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That was crazy...
Today I decided to become batman and do hitman jobs. I got a new jet and used it against cops and got into a bunch of chases and battles. There are a lot of funny moments in this gta 5 episode, enjoy!
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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!

Corpsul Päev tagasi
11:46 when your auto tune messes up
Emilio Blaw
Emilio Blaw 2 päeva tagasi
The drab pan appropriately copy because steel successfully clip onto a picayune coat. ignorant, jolly kenya
Rob The Gamer
Rob The Gamer 3 päeva tagasi
I love you so much pls donate 4 dollars pls pls pls pls
Jeremy Chittum
Jeremy Chittum 4 päeva tagasi
GTA 5 should have a sticky bomb sniper
Griffin Brown
Griffin Brown 5 päeva tagasi
It’s crazy that your using the same music that I listen to for hours
Kenneth Dominguez
Kenneth Dominguez 5 päeva tagasi
And I love the Batman car the most
Kenneth Dominguez
Kenneth Dominguez 5 päeva tagasi
The fastest thing is a rooster lol but I play ETA five
Count the ways Funtime Freddy
Count the ways Funtime Freddy 5 päeva tagasi
R.I.P tesco
John Economides
John Economides 7 päeva tagasi
Isn’t that just the hydra
Fake cop hater
Fake cop hater 7 päeva tagasi
Fucking “bat gender fluid”
Zilla Kami
Zilla Kami 7 päeva tagasi
I jus wanna tawk man I just wanna tawk
Splinter Toowoo
Splinter Toowoo 8 päeva tagasi
I love this mod
Jackson Schnabel
Jackson Schnabel 9 päeva tagasi
“Batman would never kill” as he try’s to kill cops
Bob bobingtin
Bob bobingtin 9 päeva tagasi
I thought batman hated guns; great rp trey
Ruth Ullyatt
Ruth Ullyatt 10 päeva tagasi
The cops name was Tesco and in England there is a shop called Tesco but I don know if there is in America
Area 10 päeva tagasi
this man uploads once a month, i sometimes forget about u man, good thing i saw this
UN8 10 päeva tagasi
Trey I never knew you were botman
Suns10Rule 10 päeva tagasi
The legal gray socially scold because note endosonographically land besides a lyrical plier. scattered, volatile switch
Damians channel
Damians channel 10 päeva tagasi
you sod make a car meet and then stellel all of thar cars then tell the cops i found thies on the side of the rode
Dante Delgadillo
Dante Delgadillo 11 päeva tagasi
What server he playing in ?
TRIPPY6N ._. 11 päeva tagasi
I love ur vibez
gav •_•
gav •_• 12 päeva tagasi
Pennie Slaven
Pennie Slaven 13 päeva tagasi
3:53 WOOOW I like thoseeeee
R0CKET 13 päeva tagasi
love all of you hitman videos keep up the good work man you are the best
Samantha O'Brien
Samantha O'Brien 13 päeva tagasi
I'm subscribed and liked
Omedplays I quit yt vids
Omedplays I quit yt vids 13 päeva tagasi
Is ur real name Tristan cause that’s myname
MsOnenonly1988 13 päeva tagasi
Hi daddy
ImCryzahh 14 päeva tagasi
what audio mod are u using for gun sounds and car sounds?
Kyle Hart
Kyle Hart 14 päeva tagasi
Half of me loves to see people get paid using their incredible content. The other half of me hates having to hear people lie to me about the stock market and amazon selling every two and half minutes.
H Orrett
H Orrett 14 päeva tagasi
Police shoot Batman once and then he shoots them 1 k times
Andrew Wilkins
Andrew Wilkins 14 päeva tagasi
Andrew Wilkins
Andrew Wilkins 14 päeva tagasi
This is trey sees a Bugatti no don’t take it sees a petal bike takes it
JOSHUA WELDEN 14 päeva tagasi
john anderson
john anderson 15 päeva tagasi
The dead straw expectedly guard because dashboard seemingly blush inside a filthy feedback. certain, overconfident mail
mad psycho
mad psycho 15 päeva tagasi
im lmaof lol
Hiroki Sato
Hiroki Sato 15 päeva tagasi
its litterly the bat wing not bat mobile
Noah Thomas
Noah Thomas 16 päeva tagasi
Can we git more hitman
Kaptinkush 4201
Kaptinkush 4201 17 päeva tagasi
11:46 my favorite part
adhocpandora691 17 päeva tagasi
11:48 XD
ImAgressive 17 päeva tagasi
the grove street job 🤣🤣
vermili0n 18 päeva tagasi
says batgenderfluid but then said hitman right after lol
SirFrosty 19 päeva tagasi
treyten keep posting
Lee Gonzalez
Lee Gonzalez 19 päeva tagasi
what's the name of the redline rp?
Alex Arsene
Alex Arsene 19 päeva tagasi
Can someone tell me the name of the backround music at 7:12 pls?
Donna Mcgee
Donna Mcgee 19 päeva tagasi
Donna Mcgee
Donna Mcgee 19 päeva tagasi
how did you gte that bat man car i reall ywan tit in gta5 plzz tell me
Robbie Kerrigan
Robbie Kerrigan 19 päeva tagasi
i think the cop at the start was irish
Sandstorm_08 20 päeva tagasi
Ok no worries I’ll just get back with me when I can start it on my phone I need it for you I don’t have any money to start the game but you have no money for it no money for money I have money to do that money to get it for you I have to start it up and start paying for it I don’t know what I can get money to start the day but it for you to get it done for you and you can get money
Micheal Martin
Micheal Martin 20 päeva tagasi
Micheal Martin
Micheal Martin 20 päeva tagasi
Im batman
Lissa M
Lissa M 20 päeva tagasi
Trey: oooh I’ll take the bountie The bountie: DIE TREY
Lissa M
Lissa M 20 päeva tagasi
Honda boy Pitvipers
Honda boy Pitvipers 20 päeva tagasi
Marko Jovanoski
Marko Jovanoski 21 päev tagasi
why are you acting like they are hurting you and is just a game
TiloRex 23 päeva tagasi
please post an new vid
TiloRex 23 päeva tagasi
treyten are u dead
Lgehokie1 24 päeva tagasi
Hey can you rp as Hitler or Obama next
Carlie T
Carlie T 25 päeva tagasi
treyten is like pennywise he comes back every 27 years
TENDER-fletch 10 tundi tagasi
Nah that’s ceeday (;
Jenifer Cruz
Jenifer Cruz 25 päeva tagasi
Rip trey ten
Hajime Hinata
Hajime Hinata 26 päeva tagasi
11:46 His voice changer wouldn’t work XD It was hilarious
Realistic drives Fh4
Realistic drives Fh4 26 päeva tagasi
Batman, im offended,
Jesse Haydon
Jesse Haydon 27 päeva tagasi
Its a hydra modded hydra
BluDevv 27 päeva tagasi
What mod is this
Richmond Whelpdale-Edwards
Richmond Whelpdale-Edwards 28 päeva tagasi
I love the part were he did this : 3:25
Negdo Mo Chicken
Negdo Mo Chicken 28 päeva tagasi
And jmw films
Negdo Mo Chicken
Negdo Mo Chicken 28 päeva tagasi
Are you pro gamer dude
Nyancat 1247
Nyancat 1247 29 päeva tagasi
Fucking bat gender fluid wtf 😂 😂😂😂
minder Slaton
minder Slaton 29 päeva tagasi
spawn code ?
Elite Zero
Elite Zero 29 päeva tagasi
The Batwing!???
Max Landgren
Max Landgren 29 päeva tagasi
Lol at the end the cop confiscating his weapons was Hyperion!!!
LazyLucas Місяць tagasi
1:41 batgenderfluid lol
Manuel Castro
Manuel Castro Місяць tagasi
**cops shooting** Trey: GoTTa Go fAsT
Riley Slusar
Riley Slusar Місяць tagasi
For sure
windows lkj
windows lkj Місяць tagasi
why you always have pistol dude buy a full loaded smg and just spray at them
• PH03NIX •
• PH03NIX • Місяць tagasi
The guy that paid with $6,969 is a meme lord.
Austin Laughner
Austin Laughner Місяць tagasi
Treyten you should do a monster truck hist with Opey
fergus casley
fergus casley Місяць tagasi
Trey's bat mobile explodes him "how did that happen" me "u literally crashed into a building".
Sunflower Crew
Sunflower Crew Місяць tagasi
I had redline for 2weeks to play with you my favorite youtuber
MajrFLEX10 Add me
MajrFLEX10 Add me Місяць tagasi
It’s not called bat mobile it’s the bat wing
Jawad Said
Jawad Said Місяць tagasi
The fact that the jet engine is on the left and not centered triggers me
mark XZE
mark XZE Місяць tagasi
I Pulled the pun
Francisco Colon-Baez
Francisco Colon-Baez Місяць tagasi
Best Hit man episode ever 🤣🤣💯
NateTheBaconForlife 0
NateTheBaconForlife 0 Місяць tagasi
repair repair repair reparir
christine partida
christine partida Місяць tagasi
make more episodes of this
Marcus Chorn
Marcus Chorn Місяць tagasi
Why is there only one thruster working lol
APMysticz Місяць tagasi
Man killed Nebula instead of Tesco 😂😂😂😂
Jack Seigler
Jack Seigler Місяць tagasi
Zayn Khaliq
Zayn Khaliq Місяць tagasi
I remember when i said trey is the best EEpostr but then he stopped doing as much vids that makes me sad
Cernan Sabturani
Cernan Sabturani Місяць tagasi
my ocd kicks in when i see that only 1 exaust that has flames
Jsweat Gamer
Jsweat Gamer Місяць tagasi
I can’t stop laughing im dead 😂😂😂😂
Galaxy Gamer
Galaxy Gamer Місяць tagasi
Tesco is a popular shop in England lol
Jay Rea
Jay Rea Місяць tagasi
that is mass rdm lol
iced_tylerr25 Місяць tagasi
Hey treyten how do I join you role-play server
Morgan Grimes
Morgan Grimes Місяць tagasi
He sound like the dude trying to kill the bee in the bee movie
pewdie pie
pewdie pie Місяць tagasi
But its yogurt night
epic_blaster Місяць tagasi
What’s the outro music called
Banner Bayles
Banner Bayles Місяць tagasi
Dylan Santiago
Dylan Santiago Місяць tagasi
More like a bat situation
Nooby Fnm
Nooby Fnm Місяць tagasi
TaffetaEar 2789
TaffetaEar 2789 Місяць tagasi
Just some guy with three swords
Just some guy with three swords Місяць tagasi
BTS (방탄소년단) 'BE-hind Story' Teaser
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BTS (방탄소년단) 'BE-hind Story' Teaser
The most embarrassing Sidemen tweets of all time...
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