GTA 5 Roleplay - SETTING $200K BOUNTY ON MYSELF | RedlineRP

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That was crazy...
Today I set a bounty of $200,000 on myself in gta. I wanted to see how many people would steup up and try and go for it. Not surprisingly a lot of people chased after me to get the bounty. There are a lot of funny moments in this gta 5 episode, enjoy!
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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!

Krimzy AE
Krimzy AE 10 tundi tagasi
Yea I just started to watch your vids and now im a addict to your videos keep up the good content
Wram 10 tundi tagasi
The only video he killed some one when he took them hostage
Ametoj Kular
Ametoj Kular 14 tundi tagasi
& zhS
ROLEX BH Päev tagasi
stupid cunt
stupid cunt Päev tagasi
Cameron 2 päeva tagasi
what's your graphics
Callie Smole
Callie Smole 2 päeva tagasi
Sheeeeeeees like the mask bru🐴
Linden Rudolfs
Linden Rudolfs 2 päeva tagasi
What kind of GTA are you playing
Noah Wiskus
Noah Wiskus 2 päeva tagasi
Jontae Uter
Jontae Uter 3 päeva tagasi
Who realize the every time his video starts her said what's up BOYS and in the end he said peace out BOYS
Brett Hall
Brett Hall 4 päeva tagasi
i know im late but did anyone see a sniper snipe the bugatii when he got back in?
Salik Javaid
Salik Javaid 5 päeva tagasi
Your laugh is adorable 😌
Rebekah Fuqua
Rebekah Fuqua 5 päeva tagasi
Hay who
SIMON CAMPO 5 päeva tagasi
Ur vids are fucking awesome
SIMON CAMPO 5 päeva tagasi
Love you trey
Lorraine Mcmahon
Lorraine Mcmahon 5 päeva tagasi
Your a troll
Lorraine Mcmahon
Lorraine Mcmahon 5 päeva tagasi
@Mundi Man uh wat
Mundi Man
Mundi Man 5 päeva tagasi
Gandalf Guy
Gandalf Guy 6 päeva tagasi
I am your biggest fan and I just got a million dollars and I will donate that on your next stream
helen Steer
helen Steer 6 päeva tagasi
The horse mask literally looks like a homeless ballsack
Dead nick
Dead nick 6 päeva tagasi
Trey said fuck the Lamborghini you know a song that reminds me of brand new Lamborghini fuck the cop car 2020😐😐😐
Colby Abeast
Colby Abeast 8 päeva tagasi
I started watching you a week and you are my favorite EEpost
Tremaine Tate
Tremaine Tate 9 päeva tagasi
me to
Matthew Monroy
Matthew Monroy 9 päeva tagasi
trey: “officer are you okay?” officer: trey: ...
Amman Ahmed
Amman Ahmed 10 päeva tagasi
do u hate yourself so much that u want other people to kill u!
Enzo Heath
Enzo Heath 10 päeva tagasi
You’re the best youtuber
Jake Sears
Jake Sears 11 päeva tagasi
Guy:where do I take you.trey:to the shop.trey aging:dummy lol
B Port
B Port 11 päeva tagasi
Anyone else notice the pizza guy’s accent changed from Italian too British...
Oliver Johnson
Oliver Johnson 10 päeva tagasi
Too is for the end of a sentence like “I want pizza too”
Oliver Johnson
Oliver Johnson 10 päeva tagasi
Angel lewis
Angel lewis 11 päeva tagasi
Corbin Bozich
Corbin Bozich 11 päeva tagasi
happyblue 12 päeva tagasi
horse that looks like a unicorn
Johannes Ilonga
Johannes Ilonga 13 päeva tagasi
hi treyten i am new your vidoe are cool i tooled my friends to sup to you cannal
Andy The Crusher
Andy The Crusher 13 päeva tagasi
At 13:19 what does it mean when you shot his tires dude
Andy The Crusher
Andy The Crusher 13 päeva tagasi
At 8:55 his gun is a stupid
Andy The Crusher
Andy The Crusher 13 päeva tagasi
At 8:08 his gun is all stupid
Millie Morris
Millie Morris 15 päeva tagasi
i wot to go on you'r vids
Galaxy DudeBruv
Galaxy DudeBruv 15 päeva tagasi
ball sack face
Shadow Of Steele
Shadow Of Steele 17 päeva tagasi
Not gonna lie Treytons mask kinda looks like a nutsack
Ransom Robinson Jr.
Ransom Robinson Jr. 17 päeva tagasi
Lackin FN
Lackin FN 17 päeva tagasi
Who else saw that fuccing kid running to treyten in 0:28. Behind treyten
Olivia Bowes
Olivia Bowes 19 päeva tagasi
doodle Mini
doodle Mini 19 päeva tagasi
Hi you are my favorite youtuber
acer acer
acer acer 21 päev tagasi
“Sir what’s the number for 911 again” 😂
RedzyIX 20 päeva tagasi
You legit just copy and pasted a comment
Nana is vibing
Nana is vibing 22 päeva tagasi
Lmaoo when he flew out of the green car I almost pissed myself
Joe Rowh
Joe Rowh 22 päeva tagasi
F you
Rachelle McKinley
Rachelle McKinley 22 päeva tagasi
Hey you should go on bikes more than cars please can you go on bikes more
Lildink Gaming
Lildink Gaming 22 päeva tagasi
No green hair won
I am a person to
I am a person to 23 päeva tagasi
Can u use an insurgent 4 another bounty video?
Camden Wells
Camden Wells 23 päeva tagasi
Talha Vids
Talha Vids 24 päeva tagasi
Wow is it just me or that Bugatti at the start looks fresh
King Tußs
King Tußs 24 päeva tagasi
King Tußs
King Tußs 24 päeva tagasi
He killed his wife for a bounty
Baylor Lujan
Baylor Lujan 24 päeva tagasi
Cool 😎 and all of this stuff is cool 😎 👌
FaZe 24 päeva tagasi
FBI Agent
FBI Agent 25 päeva tagasi
8:07 lambo - motorcycle hmm?
Bardock San
Bardock San 25 päeva tagasi
The kids going to be a Orphan good shots the gun
SS antmc
SS antmc 26 päeva tagasi
It’s my birthday in 9 days
Ironman_cookie Gamer
Ironman_cookie Gamer 26 päeva tagasi
Right when i heared the pizza call i was like This is sus
Cyrus playz Baptiste
Cyrus playz Baptiste 27 päeva tagasi
Play Minecraft
Messiah Williams
Messiah Williams 28 päeva tagasi
i love you mr Drippy
Liam Carrier
Liam Carrier 28 päeva tagasi
Izayah Morgan
Izayah Morgan 28 päeva tagasi
Why is Broccoli Head hear didn't Trey Kill him
Isaiah Douglass
Isaiah Douglass 29 päeva tagasi
Your the man treyten
Heather Christie
Heather Christie Місяць tagasi
Rodolfo Martinez
Rodolfo Martinez Місяць tagasi
1v1 in gta vs fortnite lmao
ZEN_KingMannY Місяць tagasi
Can u start uploading more maybe like 3 times a week no hate love the vids
Kelly Fox
Kelly Fox Місяць tagasi
7:18 lmaoo
Trent Begley
Trent Begley Місяць tagasi
Patricia Brooks
Patricia Brooks Місяць tagasi
The f*** bruh you set bounty on you loool
Rhys Burdell
Rhys Burdell Місяць tagasi
Irish is the best
Nic. Christoforou.
Nic. Christoforou. Місяць tagasi
Hi hi
Abesh Gupta
Abesh Gupta Місяць tagasi
20:00 wt a fucking moron😂😂 xd
A.T.K RFLOR Місяць tagasi
This is my favorite video
Jo Anton
Jo Anton Місяць tagasi
GTA should give u a big bonus since u play it so much
Marcus Parra Resendiz
Marcus Parra Resendiz Місяць tagasi
it's funny how treten fly's 19:31
Names Jeff
Names Jeff Місяць tagasi
Noob: has a buzzcut Try hard: Halloween makeup Treyten: horse mask
Jaycee Alwx
Jaycee Alwx Місяць tagasi
Guy “I thought I saw the gun on the floor” Treyten “nah the gun was in my butt crack the whole time”
Combo2krazy5 Місяць tagasi
That snipe in the back of the head ! XDXD
Alex G
Alex G Місяць tagasi
Ashton Politeam
Ashton Politeam Місяць tagasi
how the hell did u go from a bike to a Bugatti??
Conor Keane
Conor Keane Місяць tagasi
The way you say bike is soo funny
Xavi Villa
Xavi Villa Місяць tagasi
Yo you should have gave him the money you are such a bad person
Super saiyan isaac 4
Super saiyan isaac 4 Місяць tagasi
Cydric Erl Japson
Cydric Erl Japson Місяць tagasi
Soulz Місяць tagasi
Soulz Місяць tagasi
Absolutely no one: The cop: Dead TreyTen: What’s the number to 911 again?
Soulz Місяць tagasi
Bro TreyTen big brain boi I love this man
Camacoyote8 Місяць tagasi
Hey got tbh I want you to just kill the hostages anytime you have one pls it’s so much better
Marilyne Picard
Marilyne Picard Місяць tagasi
You are thé best can i get à shout out please have à good day and i have à hoodie with your name please shote out. ⚓️⚓️⚓️ and you are good at gta5
Cameron Rolin
Cameron Rolin Місяць tagasi
the green car ur driving after the shoot out is a Lamborghini sian
Buff noob
Buff noob Місяць tagasi
Rip the child
Will Moore
Will Moore Місяць tagasi
Creep it going
Jay K
Jay K Місяць tagasi
No smoke Smoke they really don’t want it
Vi elsker Bflifestyle
Vi elsker Bflifestyle Місяць tagasi
Hahahahhahaha “guy im a single father” “Trey what happend to mama ?” “Guy umm... there was an Bounty on her”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Eli-son Klemm-enski
Eli-son Klemm-enski Місяць tagasi
Cory I love you Cory
Cory I love you Cory Місяць tagasi
7:18 yo ahhh
Miguel Vazquez
Miguel Vazquez Місяць tagasi
Lmao that's messed up he said the kid was gonna be an orphan u said good and shot him lmao 😂
C. Oliva
C. Oliva Місяць tagasi
treyten do another one and have them from the city to paleto
Bryson Senft
Bryson Senft Місяць tagasi
21:14 did anyone else see the tweet asking for the Bugatti trey stole
MALIK COOPER Місяць tagasi
Raimonds Duda
Raimonds Duda Місяць tagasi
“Dont you care about your life..” “I dont”
Nate Griffo
Nate Griffo Місяць tagasi
I love you
Deon Washington
Deon Washington Місяць tagasi
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