasi
rob the worst dealership
dawnte vallejos
dawnte vallejos 7 päeva tagasi
1099 means cardiac arrest or The officer held a hostage
Salami Salat
Salami Salat 7 päeva tagasi
16:12 bruh the Car-Marine
Landon 7 päeva tagasi
Trey: I slept with ur mom Me: asked my dad why mom was gone for a whole night
Shock Yt
Shock Yt 7 päeva tagasi
Love your videos are please do more
saul chavez
saul chavez 7 päeva tagasi
You crash so much
daxdor evaxtor
daxdor evaxtor 7 päeva tagasi
I love this videos!!!!!!!!
Swifty 8 päeva tagasi
5:55 what an iconic line
Miles Cratsenberg
Miles Cratsenberg 8 päeva tagasi
Can anyone explain that car in the ocean at 16:12 ???
ope_ Trap_yt
ope_ Trap_yt 8 päeva tagasi
1099/office tookin as a hosted or in danger
mihael ristovski
mihael ristovski 9 päeva tagasi
4:02 mod menu?
Ahotrod 10
Ahotrod 10 9 päeva tagasi
Treyten you have amazing content and videos and some day I want to grow up and be just like you
Anthony Beenick
Anthony Beenick 9 päeva tagasi
You have the best content keep up the good work dude I love ur video's
Mihael Lentz
Mihael Lentz 9 päeva tagasi
1099means officer hostage
David Khasebe II
David Khasebe II 9 päeva tagasi
omg the guy who said im homeless man is a youtuber to
David Khasebe II
David Khasebe II 9 päeva tagasi
when he said what hey! i felt bad
the-Master299 9 päeva tagasi
yeah i play on this erver that road so slippery
Dancoulson7 9 päeva tagasi
Anyone else notice the car that Trey drive in a previous video in the bottom of the ocean
GGN Wings
GGN Wings 9 päeva tagasi
Why was the Ferrari in the water lol
Stone 9 päeva tagasi
5:55 "I slept with your mother" that shit had me crying
J V 9 päeva tagasi
10-9 means repeat
Barb R
Barb R 9 päeva tagasi
Blockay44 g
Blockay44 g 10 päeva tagasi
1099 means officer is held hostage
IItZ_Infact 10 päeva tagasi
10-99 means officer held hostage so u missed an opportunity lmao
Veng3シ 10 päeva tagasi
How do i get on this server?
Ralle -
Ralle - 10 päeva tagasi
thank you for not spamming ads in your videoes
Mr Russell
Mr Russell 10 päeva tagasi
u r mean
Schoey 46
Schoey 46 10 päeva tagasi
16:12 nice Ferrari
Tre Mammana
Tre Mammana 10 päeva tagasi
I can’t find the dealership
Cyclops 4729
Cyclops 4729 10 päeva tagasi
Why is my spoiler doing 360’s!
Carmelo Agustin
Carmelo Agustin 10 päeva tagasi
i leard that in marcel arts
Layton Marks
Layton Marks 11 päeva tagasi
I saw one of the old cars trey drove In The water
luis aragon
luis aragon 11 päeva tagasi
1099 is ofeser held hosteg
Bluekingzz 11 päeva tagasi
10-99 means police officer held hostage
Bluekingzz 11 päeva tagasi
Or cardiac arrest
Barrett Brothers
Barrett Brothers 11 päeva tagasi
1099 means officer held hostage/ cardiac arrest
NBW_ 11 päeva tagasi
anyone know what ser ver he plas on?
Dark DRIP 11 päeva tagasi
If you realize there’s a Black McLaren
TTV RustLogan
TTV RustLogan 12 päeva tagasi
How do u do this
Pbnzay 12 päeva tagasi
The little tiny tesical went up the water sprout an went down again😂
vybz !
vybz ! 12 päeva tagasi
10-99 - Officer in Distress.
WirySquid 12 päeva tagasi
Btw 10-99 means cop hostage
Kingboy21savage W_W
Kingboy21savage W_W 12 päeva tagasi
Did anybody see that Ferrari underwater
Vernon George
Vernon George 12 päeva tagasi
16:12 missing car??
shadowz_flaw 12 päeva tagasi
10-99 is officer held hostage
meme chanell 911
meme chanell 911 12 päeva tagasi
I don't want the construction worker the worker: I'm homeless man!!! Xd
Keagan Cantu
Keagan Cantu 12 päeva tagasi
10-99 means officer held hostage lol
Clean penguin
Clean penguin 12 päeva tagasi
16:13 he has his Ferrari from the beginning in the lake
CallMeEbz 13 päeva tagasi
anyone else saw his Ferrari under the water lol
Devin Owens
Devin Owens 13 päeva tagasi
11:56 hahaha
Elsa Mendoza
Elsa Mendoza 13 päeva tagasi
16:12 there is a Ferrari with white stripes in the bottom of the water ???????
BH Fanza
BH Fanza 13 päeva tagasi
A 10-99 is an officer held hostage
Alex 13 päeva tagasi
Could u drive I hit stuff like 18 times lol
Alex 13 päeva tagasi
U I mean
Michael Wiley
Michael Wiley 13 päeva tagasi
Wooooooooooooooooooooo ok
DuroGaming 13 päeva tagasi
Guy said there so far away 1 second later THEIR GONNA SHOOT ME THEIR GONNA SHOOT ME
Yourboi ridge
Yourboi ridge 14 päeva tagasi
Dealership owner: let’s catch some thieves Treyten: yaaaaaaa yaaaaaaaa
Yaluss 14 päeva tagasi
Can someone tell me how to make this mode so you can talk to others and stuf
Your Mom
Your Mom 14 päeva tagasi
Nobody gonna talk about the Ferrari’ in the bottom of the ocean
GorillaBeast Gaming
GorillaBeast Gaming 13 päeva tagasi
I think it was his from a earlier episode
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