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That was crazy...
Today I decided to rob every store with the fastest drag car in the game. I did all of this while trolling the cops. I got into a bunch of chases and it was some of the best getaway I've ever had. There are a lot of funny moments in this gta 5 episode, enjoy!

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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!

Julian giesing
Julian giesing 14 tundi tagasi
new favo youtuber found :)
Pig Cheeks
Pig Cheeks 14 tundi tagasi
What game is that well i know its gya but its moded or something idk
omar beez
omar beez 17 tundi tagasi
Hey i have diabetes Type 1 since I was 2 and I’m 13 now
Poison Monkey
Poison Monkey 21 tund tagasi
0-60 in 0.001 seconds but he stills gets caught in the first 0.002 seconds
Poison Monkey
Poison Monkey 21 tund tagasi
Best driver in the world he says, as he continues Toto crash his car in the first two second
Jay Calva
Jay Calva Päev tagasi
What sever is this
Mondo Man
Mondo Man Päev tagasi
the baby is crazy
Tina Gradney
Tina Gradney Päev tagasi
Can u shot me out please
Six flags amarica biggest fan!
Six flags amarica biggest fan! Päev tagasi
9:47 that aint no baby lol 😂😂
Corey Blunt
Corey Blunt Päev tagasi
What server is this?
Toby Lyons
Toby Lyons Päev tagasi
Is that Tommy fury at the start?
Rosa Vazquez
Rosa Vazquez 2 päeva tagasi
His merch is cool
Rosa Vazquez
Rosa Vazquez 2 päeva tagasi
Rosa Vazquez
Rosa Vazquez 2 päeva tagasi
Ok wish i could play with you and also the cars that he drives everyday he uploads there so cool but if spawns the bigest car in gta my mind is gonna blow and I want the car tl be a big monster truck lamboghini and a another and I want it to be a ferrari and a bugati and that is a great idea so he could destroy the cops and FBI and the car could jump so he could destroy the police helicopters and the jets mission complete wwwwwwhhhhhhhoooooo.
Rosa Vazquez
Rosa Vazquez 2 päeva tagasi
Like vids keep up the good work your so cool
ProDare 2 päeva tagasi
The RP In this server is shit
The Man From Nowhere
The Man From Nowhere 2 päeva tagasi
I’m tryna play just to use the camaro
iLLuziioons iPOP
iLLuziioons iPOP 2 päeva tagasi
Worst “rp” ive seen.
kalub smith
kalub smith 2 päeva tagasi
Where do I find the server at on fivem? Or can someone send me discord link
Myron Gibson
Myron Gibson 2 päeva tagasi
William Webster
William Webster 2 päeva tagasi
i subed
Hassan Armstrong
Hassan Armstrong 2 päeva tagasi
How do you get the tazer
k c
k c 2 päeva tagasi
horse head reminds me of Alice in borderland :)
CruzCakes209 2 päeva tagasi
Villa 139
Villa 139 2 päeva tagasi
*robs stores and shoots at police* officer im a nice guy
Mr8Uupp 3 päeva tagasi
Horrible driver
Ronnie Headford
Ronnie Headford 3 päeva tagasi
I love ur vids
Kangaroo 3 päeva tagasi
“That’s a cheese stick sir”
Ian Cain
Ian Cain 3 päeva tagasi
Treyton: I'm a nice guy just trying to feed my family Also treyton: immediately hit a cop with a car*
Sunofman357 3 päeva tagasi
I have not wached I will sub
Narcos 3 päeva tagasi
Get your mate to go into stores with a different car wait a min then use him as a hostage
Help Me Reach 10k with no videos
Help Me Reach 10k with no videos 3 päeva tagasi
Banger 🔥 🔥
Marius Koustrup
Marius Koustrup 4 päeva tagasi
1,8 mil face revial :D plz
David Hebenstreit
David Hebenstreit 4 päeva tagasi
Cop- “Sir stop swimming” Treyten- “sir stop boating” 😂
Vyrlien 4 päeva tagasi
what is RP about that? NonRP driving, ignoring injuries.. far from RP
CrazyGreek Cats
CrazyGreek Cats 4 päeva tagasi
make everything explode fuck it. MIKe JOINS THE GAME, GLITCH STARTS AT 7:10
Juan Villagomez
Juan Villagomez 5 päeva tagasi
Giving a dislike for being so fucking trash
He4rtless -_-
He4rtless -_- 5 päeva tagasi
Night Bot
Night Bot 5 päeva tagasi
at 0:56 the cop falls down
MrMoots 5 päeva tagasi
Trey says he is gonna crush someone, then he hits them and they are just laying in the hood bleeding out for a mile at 250 mph.
Izaach Bala
Izaach Bala 5 päeva tagasi
3:13 isnt that blue car opies(elanip) car on trading cheap car to expensive car.
Aaron No lose
Aaron No lose 6 päeva tagasi
And this is why cops kill on sight.
solitary_summer8 6 päeva tagasi
It sound like one of the cops was faze Jarvis
Jacob Wright
Jacob Wright 6 päeva tagasi
That bliue car right before you rob the bank was yours when you got traded the rolls royce
L1ghtningspeed 6 päeva tagasi
What's the music at 8:30
SBGAMES 1 6 päeva tagasi
what version of gta is this😂😂
PS4 GAMER 6 päeva tagasi
FR Valid
FR Valid 6 päeva tagasi
Yo that’s sky life rp I play that server
Aziz Saib
Aziz Saib 8 päeva tagasi
What’s the name of this server
Lexhasnxtfxund • 30 years ago
Lexhasnxtfxund • 30 years ago 8 päeva tagasi
I like how brocoli head is one of the cops
Jordan 8 päeva tagasi
wtf lol
So1ar GG’s gg’s
So1ar GG’s gg’s 8 päeva tagasi
18:13 when you wanna show of but goes wrong
Memphis Gumabon
Memphis Gumabon 8 päeva tagasi
Kraxy 8 päeva tagasi
This is a older camaro that triggered me
Luis Alberto
Luis Alberto 9 päeva tagasi
Saeed Gamer 2001
Saeed Gamer 2001 9 päeva tagasi
What server is this
Garrett Jacobsen
Garrett Jacobsen 9 päeva tagasi
What server do you play on
Random Thought
Random Thought 9 päeva tagasi
“Sir stop swimming” Treyton: stop boating
Nathan Christiaen
Nathan Christiaen 9 päeva tagasi
Hoe do you het in that rp server
Benjamin Weissman
Benjamin Weissman 9 päeva tagasi
Are you playing with other people Is that how the cops are getting and talking to you or what I’m so Confused how did u get a hostage wtf
Kristi Edwards
Kristi Edwards 10 päeva tagasi
Do you haft to buy the mods that you download
voiah 10 päeva tagasi
Trey: ur so bad ur so bad also: him crashes 5 times
Cosmic_clanYT For life
Cosmic_clanYT For life 10 päeva tagasi
Trey: it’s so easy being me *reminds me of horrid Henry theme song it’s not easy being me
AJB 8 päeva tagasi
Maddox Sudayu
Maddox Sudayu 10 päeva tagasi
dis man driveing a fuckin drag car and wondering why it dont turn LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Tarika Jackson
Tarika Jackson 10 päeva tagasi
GTA v if I if I make my online person I will play with you online my name is GTA v
JackMR 10 päeva tagasi
This dude really failRP..smh
Jvmoreno Trejo
Jvmoreno Trejo 10 päeva tagasi
Cole Collins
Cole Collins 10 päeva tagasi
Love treyten
Morty McFly
Morty McFly 10 päeva tagasi
What menu do you use?
James Daugherty
James Daugherty 10 päeva tagasi
Get a new driver tesr
Anthony Fiorino
Anthony Fiorino 10 päeva tagasi
This is pretty funny I'm not gunna lie......
ItbeClue 11 päeva tagasi
“ pretty old Camaro” it’s from early 2000s
Jorge Galvan
Jorge Galvan 10 päeva tagasi
Could be a1998 1999
Lyndsey Hands
Lyndsey Hands 11 päeva tagasi
Ron Smith
Ron Smith 12 päeva tagasi
so this is the serious rp server you need a ton of hours to get access too.. interestinf
Judah Te-maera
Judah Te-maera 12 päeva tagasi
I swear the video fast forwards when he's in the car
KenzoTv 12 päeva tagasi
I just uploaded the funniest gta 5 Rp with tee grizzly check it out
Maddox Benoit
Maddox Benoit 12 päeva tagasi
talk about fail rp
Fortnight pro pro Pro
Fortnight pro pro Pro 12 päeva tagasi
{511} Sheriff Junior
{511} Sheriff Junior 12 päeva tagasi
Kevin Yarbrough
Kevin Yarbrough 12 päeva tagasi
Treyten why don't you Rob a convenient store then steal a car from the redline dealership
Tezix 12 päeva tagasi
How do they know where exactly where your at
Tezix 12 päeva tagasi
Bruh the first part was so annoying it was like real life pulled over for no reason 😂😂😂😂😂
madnigerian 12 päeva tagasi
That was pretty exciting.
Toprhino47 5
Toprhino47 5 12 päeva tagasi
So this is modded gta
Hunter Lang
Hunter Lang 12 päeva tagasi
trey look back to much while driving
Samantha Allen
Samantha Allen 12 päeva tagasi
You are good at running from cops
Adrian Romero
Adrian Romero 13 päeva tagasi
Best driver in the city who
Husky On YT
Husky On YT 13 päeva tagasi
yo trey with that horse mask u looking mad shmexy;)
BUBBLIX :3 13 päeva tagasi
I love you Trenton no homo
GE Wehbe
GE Wehbe 13 päeva tagasi
Noah Mokhoon
Noah Mokhoon 13 päeva tagasi
Ur driving is terrible
ThatCat 2000
ThatCat 2000 13 päeva tagasi
This right here is an example of real police brutality.
LOUDZZZ 14 päeva tagasi
Ngl the cops are annoying asf
Yaluss 14 päeva tagasi
Can someone tell me how to do this mode pls
Alfred Andersen
Alfred Andersen 14 päeva tagasi
WHAT is the server called
Rover Is nasty
Rover Is nasty 14 päeva tagasi
Trey: oh this thing doesn’t really turn also Trey: *picks drag car*
Learn Goalkeeping
Learn Goalkeeping 14 päeva tagasi
2:17 the police just did John cena
#Gaming Zone
#Gaming Zone 14 päeva tagasi
What is that name of the car so I can buy it in gta v
pokemon ok
pokemon ok 14 päeva tagasi
deadpool gaming135
deadpool gaming135 15 päeva tagasi
Why ya runin ya deckhed
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