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That was crazy...
Today I decided to become a fake high speed cop. I trolled people by stealing their expensive cars and more. The real cops ended up coming and it got pretty crazy. This is definitely my favorite fake cop yet. There are a lot of funny moments in this GTA 5 episode, enjoy!
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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!

Oliver Tamm
Oliver Tamm 8 tundi tagasi
The best psrt is over here 19:16 - 19:28
Nxraka_ 999
Nxraka_ 999 9 tundi tagasi
The dislike button 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Huseyn Jr
Huseyn Jr 12 tundi tagasi
7:10 that back flip tho
Maui Makaio
Maui Makaio 22 tundi tagasi
Streetspeed717 over here lmao 😂
Jairo Funes
Jairo Funes Päev tagasi
You said I am john Cena and I am in school and they call me john Cena because my haircut
Chad Drews
Chad Drews Päev tagasi
I'm 8 and ive bin watching your videos for 2 years
Jerymiah Chavez
Jerymiah Chavez Päev tagasi
my stomach hurts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jordan Wilson
Jordan Wilson Päev tagasi
Treyten register your self as a cop and when get pull over give them your bage number
derrick wray
derrick wray 2 päeva tagasi
we saw a dude do flips and 360's treyten yea im not yea im yea
3t Yusuf XD
3t Yusuf XD 2 päeva tagasi
Is this scripted
sMyLLeX 2 päeva tagasi
how does redline allow this
FNAF SpringTrap
FNAF SpringTrap 3 päeva tagasi
Whenever I see a Treyten video, I think "Wtf did he do now?"
Earths Oreo
Earths Oreo 3 päeva tagasi
"How about we just do one of these. OH WAIT THERES THE COP! -turns around and there's and Cop SUV- Uhhhhhh." IM DEAD LOL
Juli Falsetta
Juli Falsetta 3 päeva tagasi
7:09 cleanest flip in a while.
Caeden’s Channel
Caeden’s Channel 4 päeva tagasi
whats the link to the game?
RTA_RYLAN 4 päeva tagasi
I legit can't stop watching your videos you make my day😁
Jackson Paniagua
Jackson Paniagua 4 päeva tagasi
Ghoul Face
Ghoul Face 4 päeva tagasi
Treyten is literally the cop who killed George Floyd XD
Copper Steinman
Copper Steinman 5 päeva tagasi
Man can u sell them again I missed out cause I recently started waiting ur channel which is really good btw but if u can make them again it would mean a lot
Vixz 5 päeva tagasi
Treyten "i am all black now"
KairoFNR 5 päeva tagasi
Why do you have to be 16 to play red line 😖😭
APLAYS 5 päeva tagasi
covvert covvert my fav song
harlsbruh 5 päeva tagasi
FiveM Clothing Store!
Hugo Sanchez
Hugo Sanchez 6 päeva tagasi
elanip has a wife and a child a girl i searchde it up on google
Painless 6 päeva tagasi
XXX&SkiMask 7 päeva tagasi
Name of THE song- ooyy 2gether
Zak Kimball
Zak Kimball 7 päeva tagasi
“You don’t even know where I am.... I’m John cena” killed me dude
Braiden Pope
Braiden Pope 7 päeva tagasi
Tamika Crayton
Tamika Crayton 7 päeva tagasi
Bro this is the most craziest thing when he was driving the Red Corvette after he killed the motorcycle man i asked my friends Corvette or Lamborghini and literally one minute later he pulled over a Lamborghini
Coen Lloyd
Coen Lloyd 7 päeva tagasi
trey u dont even know where i am im john cena had me dead cryinh ong
Black goko
Black goko 7 päeva tagasi
No Ratz39
No Ratz39 8 päeva tagasi
U allow racist in yours session
No Ratz39
No Ratz39 8 päeva tagasi
Are u racist
Lilbthegoat1 8 päeva tagasi
Come on man, lemme put this needle on you. 😂😂😂
Angie deMartin
Angie deMartin 9 päeva tagasi
Domanik Martino
Domanik Martino 10 päeva tagasi
I love when the cop tackles trey at the end the says got you b**ch
grapejuice78 10 päeva tagasi
Why does the casino look so weird
Hodgeybob 10 päeva tagasi
These videos are fuckin priceless 😂😂. I just found this channel
krishnansh rao
krishnansh rao 10 päeva tagasi
Ur awesome man seeing u ifeel to play a lot
Bauštelac 10 päeva tagasi
Can somebody tell me what graphics mod does he use?
Thea 10 päeva tagasi
😂 funny functional WEEEE WOO WEEE WOOO 🤣
nicole price
nicole price 10 päeva tagasi
stuff like that make me unsubscribe
nicole price
nicole price 10 päeva tagasi
bru no hate no nothing but u ruck up the video when u said dat mickey mouse from the dapartment that was the dumb part and stop using the voice changers
eX cxllz
eX cxllz 11 päeva tagasi
He did a hole back flip when he hit the bridge
Omar 11 päeva tagasi
It would be actually pretty cool if there were like fbi in the server too or another type of police force does that make sense ??
Hello Youtuber
Hello Youtuber 11 päeva tagasi
Treytens favorite command is /repair
Melanie Knill
Melanie Knill 12 päeva tagasi
I love ya vids to
Melanie Knill
Melanie Knill 12 päeva tagasi
When u run you look like a ostrich
YTcola 〰-〰
YTcola 〰-〰 12 päeva tagasi
You “ try to run away from cops “ then run back into them 🤦🏼‍♂️ it honestly frustrates me on EVERY SINGLE VIDEO 🤦🏼‍♂️🙄
Teresa Tomlin
Teresa Tomlin 12 päeva tagasi
Best vod yet 👍👍👍👍👍
Frx_on_gfuel 13 päeva tagasi
If your seeing this then 2021 is your year and god is always believing in you
Derrell Johnson
Derrell Johnson 13 päeva tagasi
“You don’t even know where I am I’m John cena” 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Derrell Johnson
Derrell Johnson 10 päeva tagasi
@Christian De Leon I did to😂😂😂
Christian De Leon
Christian De Leon 10 päeva tagasi
I laughed so hard i had a stroke
Jalen Klootwyk
Jalen Klootwyk 13 päeva tagasi
Treyten: How did he find me dude Maybe because you’re in a bright blue color hiding in a green bush
gun and fortnite channel
gun and fortnite channel 14 päeva tagasi
That was brickley head
Henry Burton
Henry Burton 14 päeva tagasi
Subscribe to treyten and me Henry burton
Fortnite Player
Fortnite Player 15 päeva tagasi
What the hell bruh why anything in the world to say you said shabonk
Randy Robles
Randy Robles 15 päeva tagasi
Aqua 15 päeva tagasi
my guy gets caught and goes full lgbtq
store got shutdown
store got shutdown 15 päeva tagasi
Can we talk
deanne radke
deanne radke 16 päeva tagasi
I love the video
lil shiers
lil shiers 16 päeva tagasi
dude the questions when he pulls over the lambo 😂 this guys hilarious
M3zaツ 16 päeva tagasi
how do you play GTA like that ?
Will 14 päeva tagasi
It's GTA 5 RP only for pc
ASHYBOI ANIME 16 päeva tagasi
When u said hello there the other cop comes and said so wtf i literally laughed so hard.
Jcv Gang
Jcv Gang 16 päeva tagasi
What rp is this I wanna play it
DaDummy 11
DaDummy 11 17 päeva tagasi
Yo why it coming back stolen
Benjamin 17 päeva tagasi
Been laughing so hard amazing
AkrixFN 17 päeva tagasi
is this a server on fivem
Zach Decker
Zach Decker 17 päeva tagasi
24:01 i love how he passed him like 3 times and he didnt notice lmao i guess he is john cena
Fin B
Fin B 17 päeva tagasi
He says when was the first iphone its 2007
Fin B
Fin B 17 päeva tagasi
Your opponient is great but your soul is greater...the fight was tough but the restel was won...the battle was lost but the war was won , these are things u come accross in games as sutch
FishyWishy 18 päeva tagasi
“Everyone there has massive titas” 😂😂
Richardplayzroblox258 13 päeva tagasi
Bro the “you see my little juggies” had me laughing hard
Wyatt Easton
Wyatt Easton 15 päeva tagasi
Finley clipz
Finley clipz 18 päeva tagasi
Welcome myself back haven't watched trey in months 😂
Christian Kossman
Christian Kossman 18 päeva tagasi
Did you kill broccoli head
Katie Morpeth
Katie Morpeth 18 päeva tagasi
I’m a gangsta crack up
William Wilson
William Wilson 18 päeva tagasi
“Sir what the fuck?” 17:40 got me laughing
mythic monster_baby25
mythic monster_baby25 18 päeva tagasi
You could have just pick the Lock off the handcuff You had to key🤦‍♂️
Behr MC
Behr MC 18 päeva tagasi
Cracked Justin
Cracked Justin 18 päeva tagasi
I literally cried tears when you pulled the guy over in the orange car and the real cop turned around and saw you LMAO
Adan Ponce
Adan Ponce 18 päeva tagasi
Mickie mouse 😂😂😂
Darien Mcgriff
Darien Mcgriff 19 päeva tagasi
I'm a chicken
I'm a chicken 19 päeva tagasi
You did fake cop NOW WE WANT FAKE TAXI 😫
Gabriel James Vlogs
Gabriel James Vlogs 19 päeva tagasi
Sooo great!!! Haha good job with your vids bro!
NotLogicツ 19 päeva tagasi
the intro is hilarious
Kaitlyn Stine
Kaitlyn Stine 19 päeva tagasi
“ no witnesses!!!!!” the bots: 👁👄👁 Next thing I hear: GET UP AND FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN BOI
Scott Hoffman
Scott Hoffman 19 päeva tagasi
Screwed up my whole day. I have shit to do but this is pure comedy!!!
Arkangel 19 päeva tagasi
Jack Schardan
Jack Schardan 19 päeva tagasi
ChubbyWubbz Qt
ChubbyWubbz Qt 20 päeva tagasi
How do u be a cop or do what trey is doing is it a mod
Austin and Jake
Austin and Jake 19 päeva tagasi
He is playing fivem and he made a script to have real life cars and be a cop, then he let people join his server
WHATDIDHESAY_GT 20 päeva tagasi
Jonah's Vlogs
Jonah's Vlogs 20 päeva tagasi
The general Lee!!!
Anthony Ibarra
Anthony Ibarra 20 päeva tagasi
Make another video
ALCHER GAMER 20 päeva tagasi
Elanip is that your channel treyten?
Borish Nongthombam
Borish Nongthombam 20 päeva tagasi
do with ramee and do heist of gangs drug
Borish Nongthombam
Borish Nongthombam 20 päeva tagasi
do like elanip oppi u'll get more fans
Borish Nongthombam
Borish Nongthombam 20 päeva tagasi
are ur channal dead
Austin and Jake
Austin and Jake 20 päeva tagasi
@Borish Nongthombam well it’s been out for 3 hours lol
Borish Nongthombam
Borish Nongthombam 20 päeva tagasi
@Austin and Jake i m tired of waiting his video, big fan
Austin and Jake
Austin and Jake 20 päeva tagasi
Nope. He just doesn’t upload but when he does, he gets like 1 or 2 million views
exwodds 20 päeva tagasi
Does baldy still play?
Austin and Jake
Austin and Jake 20 päeva tagasi
Nathaniel Davis
Nathaniel Davis 20 päeva tagasi
Youtoonz is so true it even says ur real irl height
Kaine Kilbon
Kaine Kilbon 20 päeva tagasi
@Treyten do u respond if so when r u uploading today?
FreeStyle Gamez
FreeStyle Gamez 20 päeva tagasi
Trey"Your not gonna talk!"him"wtf are you doing"Trey just roughing him up a bit"*runs*
Julie Beehn
Julie Beehn 20 päeva tagasi
treyten if you are running out of ideas do a jet flip car or a invisblilty car p.s hit the like and sub
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