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That was crazy...
Today we decided to get a fake tow truck an steal cars. We stole some lamborghinis and a ton more. The cops showed up and I got into a bunch of chases. There were a lot of funny moments in this GTA 5 episode, ennjoy!
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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!

Ginelle Samuels
Ginelle Samuels Päev tagasi
JKYboss_ Päev tagasi
Do more videos with millie
Titan Recruit
Titan Recruit 2 päeva tagasi
I love it how he casually walks into a pool at the end
Jason Mazloum
Jason Mazloum 2 päeva tagasi were so close to making the rhino tank good again sigh up now
Zack Winston
Zack Winston 3 päeva tagasi
He Has prob has Got over 500 cars
Hooligan_ TV
Hooligan_ TV 4 päeva tagasi
What do u do with the lambos afterwards? Can u store them in ur garage and keep them forever?
Drew Hutchinson
Drew Hutchinson 4 päeva tagasi
“I swear it’s not scripted” Proceeds to go through the heavily scripted motions
TheOG NBALegend
TheOG NBALegend 5 päeva tagasi
Carter White
Carter White 5 päeva tagasi
idea: steal a cop car c4 it then park it out of the cop station then c4 it
patrol head
patrol head 9 päeva tagasi
"hey man, have a good day" Fucku xD
R3V3RSE_ NIC3 10 päeva tagasi
The blue one is so f ing fast
Txrxn_jxhn4 10 päeva tagasi
Have u got Ronnie Pickerin with you “get out of the fucking truck“
Jeremy Gregorek
Jeremy Gregorek 11 päeva tagasi
Only tow truck company where your car looks worse after they load it onto the flatbed then before they touch it
Rebecca Meakin
Rebecca Meakin 12 päeva tagasi
Hey trey do u each Sean James I his son obie
myannii mortem
myannii mortem 13 päeva tagasi
Trey said he’s poor yet steals 20 million worth of cars each time he does a video
Christian Leslie
Christian Leslie 14 päeva tagasi
i love your vids
dragonmast1904 14 päeva tagasi
i got a honey add right before this video in an online lesson im so proud
michael brooks
michael brooks 14 päeva tagasi
do you know stream snips
Braydon Wixom
Braydon Wixom 14 päeva tagasi
4:31 u should have sid "i have hiv and corona"
Micheal Roat
Micheal Roat 15 päeva tagasi
H K 18 päeva tagasi
One of the cleanest endings ever
Brandon Rodriguez
Brandon Rodriguez 18 päeva tagasi
I’m laughing my ass off
Kayden Johnston
Kayden Johnston 18 päeva tagasi
The king has returned
Ayaan Fatheen
Ayaan Fatheen 19 päeva tagasi
Hey Detective Elite Prime is in this vid.
benzo81222 19 päeva tagasi
love your your vidoe i have like,ed and subscribed
Outcast Gaming
Outcast Gaming 20 päeva tagasi
redline looks full of frp
Youtube Akeno
Youtube Akeno 21 päev tagasi
Extrox Reaper
Extrox Reaper 21 päev tagasi
i just got my SICK treyton plush
Mirrors Of Death
Mirrors Of Death 22 päeva tagasi
5:55 savage mode
Bam_on _YT
Bam_on _YT 22 päeva tagasi
Yo every video I watch off u,u crash into stuff after looking behind u wasup
corrupt Nachzehrer
corrupt Nachzehrer 23 päeva tagasi
How do you play rp gta?
ANIME 23 päeva tagasi
U should use this song when your gaming
Tracey Morris
Tracey Morris 24 päeva tagasi
I'm still older where's cotton GT
Tracey Morris
Tracey Morris 24 päeva tagasi
Do a drag race with only red cars On the highway only
Zy-Guy 24 päeva tagasi
Me seeing that first car get stolen: iS tHaT a sUpRa?!?!
Crankyfox123 24 päeva tagasi
wait this isnt fake taxi
░▒▓█ TɾҽɳԃBҽαɾ █▓▒░
░▒▓█ TɾҽɳԃBҽαɾ █▓▒░ 25 päeva tagasi
Is it just me or does anyone else like to watch these videos at 6-8 am
sage James
sage James 25 päeva tagasi
Luv the vids do more GTA5 👍♥️😁
Thodges3406 25 päeva tagasi
What server is this
Gloopi Poopi
Gloopi Poopi 26 päeva tagasi
“I have HIV back off” lmaaooo
Skeeter Jankins
Skeeter Jankins 27 päeva tagasi
i just love ur vids keep it up
melanie hoyle
melanie hoyle 27 päeva tagasi
I’m still wondering when he’s gonna steal cars from the place where they drop off the towed cars
yousif Ala
yousif Ala 27 päeva tagasi
Only OG’s remember parking scout trey and his overpowered team
Scuffedyoutuber ,
Scuffedyoutuber , 27 päeva tagasi
He got fake towtruck, fake carwash but when does fake taxi come
ItsTjay 28 päeva tagasi
When video ends what's music
Kj Gamer
Kj Gamer 29 päeva tagasi
Buddy Bob
Buddy Bob 29 päeva tagasi
HIV super contagious More like HIV Supra contagious
Avid Місяць tagasi
trey u wrecked that guy
OPSPSO WALKER Місяць tagasi
These are awesome!!!!
Gilberto Місяць tagasi
Hey man have a good day F you
Typo Carlo
Typo Carlo Місяць tagasi
Yoooo that headshot was so cleannnn
isaac petty
isaac petty Місяць tagasi
meme god
meme god Місяць tagasi
Joss Jjew
Joss Jjew Місяць tagasi
What version of gta5 do u have
Krypten Gaming
Krypten Gaming Місяць tagasi
14:56 to 15:00 is hilarious
SvJohn Місяць tagasi
Fake taxi next 😏
joseph linker
joseph linker Місяць tagasi
Do a video where you have counterfeit repo papers
_itryhard_ V
_itryhard_ V Місяць tagasi
When’s the fake taxi video coming😂
Devil gamer
Devil gamer Місяць tagasi
i just got my account back and the first thing i did was run to one of treytons coments,who elses favorite part of the videos is the comments
Everest ZA
Everest ZA Місяць tagasi
what is the backround music?
antonio franco
antonio franco Місяць tagasi
i love your vids man keep up the great content
Landon Cabeza
Landon Cabeza Місяць tagasi
Treyten makes my day better
MANIAC2228 Місяць tagasi
You need to do a prison break
EazyBoi66 Місяць tagasi
look my pfp is animated
Mustafa Karaca
Mustafa Karaca Місяць tagasi
memer xxx04
memer xxx04 Місяць tagasi
memer xxx04
memer xxx04 Місяць tagasi
Is he playing on nodded servers
Kerry Norcliffe
Kerry Norcliffe Місяць tagasi
He targeted me my car got fake towed
concraft 0
concraft 0 Місяць tagasi
How dose he make these online servers
Anthony Morris
Anthony Morris Місяць tagasi
How you report for being Good at making roll paly vids
Mach Paul
Mach Paul Місяць tagasi
TRS. Sigh#2074
TRS. Sigh#2074 Місяць tagasi
"we're obviously gonna be using this to steal cars today"
Vic Figueroa
Vic Figueroa Місяць tagasi
How can I play on that server
Isaiah Forrest
Isaiah Forrest Місяць tagasi
Rylan Jimenez
Rylan Jimenez Місяць tagasi
hey woah
Benito Abreu Reyes
Benito Abreu Reyes Місяць tagasi
You stole my car
Kivalli Walk
Kivalli Walk Місяць tagasi
Ur the best person on youtube I live ur videos
Kivalli Walk
Kivalli Walk Місяць tagasi
Love ur videos
WolfeEnvy552 Woly
WolfeEnvy552 Woly Місяць tagasi
Texas_spidey Місяць tagasi
5:56 the bullet hit when the beat dropped
Charlotte Moore
Charlotte Moore Місяць tagasi
Next video you should just get a big group of two trucks
Max Mohaghegh
Max Mohaghegh Місяць tagasi
Mix3dFN Місяць tagasi
Ur a dog
Robert Powell
Robert Powell Місяць tagasi
how does one join RedlineRP
Chegard Місяць tagasi
Big Brain logic : In a math test ? No u drop that pencil and u watch tray :)
Colette MOUSSA
Colette MOUSSA Місяць tagasi
Room it’s your name bunny your girlfriend does a girl your girlfriend got something for you is bar
Colette MOUSSA
Colette MOUSSA Місяць tagasi
My name is Masa Sisco my video OK my name is MUSS a
Jackson Duncan
Jackson Duncan Місяць tagasi
“I was so respectful about it though”
Stephen Bianchi
Stephen Bianchi 29 päeva tagasi
You can't say he wasn't.
It's Young Prince
It's Young Prince 29 päeva tagasi
Ronald Sather
Ronald Sather Місяць tagasi
FalconYT Місяць tagasi
This jhit got 200iq
Lewis Місяць tagasi
H bb v h g Highgate Highgate hg
NEO Місяць tagasi
What server does he play on
MBO MACK Місяць tagasi
how do u get this rp for gta v on pc i just got one
Echo Bass
Echo Bass Місяць tagasi
Treyyyy. We need more uploads😭. I sit and binge your videos and I'm running out of your videos to watch
FSP Clan
FSP Clan Місяць tagasi
POST MORE VIDEOS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zavier Letner
Zavier Letner Місяць tagasi
This was my idea
Adam Allwood-Owen
Adam Allwood-Owen Місяць tagasi
The amount of frp in this pisses me off to a new level, the cop really did cpr on a guy that had a bullet through his forehead 🤦‍♂️
360 NO Scoped Hijacked Gamer
360 NO Scoped Hijacked Gamer Місяць tagasi
Dang bro jerrys from subway is crusing on the highway right now
Dripey Місяць tagasi
U should sell those two cars
Joshua graham
Joshua graham Місяць tagasi
Get away with a cop car
Місяць tagasi
Did he really shot 2 people in the head for A FUCKING SUPRA?
Bora Suyabatmaz
Bora Suyabatmaz Місяць tagasi
Ya you just drive it up 🤣
omar da gamer
omar da gamer Місяць tagasi
Fun fact about redline rp:it’s all FRP
GTA 5 Roleplay LIVE - COP CHASES and MORE | RedlineRP
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