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That was crazy...
Today we decided to do a bounty hunter challenge. A friend and I put a $1 million bounty on each other and the first one caught owes the other their car. This was one of the craziest things we have ever done. The police chased us and a lot more. There were a lot of funny moments in this gta 5 episode, enjoy!
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Funny Videos
Funny Videos 8 tundi tagasi
What mode is this in
Gustavo_kr 14 tundi tagasi
5:28 lol poor guy
mike and ike friends forever
mike and ike friends forever Päev tagasi
Tell him that's not an agera it's a ccs
Cool kid TV
Cool kid TV Päev tagasi
Hitler mustache and put it on you chain 😂😂😂😂😂
Sammie Immell - THV Student
Sammie Immell - THV Student Päev tagasi
Do a live thank you
Rylan Marinis
Rylan Marinis Päev tagasi
Pewdiepie Bugatti Veyron!!
Archie J-L
Archie J-L Päev tagasi
100K bro I’m the worst driver in the city 1.5M bro I’m the best driver in the city
Archie J-L
Archie J-L Päev tagasi
I just did 100k cause that is when I subbed but it was on another account
Peter Buchanan
Peter Buchanan 2 päeva tagasi
16:02 little sus.
Peter Buchanan
Peter Buchanan 2 päeva tagasi
3:03 that parking is insane.
BAER Uk z 2 päeva tagasi
Almost to 2mil yay 💜❤️🧡🖤🤍💛💚🤎💔💙💗💓💞❣️💖🔔
Candice Richards
Candice Richards 2 päeva tagasi
Trey the police radio is five
Confessions of a Cali Girl
Confessions of a Cali Girl 3 päeva tagasi
# dumist cars
Prodexius 4 päeva tagasi
8:17 When you get tazed in the balls 🍒⚡🔫
Peek 4 päeva tagasi
Imagine they made the server VR compatible somehow
Summer Noel
Summer Noel 4 päeva tagasi
I came here From elanip
william okafor
william okafor 4 päeva tagasi
chris ochoa
chris ochoa 5 päeva tagasi
He did the Paul walker with the car he won 😭
Kevin 5 päeva tagasi
are you just spawning in cars or do you axualy buy them?
Tommy Kolinsky
Tommy Kolinsky 7 päeva tagasi
DjFlip Official
DjFlip Official 7 päeva tagasi
Hide in the strip club!
Toby Allison
Toby Allison 7 päeva tagasi
Hey trey hey that rimes anyway new to the already like and I subbed last night
Mini shark Boy
Mini shark Boy 8 päeva tagasi
Play among us
BinaryLoL lol
BinaryLoL lol 8 päeva tagasi
U sure thats ur buggti?
Gamer Warrior
Gamer Warrior 8 päeva tagasi
Can it be for xbox one
Gamer Warrior
Gamer Warrior 8 päeva tagasi
Were you got those mod
k_luv JP
k_luv JP 9 päeva tagasi
How do you join these roleplay servers
Trey_the_goat 25
Trey_the_goat 25 9 päeva tagasi
Clicked on it because my fav car 60% the EEpostr %40
Cool Wolf
Cool Wolf 9 päeva tagasi
Why do tjey act like they can feel it😂
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga 9 päeva tagasi
This car (the fastest car in the 2000 koenigsegg ccx that costs 7.000.000€) And my buggati. You serious bro?
Mason DeLong
Mason DeLong 9 päeva tagasi
ItsMini 9 päeva tagasi
Where is Elite's challenge?
ninja freaks
ninja freaks 10 päeva tagasi
I hope u win
Lydia Wooten
Lydia Wooten 10 päeva tagasi
keston arneaud
keston arneaud 10 päeva tagasi
someone said kill trey that child annoys me
Jesse Mendoza
Jesse Mendoza 10 päeva tagasi
Make more being a cop videos plz
DMagxc 10 päeva tagasi
8:24 watch in 0.25 speed
Maddox Pierce
Maddox Pierce 11 päeva tagasi
Plzz make more hit man vids
Kasyn Spencer
Kasyn Spencer 13 päeva tagasi
3:08 let me park I got you
lmspitz34 6403
lmspitz34 6403 15 päeva tagasi
This dude gets more views than subs
Nicolas Good
Nicolas Good 16 päeva tagasi
What game that called I thought it was gta 5 online 😂😂
Daniel Andrade
Daniel Andrade 16 päeva tagasi
Hi one cool
INVERSE SKY 16 päeva tagasi
Bill ny the kid guy
Isaiah Smith
Isaiah Smith 17 päeva tagasi
Nayl Alasari
Nayl Alasari 17 päeva tagasi
Christian Rivers Jr
Christian Rivers Jr 17 päeva tagasi
Ha this is funny
Johnny Kent
Johnny Kent 17 päeva tagasi
grave 17 päeva tagasi
Treyway: "Sir Pull Over This is an officer of the law please"
Seth's exotics animals
Seth's exotics animals 17 päeva tagasi
Mason MCLAUGHLIN 19 päeva tagasi
Yes keep it up
Kate Carroll
Kate Carroll 20 päeva tagasi
How do u guys becomeccops
Austin Hay
Austin Hay 20 päeva tagasi
Trey is the best criminal in gta and hitman
Jesus Valdivia
Jesus Valdivia 20 päeva tagasi
Big D
Big D 20 päeva tagasi
What car was the guy in the grey car using
King Creator
King Creator 21 päev tagasi
The yellow car you got in the garage was brown and covered in sand sand it would look like a mad max car
TTVJACK 21 päev tagasi
My back hahaha
demondreamer 56
demondreamer 56 22 päeva tagasi
14:46 this is why U wear seatbelts kids
Kobe Rouse
Kobe Rouse 22 päeva tagasi
Can you expose this scammer please his name is xSweaty_pickaxex
susan walsh
susan walsh 22 päeva tagasi
I love your content
Alonzo Perkins
Alonzo Perkins 23 päeva tagasi
Your short your 4 foot3
Lil Nosferatu
Lil Nosferatu 23 päeva tagasi
Song at 4:11
CLIPS MOZO 23 päeva tagasi
How do I play with you
Acid Flame
Acid Flame 23 päeva tagasi
What gta is this gta 6
CARLON FRANCIS 23 päeva tagasi
go treyten
Harrie Snell
Harrie Snell 23 päeva tagasi
Is this like a mod or something ??
Matteo Talieri
Matteo Talieri 23 päeva tagasi
love your vids
pitstoppete80 24 päeva tagasi
Hey man my 7 year old loves u soooooooo much
Marjorie Botsford
Marjorie Botsford 24 päeva tagasi
*My sister got a performing tut and we only use this* ** *I hope it is works for you too.*
JUMBO JUMBO 24 päeva tagasi
Treyten: Its everyday bro Me: that's like 2 and a half houses.
DonnRaxx 24 päeva tagasi
i remember when it was 67k subs🙌
Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan 24 päeva tagasi
You do alot of fail rp
1 1
1 1 24 päeva tagasi
Trey: “just keep looking straight” Also Trey looks behind him.
Esam Ali
Esam Ali 24 päeva tagasi
do you know what do habibi meen
Smx Official
Smx Official 25 päeva tagasi
I wish gta role play was son console it would be so much better
Smx Official
Smx Official 25 päeva tagasi
Was on*
Journey Levi
Journey Levi 25 päeva tagasi
Kills half of the city Trey- “it’s not that serious”
WillyBFun 24 päeva tagasi
Nice copy
TX mr. Ted
TX mr. Ted 25 päeva tagasi
Only peaple that watched tyden before COVID can like
Donovan Allison Jr
Donovan Allison Jr 25 päeva tagasi
You do a 1mil bounty on yourself in a jet
ByZaha123 25 päeva tagasi
Someone tweeted at the start of the video saying: Kill Treyten, that child annoys me it was a guy called Nathanmc or something in-game.
Xpl c ty 1 1
Xpl c ty 1 1 23 päeva tagasi
It was Nathan C.
TightJungle 25 päeva tagasi
You trey what is that 2nd car called?
Walter The Dog
Walter The Dog 25 päeva tagasi
I would have gotten in a stromberg or a deluxo
Oscar Wilsgaard Vidner
Oscar Wilsgaard Vidner 26 päeva tagasi
Monko Games
Monko Games 26 päeva tagasi
Starwyrm1597 27 päeva tagasi
The next car you should use is the koenigsegg Jester its really cool lookin like you might love it
lil lex
lil lex 27 päeva tagasi
He crash
Nick Galvan
Nick Galvan 27 päeva tagasi
Why does trey always fall for these obvious setups
Nick Galvan
Nick Galvan 28 päeva tagasi
I love trey
Angel L Burgos
Angel L Burgos 28 päeva tagasi
I love his videos
Desean Brown
Desean Brown 28 päeva tagasi
Nothings wrong
Hghg Pholo
Hghg Pholo 28 päeva tagasi
What's the song at the end of your vids? Its catchy
Angela J Burton
Angela J Burton 28 päeva tagasi
U dhould do snother live stresm plz
Gabe Builds Legos
Gabe Builds Legos 28 päeva tagasi
When the cop was chasing him he literally past a Ferrari 😂
LXM SprouseYT
LXM SprouseYT 28 päeva tagasi
How did he get that yellow car it’s sick
TF H 28 päeva tagasi
How do I join this server
Emanouil Adamou
Emanouil Adamou 28 päeva tagasi
wh ats the server's name?
Elijah Miller
Elijah Miller 29 päeva tagasi
bruh you literally shot that dude so many times and he instantly got up and shot you down. amazing rp on his side...
mj {TEXP}
mj {TEXP} 29 päeva tagasi
how do you know you position
i love trey vids sup
i love trey vids sup 29 päeva tagasi
i owe u a sub for being awesome and i would not be happy if u were not on youtube
i love trey vids sup
i love trey vids sup 29 päeva tagasi
trey i love your vids can i plz get a shout out i have lisening to u for ever
Shifft 29 päeva tagasi
I Pray 🙏 who to anyone who sees this god bless you hope you have a good night/day
Jonathan Rosas
Jonathan Rosas 29 päeva tagasi
What game is that called
WillyBFun 29 päeva tagasi
Treyton: “I’m not in the business of making deals, sorry.” 8 seconds later... “WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH, WE CAN MAKE A DEAL, WE CAN MAKE A DEAL!” Edit: 2:50
Elżbieta Olejnik
Elżbieta Olejnik 29 päeva tagasi
What is the name of the song that starts playing at 4:14?
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