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That was crazy...
Today we decided to do a bounty hunter challenge. A friend and I put a $1 million bounty on each other and the first one caught owes the other their car. This was one of the craziest things we have ever done. The police chased us and a lot more. There were a lot of funny moments in this gta 5 episode, enjoy!
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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!

Cynx Vibez
Cynx Vibez 9 tundi tagasi
This is the 2 time I am watching this in 1 day 😂
Kyle Hankerson
Kyle Hankerson 3 päeva tagasi
These are top notch gta rp vids I subbed only watching 3 vids
Marcus Davis
Marcus Davis 4 päeva tagasi
My dream game because of treyten my favorite EEpostr that’s why I want a pc but I don’t have the stuff for it
Marcus Davis
Marcus Davis 4 päeva tagasi
When I get a pc the where is the game I’m getting is this because of treyten :)
Lil pennys
Lil pennys 5 päeva tagasi
Dose the cop want the bounty
XIAOLE CHEN 6 päeva tagasi
Tyreece Anderson
Tyreece Anderson 6 päeva tagasi
Kaden Sheeler
Kaden Sheeler 7 päeva tagasi
Here in 2021
NARKO REACTS 8 päeva tagasi
this guy pisses me off so much lol
Darwin Mangana
Darwin Mangana 9 päeva tagasi
he ran over that cat thats tough 3:23
David Butlerd
David Butlerd 9 päeva tagasi
Everytime he gets a new car it’s totaled in a matter of seconds
Haveesh Chattaboina
Haveesh Chattaboina 9 päeva tagasi
Next time use a ramp car
Mergan Filio
Mergan Filio 11 päeva tagasi
i just cant stop watching ur vids wtf
Mrs Mellor
Mrs Mellor 12 päeva tagasi
Play with elite studios
Random Stuff
Random Stuff 12 päeva tagasi
TheDemon 13 päeva tagasi
I got denied to joining redlineRP
Travis Bargabos
Travis Bargabos 13 päeva tagasi
You must be stoned when you’re playing because sometimes you do not think it’s mostly when you drive
iixStanxii _
iixStanxii _ 13 päeva tagasi
14:45 clean crash that looked cool as fork
Trey 14 päeva tagasi
Bahamut3759 14 päeva tagasi
It would be funny putting a bounty on elite when hes on duty, with cops trying to protect him. Or put one on opie it would be fun to see how he tries to get out of it lol
Jane Leonard
Jane Leonard 14 päeva tagasi
I like your videos treyten evry time I eat my dinner I always watch you
john anderson
john anderson 15 päeva tagasi
The past male metrically concentrate because bankbook hypothetically announce past a two jump. rabid, nasty umbrella
The eye Lord Jack
The eye Lord Jack 15 päeva tagasi
Let’s get this trending #treycantdrive And #Joeycantfly
Jesse Haydon
Jesse Haydon 16 päeva tagasi
When you here the music that’s when you know poo is going down
APOCALYPSE MASTER 16 päeva tagasi
U should do a video without ur horse mask
Sweaty_Dex 16 päeva tagasi
what ong at 4:18 pls tell me
mm carts29
mm carts29 16 päeva tagasi
The chunky joke finallly harass because workshop marginally jam along a penitent frog. humdrum, lopsided broker
itfinnabefine 17 päeva tagasi
Cop: it hurts Trey: what hurts, your neck, your back, your crack.
Absai Castro
Absai Castro 20 päeva tagasi
Your neck your back your crack😂😂
Aleksandra Safonova
Aleksandra Safonova 21 päev tagasi
The enchanting march precisely sail because kitchen formerly plan behind a weak area. adjoining, abaft geography
Jamari Menefee
Jamari Menefee 21 päev tagasi
I just realized that fatmemegod and blaze was in his game
itfinnabefine 17 päeva tagasi
@Jamari Menefee who you be hacking
Jamari Menefee
Jamari Menefee 17 päeva tagasi
Yo I will hack you device and delete everything I ain’t meant to be played with
Jeremy Cavanagh
Jeremy Cavanagh 24 päeva tagasi
I wok up in a brand new bagoti
PMV_gucciboi 213
PMV_gucciboi 213 26 päeva tagasi
Ur neck, ur back, ur crack- treyton 2021
Cheyanna Tovar
Cheyanna Tovar 26 päeva tagasi
He's sooooo rich IT'S INSANEEEEEE
Leo-Angel Crespo
Leo-Angel Crespo 27 päeva tagasi
The trashy badger postnatally crawl because tulip mechanically hum versus a venomous mechanic. sassy, nonstop success
raidboss 55
raidboss 55 27 päeva tagasi
I like how this was spost to be a bounty and they just stopped posting GB were they were and he stopped talking to elite lol🤣🤣🤣
Khairi Like
Khairi Like 28 päeva tagasi
Van Zion Dela Paz
Van Zion Dela Paz 28 päeva tagasi
"Ur neck? Ur back? Ur crack? So sorry" KILLED IT BROOO XDDD
StarStable Creations
StarStable Creations Місяць tagasi
Trey: thank GOD as he lays on the roof 4:46
ifergYt 973
ifergYt 973 Місяць tagasi
5:35 was so funny
Cat Miner
Cat Miner Місяць tagasi
When you were climbing the ladder was that Barney
Jomar Mercado
Jomar Mercado Місяць tagasi
Levi Lopez
Levi Lopez Місяць tagasi
How did he get that trailer is that mods?
AbeSwish Місяць tagasi
There in an entirely modded server
thekrayat khader
thekrayat khader Місяць tagasi
habibi means son
Dylan Rogers
Dylan Rogers Місяць tagasi
Anyone else read the title “$1mil bounty, hunter challenge” Instead of no comma obviously
Anthony Spare
Anthony Spare Місяць tagasi
Trey when people ask for a deal:Sry not in the business When trey is being chased by cops trey says:LETS MAKE A DEAL LETS MAKE A DEAL
Drak3y Місяць tagasi
AceTee808 Місяць tagasi
10:23 that guy that said come here you fakah he Hawaiian for sure
SadBoy_Aaron Місяць tagasi
U never learn how to stop looking back in traffic especially going 140 mph
Jason Manuel Liao
Jason Manuel Liao Місяць tagasi
Just rob the fuckin bank u get more then mill
MAX CASTILLO Місяць tagasi
Ive been watching since like 10k
Peyton Broadwater
Peyton Broadwater Місяць tagasi
bob o
bob o Місяць tagasi
The vids are sooo good lol
Brelyan Jones
Brelyan Jones Місяць tagasi
The best
John Wylie
John Wylie Місяць tagasi
i just got gta and fivem on pc and i met trey in redline
Evan Saadat
Evan Saadat Місяць tagasi
The tricky plane explicitly decide because inventory additionly request aboard a ill gallon. forgetful, nice wren
creeper gameing
creeper gameing Місяць tagasi
why did the police want the car at the end
Tbt gaming
Tbt gaming Місяць tagasi
Hereby is Arabic for freand
Sam Belkalai
Sam Belkalai Місяць tagasi
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Carter Tarasi
Carter Tarasi Місяць tagasi
Treyten: ama be in the Bugatti (Gets in Ferrari)😂
Qt_ iPhone
Qt_ iPhone Місяць tagasi
Dose Elite have a EEpost channel
Kyler Bertrand
Kyler Bertrand Місяць tagasi
Tray "your neck your back your crack" had me dying
Gerbzy12 Місяць tagasi
I had an ad that says Sam l Jackson love hentai by google😂
Ryan McKenzie
Ryan McKenzie Місяць tagasi
Can we play together plsssssssssss????
Jznxy Місяць tagasi
7.47 you shot him in the head thes failrp tf
rachet 22
rachet 22 Місяць tagasi
I hate how je wastes so much time with nonesense
Count Hatter
Count Hatter Місяць tagasi
You know it's about to get real when *the music* starts
Tobias Bhattacharji
Tobias Bhattacharji Місяць tagasi
Treyten and elite: fail round 1 Then Treyten and elite: let’s make it harder and drop r weapons 50000000iq
noob_race_1 67
noob_race_1 67 Місяць tagasi
bro why you killed the officer you made me cry
E-_-Z CLAPS Місяць tagasi
What gta is this
King Mimiku
King Mimiku Місяць tagasi
What Ferrari is that
Tom Edwards
Tom Edwards Місяць tagasi
Treyten it’s been 3 months where’s the one with you and elanip ?????????
VexToniic Місяць tagasi
How did i car crash tunr into a whole police station cop chase 😂
ROBBIE JENSEN Місяць tagasi
this cars not that bad 2 seconds later ok this cars horrible😂
Darc_ Hell1x
Darc_ Hell1x Місяць tagasi
0.46 chat: kill trey that kid anoys me oof㋛︎
super mario
super mario Місяць tagasi
16:03 he Arabic
Marcia Ashman
Marcia Ashman Місяць tagasi
The glistening glorious snowstorm ironically nail because diamond secondarily exercise via a many trip. tasteful, wide-eyed steven
Alex McGrath
Alex McGrath Місяць tagasi
you are so so so mean to that cop that so funny!!!!
Sadia Khan
Sadia Khan Місяць tagasi
Danny Boy
Danny Boy Місяць tagasi
Habibi is my love in Arabic just saying
jesus flores
jesus flores Місяць tagasi
game turns gay when u cheat and us commands
jesus flores
jesus flores Місяць tagasi
cant just take the L gayy
Mr Kaneki
Mr Kaneki Місяць tagasi
Who else watched all of treytons videos in a week? Nobody just me? Okay
Sup3rN0va Vlogs
Sup3rN0va Vlogs Місяць tagasi
Lexhasnxtfxund • 30 years ago
Lexhasnxtfxund • 30 years ago Місяць tagasi
elite as in elitestudio
Seth Wynn
Seth Wynn 2 місяці tagasi
i keep telling myself that trey is psycho in real life
Joshua Rendon
Joshua Rendon 2 місяці tagasi
Next vid I bought a boat made out of legos big fan
Brody Vlogs
Brody Vlogs 2 місяці tagasi
Brody Vlogs
Brody Vlogs 2 місяці tagasi
Treatment is the best youtuber
NxS Andi
NxS Andi 2 місяці tagasi
Your neck your back your crack 😂😂😂
Captain Doggo
Captain Doggo 2 місяці tagasi
Love The Bugatti paint
elliot james
elliot james 2 місяці tagasi
😂 😂 ur neck,ur back,ur crack made me laugh my head of 😂 😂
ayden mccoy
ayden mccoy 2 місяці tagasi
I rather the red car
Yup Dup
Yup Dup 2 місяці tagasi
Follow the 10 commandments Christians and ask for forgiveness
Dylann Harrison
Dylann Harrison 2 місяці tagasi
Hey Trey there is a wannabe love your vids what do you mean to do
Y2J Jericho
Y2J Jericho 2 місяці tagasi
14:45 the way he stayed in the air
MuffinLyrics 2 місяці tagasi
Who else LOVES elites accent
nondaily vlogger
nondaily vlogger 2 місяці tagasi
10:00 thank me later
Ramenfighter370 _
Ramenfighter370 _ 2 місяці tagasi
anyone see how at 4:07 through 4:22 the music matches perfectly with him climbing the ladder
Kingof Yellow yeah
Kingof Yellow yeah 2 місяці tagasi
Do more
alexus freeman
alexus freeman 2 місяці tagasi
Ain’t get to see my nigga’s ain’t get to see my mama ain’t get to hug my mama ain’t even giver her kisses
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