GTA 5 Roleplay - 3 HITMEN vs TARGETS AND COPS | RedlineRP

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That was crazy...
Today I got a group of 3 hitman together and we did a bunch of jobs. We got some really insane plays and had a ton of fun. The cops came a bunch and we escaped pretty nicely. There are a lot of funny moments in this gta 5 hitman episode, enjoy!
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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!

AppleJax 2 tundi tagasi
I like how he got a cop to be a hit man and kill other cops 😂
Smart boys inc.
Smart boys inc. 2 tundi tagasi
This is my favorite video
Zander Conley
Zander Conley 2 tundi tagasi
We have a flat tire -frenchie
Olivier Jasul
Olivier Jasul 2 tundi tagasi
Without elite on the police side the police is trash XD
Ezekiel Gil
Ezekiel Gil 3 tundi tagasi
I think Elite loves being a hitman
Gabriel Perez
Gabriel Perez 5 tundi tagasi
26 Steppa
26 Steppa 3 tundi tagasi
Nickris Dam
Nickris Dam 10 tundi tagasi
Nice shot
Bun Bowsky
Bun Bowsky 13 tundi tagasi
Man that was dope!!!
bestboy412 16 tundi tagasi
bestboy412 16 tundi tagasi
9:34 tho
jj Avilus
jj Avilus 18 tundi tagasi
I love the black horse mask it super nice
Exployer Of my city
Exployer Of my city 19 tundi tagasi
12:42 when the cop said ahahahahahah
Sharon Heenan
Sharon Heenan Päev tagasi
Trey should have his own TV show
Sharon Heenan
Sharon Heenan Päev tagasi
Trey should have all the play buttons
Sharon Heenan
Sharon Heenan Päev tagasi
Trey make a car but put a boat on it and rob banks and kill people and you escape could be water or put a huge drone on it anc your escape could be flying away
LiL_Chewy Päev tagasi
pls do more
Ruben Purcarea
Ruben Purcarea Päev tagasi
bro keep up with this boyssss
the cappen
the cappen Päev tagasi
I should be mad at you for not uploading but I know why you don't upload. it's ok if you don't upload this year
Raffaele Grinover
Raffaele Grinover Päev tagasi
i love ur videos they're so funny keep it up
fu3ion Päev tagasi
Plot twist that was the real snoop dog
AxeN 2 päeva tagasi
12:41 that is the lionking for you
Esteban Velasco
Esteban Velasco 2 päeva tagasi
Holly shit snoop dog
Guest Plays Roblox
Guest Plays Roblox 2 päeva tagasi
"hey woah" is BACK!!!!!!
Phase Playz
Phase Playz 2 päeva tagasi
You can you upload more often
Fe4r1essYT 2 päeva tagasi
I can’t wait for new video
tito The Guy
tito The Guy 2 päeva tagasi
You Should do more videos
Jack Ballard
Jack Ballard 2 päeva tagasi
Rieko Goodwin-elson
Rieko Goodwin-elson 2 päeva tagasi
Treyten if you see this you make my days go faster and keep me happy thanks for your content of you see this please shout me out you get it all the time but it will mean a lot
The Asian Duck
The Asian Duck 2 päeva tagasi
Forget the widow maker, the bread is the most powerful
Samantha Riley
Samantha Riley 2 päeva tagasi
Make another video lol
M&M 2 päeva tagasi
Upload pls
Darth sidious
Darth sidious 2 päeva tagasi
He said he was going to upload yesterday
NICARDO CAMPBELL 2 päeva tagasi
Why did you stop posting?! It's been two weeks pls give us an update I'm a little worred
JustMarcusLoL 2 päeva tagasi
Why are you worried, this is normal for trey
Mathew Mundy
Mathew Mundy 2 päeva tagasi
trey can you make a video with the torador
Mario Williams
Mario Williams 2 päeva tagasi
U got to start posting more
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 2 päeva tagasi
You said you were going to post
Jacob Morasco
Jacob Morasco 2 päeva tagasi
Why haven’t you posted
Pana Qabang
Pana Qabang 2 päeva tagasi
Im unsubscribing Like if u are also
Cheesesticktv Gaming
Cheesesticktv Gaming 2 päeva tagasi
Treyten has the worst upload schedule
Blake DePiero
Blake DePiero 2 päeva tagasi
I’m not too slow I’m not too fast But when I see Treyten I CLICK FAST
Poopy magungus5
Poopy magungus5 2 päeva tagasi
We are defiantly waiting another month until a new video
skullgear 21
skullgear 21 3 päeva tagasi
he said he was going to post today
Aidan FTW
Aidan FTW 3 päeva tagasi
Is Redline vmenu or esx
Nathan Heyburn
Nathan Heyburn 3 päeva tagasi
I remember him being on 90k subs and I thought he was gonna blow up and he has
Connor Pickrell
Connor Pickrell 3 päeva tagasi
Do more
DannyNads 3 päeva tagasi
Trey please come back
JR_R6god Brown
JR_R6god Brown 3 päeva tagasi
That’s Nicky
Naithan Castro
Naithan Castro 3 päeva tagasi
i wish he plays with elanip
xd_owen07 3 päeva tagasi
u should get like 5 of your friends and just go into dealership and just get in cars and drive away
Jagjeet Sidhu
Jagjeet Sidhu 3 päeva tagasi
It’s funny they are both cops to
Wildmutt 09
Wildmutt 09 3 päeva tagasi
JOSHAUN WHITTAKER 3 päeva tagasi
Where are the videos bro ??
Ian Sloane
Ian Sloane 3 päeva tagasi
do more
noDrono 3 päeva tagasi
I stumbled upon you like yesterday and have been binge watching lol. Please upload more. Your so funny
vyehc YT
vyehc YT 3 päeva tagasi
13:32 haven't laughed so hard XD
Slyvz 3 päeva tagasi
This channel is to tash they do the same stuff over and over. Go watch actually Rp
Bro Army
Bro Army Päev tagasi
It’s also all staged
mc soda
mc soda 3 päeva tagasi
your videos are more enternaining than other youtubers bro dont khow why . just enjoy watching
Jaime Rodriguez
Jaime Rodriguez 3 päeva tagasi
Up lode come on
Christian Campos
Christian Campos 3 päeva tagasi
Did any of you guys notice when treytens mask grew into regular size XD 0:22
Luke Smo
Luke Smo 3 päeva tagasi
Man I might just start watching elanip
Adriana Castaneda
Adriana Castaneda 3 päeva tagasi
You are my favorite EEpostr
wolf-_-pack420 3 päeva tagasi
Thomas Davis
Thomas Davis 3 päeva tagasi
Hey sell people self driving tesla and then have it come back.
Gamer1815 3 päeva tagasi
I think Trey got corona on his ass so he can’t sit to record
Brody Morrill
Brody Morrill 3 päeva tagasi
This channel is becoming really inconsistent I mean you have Elanip who post every day I mean we are the reason that you have over 1 million dollars straight disrespect
Gerbzy12 2 päeva tagasi
@treyten I gotchu
idk 3 päeva tagasi
Trey juat lost a sub he aint uploading
qtsimpzy 3 päeva tagasi
He we go again
Derrick Tobin
Derrick Tobin 4 päeva tagasi
nobody: literally nobody: treyten at the start of every video: ight boys welcome back to another video
Derrick Tobin
Derrick Tobin 22 tundi tagasi
@Bro Army ikr
Bro Army
Bro Army Päev tagasi
You just wasted a minute of your life
Lucas Games
Lucas Games 4 päeva tagasi
make new video ITS BEEN 2 WEEKS?
justin56 Yt
justin56 Yt 4 päeva tagasi
Hello I just wanted to say r u ok u normally post every week
Farside 420
Farside 420 4 päeva tagasi
Can you please send me your user name if you have an Xbox
Farside 420
Farside 420 4 päeva tagasi
Dude I always play GTA it’s the best game ever try to let you know
z_CASPER_z 4 päeva tagasi
He said see ya in the next one In a year dam I thought u died
FE PIxeD 4 päeva tagasi
He my favorite EEpost srry sway he gone
DartGoblin Fernandez
DartGoblin Fernandez 4 päeva tagasi
I’ve been watching you for so long and I just found out that I’m not subscribed 😳 kinda embarrassing
Daniel Shaughnessy
Daniel Shaughnessy 4 päeva tagasi
Is that baguette boy
YRN Justice
YRN Justice 4 päeva tagasi
why u get mad when they shoot back like u want them to wave at them mfs 😭
Kagiso Thibedi
Kagiso Thibedi 4 päeva tagasi
Plz more
Treson 336
Treson 336 4 päeva tagasi
Treatment um a supporter and if you have Insta could I get it and also hey woah I hope you my comment man
Treson 336
Treson 336 4 päeva tagasi
LennySquid 4 päeva tagasi
Can you do a "trolling cops" video with the ramp car please
GTA 5 Videos
GTA 5 Videos 4 päeva tagasi
IDEA: Put "Bye Bye" on your plate get pulled over and tell them to read it out loud and drive off! (LOL)
Cayden Rose
Cayden Rose 4 päeva tagasi
I’m surprised he uploaded a video this d@mn COVID 19
Helen Hall
Helen Hall 4 päeva tagasi
Were you been trey
Helen Hall
Helen Hall 4 päeva tagasi
Trey is the best hey woah
JM Gonzalvo
JM Gonzalvo 4 päeva tagasi
can someone tell me what jeep that is? Please
GRIMM PLAYS ARK 4 päeva tagasi
yooo treyten how do i play these mods like your playing? do i need to install it from steam or just buy the normal gta5 game and it can just be played in like options or something????
Philip Legind
Philip Legind 4 päeva tagasi
your videos are so content
Demonic _lord
Demonic _lord 4 päeva tagasi
Sever name pleasee
Xxcompxx X
Xxcompxx X 4 päeva tagasi
I thought Irish was banned
adele foulds
adele foulds 4 päeva tagasi
Demonikyoda 4 päeva tagasi
At ten mins and 22 sec hey boo it’s latisha
Demonikyoda 4 päeva tagasi
U have legit been gone for 300 million days hurry up
Demonikyoda 4 päeva tagasi
Trey come back again
Blake Williams
Blake Williams 4 päeva tagasi
in his last stream he said 'my lease is almost up so i got to move out' so that is why he is not posted in a week lol
Here Here
Here Here 4 päeva tagasi
Ok now all you have to do is MAKE ANOTHER VIDEO!!
Kodak 4 päeva tagasi
"2 weeks later" *still no sign of the testy horse*
Kade Dickenson
Kade Dickenson 4 päeva tagasi
Treyten my dude
Wyd lliox
Wyd lliox 4 päeva tagasi
He's gonna be the new Fe4less
ItzRaxz 4 päeva tagasi
what is your real name
Abhi 4 päeva tagasi
Trey why aren't you uploading anymore?
Fazealex 2095
Fazealex 2095 4 päeva tagasi
On the way to a mil been here since 100k I know you think I’m lysine but idc what you say
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