GTA 5 Roleplay - Bank Heist Gone Wrong | RedlineRP

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That was crazy...
Today I tried to pull of a HUGE BANK HEIST! It didn't go as planned though. The cops chased me for a long time! There are some funny moments in this GTA RP episode so I hope you enjoy!
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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!

Max litviakou
Max litviakou 2 päeva tagasi
you called me a nerd😥🥰
trey helps me so much cuz my family hates me
Vasantha Ashok
Vasantha Ashok 7 päeva tagasi
I liked because only the first introo😢😢you scared mee
Gamingx Lord_YT
Gamingx Lord_YT 14 päeva tagasi
Treyten hey woah love your vids
Gamingx Lord_YT
Gamingx Lord_YT 14 päeva tagasi
Is awsome
Gamingx Lord_YT
Gamingx Lord_YT 14 päeva tagasi
Hey woah
Silvana Biscaro
Silvana Biscaro 16 päeva tagasi
ok ill like
Rachel Norton-Smith
Rachel Norton-Smith 24 päeva tagasi
A my god how many times can u fit fuck in a sentence
Abraham Dorvil
Abraham Dorvil 25 päeva tagasi
Abraham Dorvil
Abraham Dorvil 25 päeva tagasi
Hey woah if u don’t like and subscroob I will hack ur mincraft sever
Bryce McCoy
Bryce McCoy Місяць tagasi
Worts video ever
Bryce McCoy
Bryce McCoy Місяць tagasi
He didn’t even get the money
Winsome Eubanks
Winsome Eubanks Місяць tagasi
upload a song please:)
Suveer Redyam
Suveer Redyam Місяць tagasi
why the heck don't you go offroad
Alessandro Cuvas
Alessandro Cuvas Місяць tagasi
Your videos ah ah ah
Carson MacLennan
Carson MacLennan Місяць tagasi
You scrued your self over you stupid dumb ass
Carson MacLennan
Carson MacLennan Місяць tagasi
Your a stupid dumb assss
Bandit Da boss
Bandit Da boss Місяць tagasi
I don’t think I ever liked a video that fast lol 💨
Donovan Burgess
Donovan Burgess Місяць tagasi
oh that was relly bout to give me a hard attak wtf bro lol there was just HEY SISTERS AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Rocco Kimble
Rocco Kimble Місяць tagasi
Use your Use your rifle what are you doing
Dan Gaming
Dan Gaming Місяць tagasi
I liked and subscribed your the best! Keep up the grate work can I get a shout out in a video pls
Blaiir X8
Blaiir X8 Місяць tagasi
Hey woah
Taevyn Hendricks
Taevyn Hendricks Місяць tagasi
For some reason this reminds me of that one basketball player
Elite _
Elite _ Місяць tagasi
Why did you say hey nurds on the begin
Tommy Wright
Tommy Wright Місяць tagasi
Hi bro
Moises Hernandez
Moises Hernandez 2 місяці tagasi
that beat at the end is fire
Xavier Lobby
Xavier Lobby 2 місяці tagasi
You are good at driving
Declan Cusick
Declan Cusick 2 місяці tagasi
GONE WRONG making slime at 3am gone wrong OPENING CHEATOS GONE WRONG
Wayne Kelly
Wayne Kelly 2 місяці tagasi
First time watching your videos
Cole Muranaka
Cole Muranaka 2 місяці tagasi
He would’ve gotten away if he didn’t shoot 10:40
the lateman Oliver
the lateman Oliver 2 місяці tagasi
Look man u a 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
Gemma Jones
Gemma Jones 2 місяці tagasi
Fitzroy Lindsay
Fitzroy Lindsay 2 місяці tagasi
Fuck you
Jaylen Bird
Jaylen Bird 2 місяці tagasi
John: *keeps calling nick john*
Markie Cuellar
Markie Cuellar 2 місяці tagasi
Anthony Morrison
Anthony Morrison 2 місяці tagasi
Anthony Morrison
Anthony Morrison 2 місяці tagasi
Ricardo Vervaart
Ricardo Vervaart 3 місяці tagasi
What gaming Pc do you use ? i looking for one, ill like to play this kind of GTA so much fun. Greetz
Keirstin Cooper
Keirstin Cooper 3 місяці tagasi
He don’t upload any more And I watch this video five times
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez 3 місяці tagasi
I luv your vidios
Gavin Sabin
Gavin Sabin 3 місяці tagasi
Trey: what's up nerds" Me: 'unsubscribed' THATS WHAT U GET FOR CALLING ME A NERD NERD
Theresa Guenther
Theresa Guenther Місяць tagasi
Ceejaythewolf 22
Ceejaythewolf 22 3 місяці tagasi
Nick:woah woah John:hey woah that’s my favourite word
Andrea Henley
Andrea Henley 3 місяці tagasi
How do you play with cops that talk on gta5
abdulwahab ali
abdulwahab ali 3 місяці tagasi
Hey woah
waffles alt
waffles alt 3 місяці tagasi
NOTICE me trey
GE_camocam 3 місяці tagasi
At the end I was like “Kobe”
XGoatxHD 3 місяці tagasi
I seeee the light 🤣🤣
matt&Gamer V
matt&Gamer V 3 місяці tagasi
You have good driving
AIDAN JONES 3 місяці tagasi
You have good driving man
Nabeela Khan
Nabeela Khan 3 місяці tagasi
I just get to high school and some bullies start saying nerd to me and I have to commit there homework but I prove them wrong
Richard Evans
Richard Evans 3 місяці tagasi
Omg I dont want James charles in my room at night 😱
Ritzdablitz tv
Ritzdablitz tv 3 місяці tagasi
Gary Hodge
Gary Hodge 3 місяці tagasi
I'm not a f****** nerd you a******
Jack Gaming Ultimate
Jack Gaming Ultimate 4 місяці tagasi
Hey Woah
fat cheseboy
fat cheseboy 4 місяці tagasi
The intro thought
J3NNA 4 місяці tagasi
I subscroob'd
Brad 4 місяці tagasi
Whats that five m server
Gavino Solomon
Gavino Solomon 4 місяці tagasi
LOL It's Funny When he Said I See The Light, I See The Light And He Flew Up 11:36
Peter Boden
Peter Boden 4 місяці tagasi
I love 💖 your videos
Keegan Stevens
Keegan Stevens 4 місяці tagasi
Mujtaba Ahmadi
Mujtaba Ahmadi 4 місяці tagasi
If u upload so mach u are better than elanip😍 please upload enough🙂🥰
Tennison Dixon
Tennison Dixon 4 місяці tagasi
Johanna 4 місяці tagasi
And How Did He ?
Johanna 4 місяці tagasi
Tek Production Services Ltd
Tek Production Services Ltd 4 місяці tagasi
Did you call us nerds
walker blood
walker blood 4 місяці tagasi
hey stop calling as nerd your the nerd so stop
Spacious Gaming
Spacious Gaming 5 місяців tagasi
He makes some Joker level plans
Tim Byrd
Tim Byrd 5 місяців tagasi
O shit a cop throw c4 hahahaha
Brat Jr. McGugan
Brat Jr. McGugan 5 місяців tagasi
I am so sorry that I can't join the drawing to be a member because my mom and dad will get mad cuz it's $2 you know it's just $2
Anthony the Flipster
Anthony the Flipster 5 місяців tagasi
You ht 1mil hey woah
Jimbo yur
Jimbo yur 5 місяців tagasi
So close to 1 mil
Baller Boys
Baller Boys 5 місяців tagasi
The edit in the beginning lol
12kSXM Gaming
12kSXM Gaming 6 місяців tagasi
That helicopter crash reminds me of Kobe Bryant, and after that helicopter crash that happened at the timeline 13:50-13:53 made me start to cry 😢😢😢 :'( :'( :'( Kobe lived a good life.
NEWTON K 6 місяців tagasi
sup big brain less neard please farking post every doy you idiot
Michael Burton-Buckenheimer
Michael Burton-Buckenheimer 6 місяців tagasi
Harry Balk
Harry Balk 6 місяців tagasi
Drake Borosh
Drake Borosh 6 місяців tagasi
Drive a car without crashing for once you pussy
Liverpool lover66
Liverpool lover66 6 місяців tagasi
Hey woah is my Favorite word
Derrick Estuardo
Derrick Estuardo 6 місяців tagasi
Liam Lindquist
Liam Lindquist 6 місяців tagasi
whats the outro song????????????
William Ervin
William Ervin 6 місяців tagasi
You make thor hammer vs the cops
sifou gamer
sifou gamer 6 місяців tagasi
lil ghost gamez
lil ghost gamez 6 місяців tagasi
Trey pls post every day your vids are way to good
Conor 47
Conor 47 6 місяців tagasi
You got a hostage and the cops just run in And kill you that’s Legit 5:05
Jay 6 місяців tagasi
Why do u use the pistol when I have a ar
Sharon Agee
Sharon Agee 6 місяців tagasi
Why is your graphics in your thumbnail better than the vid
Kieran Duffy
Kieran Duffy 6 місяців tagasi
Do more heist!! Love your vids btw
Sarah marie
Sarah marie 7 місяців tagasi
"alright beautiful" lmaoo I love this guy
Ravensfan24 Lmao
Ravensfan24 Lmao 7 місяців tagasi
I realized he called nick John
Damien VR
Damien VR 7 місяців tagasi
Damien VR
Damien VR 7 місяців tagasi
tyler prutz
tyler prutz 7 місяців tagasi
So is everyone on this server able to use that revive command trey uses or is it just for certain people?
JMoney 3434
JMoney 3434 7 місяців tagasi
Treyton you should take your friend with you into the bank as a fake hostage and give him the money until you’re out of jail
Alan Dockery
Alan Dockery 7 місяців tagasi
Bruh you can't be talking I have a girlfriend
Emily Gomez
Emily Gomez 7 місяців tagasi
Jose Frias
Jose Frias 7 місяців tagasi
You always need to shoot them
DyZ Z340N
DyZ Z340N 7 місяців tagasi
13:37 Kobe Bryant
DyZ Z340N
DyZ Z340N 7 місяців tagasi
Andrew Ashman it’s a joke chill
Andrew Ashman
Andrew Ashman 7 місяців tagasi
that's not funny and not okay
De_Coolston01 7 місяців tagasi
who else noticed that the guy said his name was nick and trey kept calling him john lol
d vid
d vid 7 місяців tagasi
HEY WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Faze_ King29
Faze_ King29 7 місяців tagasi
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