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That was crazy...
Today I decided to rob every store with the fastest drag car in the game. I did all of this while trolling the cops. I got into a bunch of chases and it was some of the best getaway I've ever had. There are a lot of funny moments in this gta 5 episode, enjoy!

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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!

ninja pug
ninja pug 7 minutit tagasi
use that car to do a street race torniment for 500k
Troy Fernandez
Troy Fernandez 22 minutit tagasi
New RP server DPSRP is still in the works all positions available but if you are interested in joining
Blake Uttech
Blake Uttech 4 tundi tagasi
I honest thought it was a Pontiac
Elijah Sneed
Elijah Sneed 5 tundi tagasi
its not faster than the tracktor ik yall remember that
Liew Wei Wen
Liew Wei Wen 9 tundi tagasi
Bro u failed the first time 🤣
Chase Dahlke
Chase Dahlke 11 tundi tagasi
1.5m congrats
maque 12 tundi tagasi
song name at 5:29 pls?
Shae Taylor
Shae Taylor 14 tundi tagasi
stop saying bad wordes
Bug Star
Bug Star 16 tundi tagasi
5:28 whats the song? Plsss
sirhc 16 tundi tagasi
Scramjet fastest
Vanessa Bateman
Vanessa Bateman 19 tundi tagasi
Lucia Diaz
Lucia Diaz 21 tund tagasi
Did you knuw
Lucia Diaz
Lucia Diaz 21 tund tagasi
The green guy is irish
Parker_likes_chicken_nuggets Päev tagasi
Is the camaro a Z28 cause my dad has a Z28 camaro and it’s really fun and fast
qucay Päev tagasi
I love these scripted videos
Monchizz-YT Päev tagasi
Wait that blue car with the dollar rims, I remember that car from another vid lol
Professor Fisics
Professor Fisics Päev tagasi
F in the chat for Irish
Professor Fisics
Professor Fisics Päev tagasi
Every time trey flips his camera I get anxiety
Ronald Win
Ronald Win Päev tagasi
How do you play like they do?
chrixy YT
chrixy YT Päev tagasi
Bro the tractor
Sammy Gaming
Sammy Gaming Päev tagasi
Tho’s police are so rude👁👄👁
Melchrist Taruvona
Melchrist Taruvona Päev tagasi
Whenever I hear the song at 5:28 I know somethings about to happen
Bug Star
Bug Star 16 tundi tagasi
Whats it called?
All. Deku_
All. Deku_ Päev tagasi
i haven't laughed so hard in time😂
[GER] FrOZZeN Päev tagasi
what song is at 5:51
Rockstar games official
Rockstar games official 2 päeva tagasi
Grand Theft Auto 6 Trailer -
David Rock
David Rock 2 päeva tagasi
"This thing doesn't turn for shit" As he is driving a drag race built car ha shit it doesn't turn well :)
Oskar Lundbaek
Oskar Lundbaek 2 päeva tagasi
Not even 3 minutes in and he’s died
kayla duque
kayla duque 2 päeva tagasi
kayla duque
kayla duque 2 päeva tagasi
justin samuel
justin samuel 2 päeva tagasi
Music = its getting spicy shootout getting cool getting everything
Tane Panoho
Tane Panoho 2 päeva tagasi
David Rock
David Rock 2 päeva tagasi
Brah your 180 Quicksnipes with that tazer are on point ha ha
Christian Pantaleon
Christian Pantaleon 2 päeva tagasi
Omfg he really handed the cop a cheese stick 😂😂😂😂 I am dying 😂
Alejandro Hernandez
Alejandro Hernandez 2 päeva tagasi
11:28 it’s so funny watching the cops drive fast while your hiding
BIG TEXAS 2 päeva tagasi
Why pink
BIG TEXAS Päev tagasi
@Killswitch-Active but im not hating i just saying my opinion
Killswitch-Active 2 päeva tagasi
@BIG TEXAS my guy it's gta 5 rp.....
BIG TEXAS 2 päeva tagasi
@Killswitch-Active nothing it could off looked a little more realistic
Killswitch-Active 2 päeva tagasi
What's wrong with it
Novus gaming
Novus gaming 2 päeva tagasi
dude that is a mk4 or mk3 supra
lil Pekz
lil Pekz 2 päeva tagasi
yall are saying on your discord that youre trying to make a serious server and then i see this LOL
xxxtentacion fan
xxxtentacion fan 2 päeva tagasi
I'm eating cheese sticks wtfffffffffffffffffff
Jaime Castro
Jaime Castro 2 päeva tagasi
how was there a police boat already, wtf get that foo out the game
i'm Loading
i'm Loading 2 päeva tagasi
Your too bad a driving
Diego Valdez
Diego Valdez 2 päeva tagasi
666 DISLIKES ??!?!?!?
Diego Valdez
Diego Valdez 2 päeva tagasi
Wait a minute..
RyeDusWrk XL
RyeDusWrk XL 2 päeva tagasi
RyeDusWrk XL
RyeDusWrk XL 2 päeva tagasi
Jacob McIntosh
Jacob McIntosh 2 päeva tagasi
Gaming Revolution HQ
Gaming Revolution HQ 2 päeva tagasi
The gaming revolution has begun. Think you're up for it? Report at the HQ!
Dominican Ricer
Dominican Ricer 2 päeva tagasi
U know what's better then having an old comaro in game having one in real life😅😂😂 IG Dominican_ricer my proof😂😂
Samuel Carden
Samuel Carden 2 päeva tagasi
Bro those cops were annoying asf
Kaden Richter
Kaden Richter 2 päeva tagasi
How did he get away when he was surrounded and was just tasing them 😂
Avery Hershey
Avery Hershey 2 päeva tagasi
The blue car is called a funny car. It is meant for drag racing in a straight line that's why it doesn't turn well
ItzShadow 3 päeva tagasi
For me I would go crazy if they kept targeting me bro
GamezWithJedi 3 päeva tagasi
Right as you hit the cop after saying “seatbelts” an ad played
Ali 3 päeva tagasi
The good thing is that his intro is 2 sec ONLY, i like it man 👍🏻
Brody Strickland
Brody Strickland 3 päeva tagasi
Officer “sir stop swimming” Trey “sir stop boatting” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
CoCain 3 päeva tagasi
is it me or is there a supra front bumber lol
Subhan Hammad
Subhan Hammad 3 päeva tagasi
2:02 best driver in the city ?
qt SinneR
qt SinneR 3 päeva tagasi
Lmao the cops are just comedians
Jasper Rodgers
Jasper Rodgers 3 päeva tagasi
That cyan car with money wheels elanip traded it to that guy for a rolls Royce
Luc1d Chanzzz
Luc1d Chanzzz 3 päeva tagasi
The fastest car is the truck with 5 engines
alan gamer
alan gamer 3 päeva tagasi
Lol in the minute 16:56 he said food food
alan gamer
alan gamer 3 päeva tagasi
bownteez is good
bownteez is good 3 päeva tagasi
I'm a choo choo train
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown 3 päeva tagasi
Nobody, absolutely no one: Treyten: This car's so fast i'm not gonna get caught Also Treyten: gets caught
Jason Mazloum
Jason Mazloum 3 päeva tagasi were so close to making the rhino tank good again sigh up now ''
Ben's Gaming Clips
Ben's Gaming Clips 3 päeva tagasi
Please check out my new GTA 5 clip!
GUSTAVO FLORIAN 3 päeva tagasi
Abdulhadi Muhammad Ilyas
Abdulhadi Muhammad Ilyas 3 päeva tagasi
He cannot see because of our comments that is why he cannot drive!!!
JohnCarlo Galapia
JohnCarlo Galapia 3 päeva tagasi
New born baby 😂
mattnations 3 päeva tagasi
Start of with a hostage voice then when thwy ask to hear the hostage change into you normall voice so they dont think its a voice changer (i know im smart lol)
Chase Rowe-Gleeson
Chase Rowe-Gleeson 3 päeva tagasi
Fucking hellI fucking first that car is fucking
Elizabeth Davis
Elizabeth Davis 4 päeva tagasi
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Saabocna 4 päeva tagasi
“Why are you running you little dickhead” I love British people!
Kay2533 Sin
Kay2533 Sin 4 päeva tagasi
The car looks like a 300z
Khamani Morris
Khamani Morris 4 päeva tagasi
That why I stop watching u
E.Vtube 4 päeva tagasi
E.Vtube 4 päeva tagasi
Dose he know what drag cars are you don’t turn only on low speed
12 :00
12 :00 4 päeva tagasi
In gta online, i just bought that car, if anyone wants to know what car it is, its a penumbra ff
12 :00
12 :00 4 päeva tagasi
Its a Mitsubishi eclipse with a 2008 honda something bumper irl
Car Parking Giveaways
Car Parking Giveaways 4 päeva tagasi
21:12 So no one is gonna mention the huge pot plants he barreled down into? Lmao
Ricky White
Ricky White 4 päeva tagasi
Absolutely hilarious
TNX Mythic
TNX Mythic 4 päeva tagasi
Who else remembers the car from Elanips vid 3:12
Yo 4 päeva tagasi
Learn how to drive first part was so sad to watch
Landon Platz
Landon Platz 4 päeva tagasi
well you show your face
RedSniper 212
RedSniper 212 4 päeva tagasi
On this episode of dream plays gta
opip fn
opip fn 4 päeva tagasi
Trey should get a macro for /repair
RNR Keith
RNR Keith 4 päeva tagasi
Speirstheamazing trade that guy the blue car for a Rolls-Royce
TheBaconPurge 4 päeva tagasi
One of the best and clean getaway video
Raymond Thomas
Raymond Thomas 4 päeva tagasi
Can you make a part 2
ki11er sean
ki11er sean 4 päeva tagasi
I think it will break if we hit one more thing gotta be really careful smacks that hell out of pole 😅
danieljameswood 4 päeva tagasi
JOSEPH WALSH 4 päeva tagasi
15:22 if you pause it at the right in time hes kissing
Adam Barakat
Adam Barakat 5 päeva tagasi
Darius Figueroa
Darius Figueroa 5 päeva tagasi
Treyten: “I think the car will break if I hit one more thing” (hits pole)
Hassaan Faruqui
Hassaan Faruqui 5 päeva tagasi
What is the name of the song that starts at 5:33
Jose Anguiano
Jose Anguiano 5 päeva tagasi
Because I thought you where just supposed to be online but no
Jose Anguiano
Jose Anguiano 5 päeva tagasi
How can you play like with real cars
TP Clover
TP Clover 5 päeva tagasi
I thought Irish was banned
Foxx Brandon
Foxx Brandon 5 päeva tagasi
That one blue car was a nascar. Nascars open like that
Bless grande
Bless grande 5 päeva tagasi
treyten you should make an ambush video
Mr_takeyourpizza 5 päeva tagasi
when the quiet kid looses in kahoot so he brings out his kashoot
Giovanni Genovese
Giovanni Genovese 5 päeva tagasi
casually holds hostage* "hey how you doin"
Joel Dedrick
Joel Dedrick 5 päeva tagasi
MR BOUNTY 5 päeva tagasi
Opie gave that guy that's blue car in
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