GTA 5 Roleplay - They Stole MY Lamborghini Centenario | RedlineRP

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Look at my funny face - treyt3n
That was crazy...
Today I tried to trick some people in getting a free lamborghini centenario, but it went really wrong. My Lamborghini ended up getting stolen and chased! Lots of funny moments, so I hope you enjoy!
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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!

Pumped up Logan
Pumped up Logan 6 tundi tagasi
Do you have the GTR in gta
Savage Ashtyn
Savage Ashtyn 2 päeva tagasi
I don’t have Instagram otherwise I would
Trenton Rice
Trenton Rice 2 päeva tagasi
Trenton Rice
Trenton Rice 2 päeva tagasi
Gavin And Bryce
Gavin And Bryce 4 päeva tagasi
Omg I am not a neard I am a 9 year old who plays gta 5
Sarah Candenusa
Sarah Candenusa 5 päeva tagasi
Fuck you ur a nerd
Mauro Miranda
Mauro Miranda 5 päeva tagasi
Centipe actually centenario
David Walk
David Walk 6 päeva tagasi
How the turn tables
dude he just call me a nerd?
livia duncan
livia duncan 7 päeva tagasi
Same energy lol.... Watch this friendly fire play on my second channel here:
Zack Bolar
Zack Bolar 8 päeva tagasi
I watch all your videos
Chris Wilca
Chris Wilca 10 päeva tagasi
Wait what how tho your the only master thief in gta rp I don’t understand
Ur_horrble Btw
Ur_horrble Btw 10 päeva tagasi
Funny cause he said he has his keys in his pocket but someone took it
Innocent Not
Innocent Not 11 päeva tagasi
They could have used a cargobob to get the car
XXXTENTACION Rip 11 päeva tagasi
love the vids
Coins And Bills Collector Channel
Coins And Bills Collector Channel 12 päeva tagasi
I did sub you.
Farjana Boby
Farjana Boby 12 päeva tagasi
Eeeee and I will I have oeiiti come back a oy for a a few days so we could get some good good 😌 and 🚕🚕🚕🚕🚕🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓
Farjana Boby
Farjana Boby 12 päeva tagasi
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Farjana Boby
Farjana Boby 12 päeva tagasi
Farjana Boby
Farjana Boby 12 päeva tagasi
GS Ushusmssuvffftfgfafvaf Zgvzfftfy4b£+c3 dog& he cfeffs gxss#xrdfvyvvggfzd CD/DVD you please
Farjana Boby
Farjana Boby 12 päeva tagasi
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Farjana Boby
Farjana Boby 12 päeva tagasi
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Farjana Boby
Farjana Boby 12 päeva tagasi
The Jelly of a a kxk#e some of our best songs for this album I am not impressed at real times a week and the only Tqtgagtr is that the new version r I use this app every great app for a good job 👏 I am rso the Jelly and I will not be
wink yt
wink yt 12 päeva tagasi
I thought trey was gonna hijack the rolls royce cause I saw him park infront of it
Thomas Leech
Thomas Leech 13 päeva tagasi
Thomas Leech
Thomas Leech 13 päeva tagasi
Thomas Leech has invited you to join a video meeting on Google Meet. Join the meeting: Dial in (audio only): ‪(US) +1 856-471-7505‬ PIN: ‪976 790 593#‬
Thomas Leech
Thomas Leech 13 päeva tagasi
acer acer
acer acer 13 päeva tagasi
0:18 a free lambo for sale?, What is on you're mind today?!!
colt Haines
colt Haines 13 päeva tagasi
you should call the cops
Sanders Wilson
Sanders Wilson 14 päeva tagasi
Yo love the Wii music
Anthony Deacy
Anthony Deacy 14 päeva tagasi
im a big fan and you are my favorite youtuber
Mikail khan
Mikail khan 15 päeva tagasi
love ur vids
That is weird Winburn
That is weird Winburn 19 päeva tagasi
Love u Treyten keep up with da amazing vids
Cody Claus
Cody Claus 19 päeva tagasi
13:20 it kinda sounds like the music uses too
Maverick Man
Maverick Man 21 päev tagasi
Man opie calling someone special needs. Lol
Colleen Hale
Colleen Hale 21 päev tagasi
Joseph johnson
Joseph johnson 21 päev tagasi
But I don’t have Instagram
Joseph McCue
Joseph McCue 21 päev tagasi
i dont have instagram i dont evenknow if i spelled instagram right
Thomas Shappley
Thomas Shappley 23 päeva tagasi
I already look like that guy tho
JJ Sister
JJ Sister 24 päeva tagasi
Coughed = covid 19
Liam DarttHammond
Liam DarttHammond 26 päeva tagasi
You are my favorite EEpostor
Javon Raynor
Javon Raynor 26 päeva tagasi
I'm 9
Javon Raynor
Javon Raynor 26 päeva tagasi
I don't have instergram
willliam wallis
willliam wallis 27 päeva tagasi
willliam wallis
willliam wallis 27 päeva tagasi
He said he kind of cute
Fallou Diop
Fallou Diop 28 päeva tagasi
Treyten calls us nerds and kiddos me what
Luis Montano
Luis Montano 28 päeva tagasi
Hey I’m a big fan. Can you try and get the new Bugatti Bolide they are going to make. Plzz that would be awesome
Joseph Velasquez
Joseph Velasquez 28 päeva tagasi
its a cetario
Quintin Hatch
Quintin Hatch 28 päeva tagasi
I like you’re videos
Roblox Gaming
Roblox Gaming 28 päeva tagasi
Robux thing does not worck
Hailee Thompson
Hailee Thompson 29 päeva tagasi
Did anyone else see the lambo right next to him
Ninja_ 9825
Ninja_ 9825 29 päeva tagasi
How you get the house face mask on gta 5 online
Jellymansonim plays RBLX
Jellymansonim plays RBLX Місяць tagasi
0:03 I’m not a nerd :(
Katie Greaves
Katie Greaves Місяць tagasi
He's DUM AND he's not a good guy
Kiarri Franklin
Kiarri Franklin Місяць tagasi
Hey wow
DJ TJ Місяць tagasi
0:14 awesome car 🚗
Jack Klages
Jack Klages Місяць tagasi
Its bot a centapied its a cemtenario
Reuben McCormack
Reuben McCormack Місяць tagasi
Is it sentenced,
Alan Doughty
Alan Doughty Місяць tagasi
Treyten: Where’d they go Me: Hiding there
what if i want to look like that guy?? huh huuh
Stephanie Travis
Stephanie Travis Місяць tagasi
I stole your language
Stephanie Travis
Stephanie Travis Місяць tagasi
I'm joey
Hanine (Pupil)
Hanine (Pupil) Місяць tagasi
Are you actually meant about cars on GTA what is it illegal in real life
Combo2krazy5 Місяць tagasi
Wow dude ewhy are all of your vids so funny
Random Shenanigans
Random Shenanigans Місяць tagasi
I feel like these are fake but the video are fire
JUSTIN CHE (Student)
JUSTIN CHE (Student) Місяць tagasi
bro I love your vids my man have a great day.,............ bye
Sean McGonnell
Sean McGonnell Місяць tagasi
Owen Lafferty
Owen Lafferty Місяць tagasi
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz Місяць tagasi
A free Lamborghini for sell😂
kakashi sensei
kakashi sensei Місяць tagasi
btw you rule the city
kakashi sensei
kakashi sensei Місяць tagasi
is centanario you little sh*t LOL
Marco Calderon
Marco Calderon Місяць tagasi
"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm k thanks" LMFAOOOOO
Lacho. 09
Lacho. 09 Місяць tagasi
Trey is blind
Carson Swilley
Carson Swilley Місяць tagasi
I love your the best friend I ever h had
Nicholas Litscher
Nicholas Litscher Місяць tagasi
Do more like this Treyten!
Ranzy Місяць tagasi
Bear Vlogs
Bear Vlogs Місяць tagasi
13:56 lol
Jaquan Chuck
Jaquan Chuck Місяць tagasi
Love you tray
MGC Maziv
MGC Maziv Місяць tagasi
pana qabang
pana qabang Місяць tagasi
hey woah👌❤😂😂
Cash Mahlmann’
Cash Mahlmann’ Місяць tagasi
i am not a nerd
Ozzyel Fernandez
Ozzyel Fernandez Місяць tagasi
what server is this
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith Місяць tagasi
Those 20 legs are so foching fast bro
Mindy Smith
Mindy Smith Місяць tagasi
Hi my name is fuck what’s yours’ 2020!$
Jennifer Trentman
Jennifer Trentman Місяць tagasi
it is a centanaro
Dustin Lemieux
Dustin Lemieux Місяць tagasi
0:00 fuck you
wealteax Місяць tagasi
I want this as a second live so i can live hapy
Ryan Bunday
Ryan Bunday Місяць tagasi
Ive watched this video over and over but i still find it funny
Andrew Day
Andrew Day Місяць tagasi
Why the heck were they all doing sad face so stupid
Rezzie Місяць tagasi
It hurts my core how many dumb mistakes they made
Scott Smith
Scott Smith Місяць tagasi
I'm on my grandpa's phone
Scott Smith
Scott Smith Місяць tagasi
I like you so much happy face
Scott Smith
Scott Smith Місяць tagasi
You are my favorite EEpostr
Scott Smith
Scott Smith Місяць tagasi
My real name is Matthew
Isaak Luman
Isaak Luman Місяць tagasi
november 11 is my bday
eunice tahuringana
eunice tahuringana Місяць tagasi
Make a vid were u ask people who want to ply a game you will be shooting each other into the city everyone will have a tracker on them
Bnice14 Nice14
Bnice14 Nice14 Місяць tagasi
It is 4am
Blake Wyatt
Blake Wyatt Місяць tagasi
Isint this a video already
Logan Productions
Logan Productions 2 місяці tagasi
why did you say hey nerds alot
Avi Patel
Avi Patel 2 місяці tagasi
lol centipede more like centanario
Nathan De Dios
Nathan De Dios 2 місяці tagasi
fav vid so far
rynostarr08 2 місяці tagasi
Me- Centinario Trey- centerpede
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